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Digital Liner Solves Silicone Problems
Frantschach Inncoat GmbH, Minneapolis, MN; 763/574-2636
Digital liner, described as a breakthrough in siliconized materials technology, uses a special patented coating on the backside of the liner to absorb and fix silicone traces for preventing silicone transfer. Technology is said to be effective with all types of silicone, has antistatic properties, and can be added to almost any of co.'s products.

OPP Film Offers Exceptional Metal Adhesion
Toray Plastics (America), North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511;
Torayfan PC-2 45-gauge high-barrier metallized OPP (oriented polypropylene) film provides exceptional metal adhesion and high yield economics for packaging laminations, the mfr. reports. Suited for both extrusion and adhesive laminations, film is designed for converting on both sides. Barrier material may be surface printed, buried in lamination, extrusion-coated, or used for strong cold seal adhesion. Co. says metal adhesion values exceed 400 g/in., and cold seal bonding is excellent with both natural and synthetic cohesives.

Aqueous Primers Promote PP Adhesion
Mica Corp., Shelton, CT; 203/922-8888;
R-1176 and R-1207 water-borne primers promote adhesion of extruded PP (polypropylene). Recommended for indirect food-contact with papers, printed surfaces, and corona treated films. Reportedly, both offer resistance to hot water, steam, grease, and other packaging conditions.

Paperboard Seals to Barrier Film Consistently
MeadWestvaco Corp., Stamford, CT; 203/461-7658;
Printkote EasySeal Plus is an extrusion-coated paperboard developed in cooperation with the Specialty Films Div. of Honeywell that seals consistently to Aclar, Honeywell's high-moisture-barrier film. The advance is said to give pharmaceutical manufacturers a reliable, cost-effective new substrate choice for high-barrier blister packaging.

Treated Vinyl Films Suited for Barrier Applications
Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc., Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600;
Pentafood FD-M180/14 corona treated vinyl films are said to offer high surface-tension properties allowing for superior laminar bond strength for customers that produce laminated barrier films for food packaging applications. Films are described as an ideal laminating substrate for packaging fresh pasta and processed meats and cheeses when seal integrity and product freshness are critical. Reportedly, they improve wettability for the application of adhesives used in multilayer barrier laminations, reducing the possibility of “bubbling” or delamination between layers.

Paper Is Tough and Versatile
Tru-Tech Fine Papers LLC, Harrison, NY; 914/899-3320;

Co. offers what it describes as a tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, super-durable stock with a built-in water/oil/grease barrier. Stock can be embossed, coated, perfed, die-cut, folded, scored, and more. Said to run as efficiently as ordinary paper and to cost less than synthetics.

Barrier Coating is for Multilayer Products
ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Santel 504 is a reformulated water- and grease-resistant barrier coating said to provide excellent application for multilayer construction. Dried, fully cured polymeric film exhibits water repellency and extensibility, without structural deformation, over a wide temperature range for exterior use, mfr. reports.

Blister Lidding Foils Appropriate For Child-Resistant Packages
Hueck Foils LLC, Wall, NJ; 732/974-2694
Co. offers peelable and peel/push versions of blister lidding foil for pharmaceuticals requiring child-resistant packaging. Both formats are said to provide a total barrier to moisture, air, and light, helping extend shelf life. Peelable foil requires a two-step action to access the product; peel-push format requires three steps. Foils are sealable to PVC, PVDC, PP, PET, and cold-form blisters and feature a sealing temperature from 180 to 250 deg C, depending on equipment, line speed, dwell time, and bottom material.

Enhance Color with Overlaminating Film
MACtac, Stow, OH; 330/688-1111;
Thermacolor TL6100 thermal overlaminating film is offered in a Lustex finish. This low-melt, textured luster product is designed to provide exceptional color enhancement of images while providing protection against moisture. Said to add body and texture to rollable graphics and flat displays. Product is described as a less expensive alternative to p-s PC laminates.

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