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Spreaders Function at Low Web Tension
Pearl Technologies, Savannah, NY; 315/365-3742; fax: 315/365-3433.
Spreader bars are used in broad applications to remove wrinkles from webs. Spreaders are said to function at very low web tensions to avoid stretching thin or fragile webs. Web tracking reportedly is eliminated, because it is not moving. Also utilizes an ultra-low-friction, replaceable covering and is self-cleaning because the web is constantly polishing the surface. Works well with all films, foils, tissues, nonwovens, and fabrics, co. reports. Custom-made for each application and to operator specifications.

Slitter Provides Versatile Operations
Matik North America, West Hartford, CT; 860/232-2323; fax: 860/233-0162.
The Goebel optima 2000 slitter/rewinder is said to have the capability to operate in either center/surface, friction, or direct winding mode. Slitter/rewinder converts the widest range of materials from thin aluminum foils and plastic films to paper and laminate grades. The preset knife cassettes and finished roll unloading system are designed to maximize production uptime.

Blanket Production System Is Easy to Use
Gerber Innovations
, Manchester, CT; 877/447-7637; fax: 860/645-5641.
Gerber Sector blanket production system is said to provide simple, cost-effective on-site digital production of coating blankets. Features integrated system of cutting coating blankets for spot, knock-out, and flood applications. Complete solution is said to ensure simple and accurate registration with printed graphics. Allows seamless integration with prepress workflow, streamlining pressroom makeready. Standardized blanket sheet sizes allow user to simplify inventory, co. reports.

Winding Machine Meets Stringent Requirements
Ashe Converting Equipment, Ipswich, U.K.; +44 01 473-710-912; fax: +44 01 473-719-137.
Custom digital web inspection winding machine is designed to comply with clean room conditions and other stringent requirements. Consists of four sections and is 26 ft (8,000 mm) in length. Each section has its own remote I/O modules for communicating with a PLC. Incorporates facilities for in-line bar code reading and has detect position label applications via the integral Cognex vision system. Engineered to tight tolerances, it is fitted with a stainless steel, photo-quality vacuum drive roller for tension isolation. Tension control is via a constructed load cell closed-loop system with camera and light source mounted on a precision slide system. Length positioning and imaging is achieved down to a 4-micron resolution; inspection is done simultaneously using through web and reflective techniques.

Flexo Press Offers Good Cost/Performance Ratio
Windmöller & Hölscher, Lengerich, Germany; +49 (0) 5481 14-0; wuh-lengerich.de
Olympia Primaflex CI flexo press features conventional bull gear drive technology and is said to combine an excellent cost/performance ratio that doesn't compromise print quality. Equipped with eight Flexorex C computerized color decks with in-register pre-adjustment. Decks are arranged around a temperature-controlled CI drum in satellite configuration. CI section is fully enclosed by sliding safety glass doors. Designed to print flexible packaging materials (plastic films, laminates, paper to 120 gsm) at output speeds to 300 mpm, depending on artwork and job specifications. Available with printing widths of 1,000 and 1,270 mm; offers a print repeat range from 300-760 mm.

Lamphead Offers High Output, Reduced Heat
Nordson Corp., Amherst, OH; 440/985-4592; fax: 440/985-1684.
QuadCure UV lamphead is said to provide high UV output while reducing heat-generating IR energy. Proprietary design is said to provide effective UV drying across a range of printing applications and substrates. Features a four-segment reflector that directs UV light around the lamp body, substantially increasing UV output without an associated increase in heating, co. reports. Heat management is enhanced with a dichroic coating on the reflector that absorbs IR light. System is fully shuttered and utilizes both air- and water-cooling technology. Integrated UV monitor, built directly into the lamphead, enhances quality control, and a quick-change bulb features speedy maintenance, co. reports.

Punch Assemblies Match Hard-to-Fit Shapes
Azco Corp., Elmwood Pk., NJ; 201/791-1498; fax: 201/791-8420.
Punch assemblies are available in standard sizes said to fit any shape. Punches are made from hardened steel with minimal clearances, typically ±0.005 mm (0.0002 in.). Fast-acting, clean-cutting punches can be mounted in any position, mfr. says. Actuation is either by air cylinder or electrical solenoid. Options include multiple punches in one body, larger throat depth, and material guides. Units are said to be delivered in 20 working days.

Foil Drive System Reduces Waste
Total Register, Brookfield, CT; 203/740-0199; fax: 203/740-0177.
FoilSaver foil drive system for rotary stamping on web presses is said to solve the problem of foil waste between the dies (in the web direction) and allows many rolls of foil across the web. This method of stamping greatly reduces the amount of foil used, allowing jobs to be stamped in web form more economically, according to the mfr. Features foil stamping at speeds over 400 fpm, multiple webs of foil, and variable pitch dies. Applicable for hot or cold stamping. Optional hologram registration system available. Stamping station can be added when no die station is available. Available in widths of 6.5 in. to 45 in.

Rewinder Reduces Downtime
Burton Group, Danbury, CT; 203/778-9276; 888/666-3494; fax: 203/778-9287.
The Omega ATR 1300/1600 automatic turret rewinder was developed to eliminate downtime while operators manually cut the web, reload cores, adhere new tails to the cores, and restart the machine. Available in 13- and 16-in. web widths. Features include: pneumatic fixed 3-in. unwind mandrels with pneumatic brake tension control; programmable end-of-roll facility; electronic web guidance system with IR for ultrasonic sensors, and inspection table with splice facility. Maximum operating speed is 700 fpm. Servo-driven systems are available in modular formats offering glue, glueless, and coreless options.

Tester Measures Adhesion of Coatings
Paul N. Gardner Co., Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454; fax: 954/946-9309.
PosiTest adhesion tester measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure. Pressure is displayed in both mPa and psi on a precision dial indicator and can be related to the strength of adhesion to the substrate. Uses single-use aluminum test dollies designed according to internationally accepted standards and practices, which have a 20- or 50-mm surface diameter with no holes to clean or keep from filling with adhesive. Self-aligning dolly is said to enable uniform distribution of the pulling force over the surface being tested, preventing a one-sided pulloff.

Winder Is Modular for Flexibility
Reifenhauser Inc., Ipswich, MA; 978/412-9700; fax: 978/412-9715.
The UFA III-E universal winder uses a less-costly, frequency-stabilized AC drive system rather than expensive servo drive technology, the mfr. reports. Modular unit can be designed either as a single-station winder or as a tandem winder. Can be operated as a contact winder or as a contact winder with center drive. Films can be wound into rolls to 1,200 mm or to a maximum of 1,500 mm. The winder is designed for winding shafts of 3 and 6 in. and for film widths of 900-2,700 mm.

Viscometer Has Solvent Valve Monitor Gauge
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Middleboro, MA; 508/946-6200; fax: 508/9466262.
The VTA-120 Viscosel viscometer has been improved with a solvent valve monitor gauge added to the face panel. Gauge visually indicates when the Viscosel has detected viscosity above the preset value and triggers the valve to open and add solvent. Monitoring system with ±1% accuracy of the system's range ensures excellent control of the process fluids viscosity, co. reports. A secondary scale has been added to the main viscosity gauge to allow operators to mark the corresponding Zahn cup seconds with the percent torque measurement scale. Constructed to provide trouble-free operation in harsh industrial environments. Available as a freestanding unit or on a mobile base.

Fully Metric Gearless Press Has Modular Design
Paper Converting Machine Co., Green Bay, WI; 920/491-6637; pcmc.com
Avanti flexo printing press uses gearless technology and the co.'s eXtreme dryer technology. Features a modular design for global manufacturing and is the co.'s first fully metric machine. Available in a standard 1,270 mm (50 in.) width with eight color decks. Repeat range is 355-760 mm (14-30 in.), covering a range of products in the flexible packaging industry. Features robust deck construction designed to work with the latest sleeved plate and anilox technologies.

Helical Servo Gearhead Offers Continuous Duty
Thomson Industries, Port Washington, NY; 516/883-8000; fax: 516/883-9039.
UltraTRUE Continuous Duty gearhead more than doubles service life in high-speed, continuous-duty applications, the mfr. reports. Said to be the lowest heat generating gearhead on the market. Reportedly can run up to 1.5x faster than standard input speeds with 98.5% mesh efficiency. Product utilizes crowned helical gearing to maximize the torque capabilities of the product. New seal technology compensates for change of internal pressures and decreases friction variation of the drive, reportedly reducing input drag torque, which means durability, less heat generation, and less power loss from friction. Available in six sizes (6, 7.5, 100, 140, 180, and 220 mm) with ratios ranging from 4:1 to 100:1.

Vacuum Ovens Ideal for Sample Drying
The Grieve Corp., Round Lake, IL; 847/546-8225; fax: 847/546-9210.
Vacucell line of vacuum ovens is used throughout the laboratory/R&D market for processing temperature-sensitive, easily decomposed, or oxidation- prone materials. Said to be ideal for sample drying to determine constant mass in plastics applications or other testing. Operating temperature range is 5-200 deg C. Features stainless steel interior, pressure-resistant inner oven chamber, inert gas connection, and needle valve for fine dosing.

Small Encoder Offers High Performance
Cleveland Motion Controls Torque Systems, Billerica, MA; 978/667-5100; fax: 978/667-4989.
DataTorque HS15 encoder provides high-performance, high-resolution digital feedback in a miniature package. Unit has 1.5 in. (38 mm) dia and a low profile of 0.87 in. (22 mm) in assembled height. Said to provide a bearing design that simplifies encoder attachment, resulting in a longer service life. Recommended for applications that demand exceptional performance.

Sheeter Designed for Short Runs
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; fax: 401/596-3870.
MSP sheeter is designed for printers specializing in short-run orders that require immediate availability of precisely cut, square sheeted stock. Machine requires minimal floor space and features microprocessor controls said to enable size changeovers in less than 2 min. Outfitted with digital electronic controls said to provide accuracies within ±0.015 in. (±0.381 mm), eliminating the need to guillotine trim. Sheet squareness can be set automatically and is within ±0.020 in. (±0.51 mm). Converts rolls of paper or board to press-ready sheets 11-60 in. (279-1,524 mm) long. With a maximum operating speed of 1,000 fpm (305 mpm), sheeter reportedly has the capacity to produce more than 50,000 sph.

PDA Software for Nip Calculations
Sensor-Experts.com, East Hanover, NJ; 973/884-1755; fax: 973/884-1699.
Nip-Stat software program reportedly enables fast calculation of different nip roller equations for Palm-based platforms. Software allows engineers to perform the following web-oriented calculations: crown correction; cover deflection; crown of roll and crown at station; P&J to modulus; water cooling; speed differential; desphande (for hard-to-soft roll nip width prediction; soft at 2 P&J and softer); and hertzian stress formulas (for hard on hard applications of 1 P&J or harder). Operates on Palm OS2.0 and higher compatible devices, including Palm VII/V/III series models, the Symbol SPT 1500/1700 family, Handspring Visor, IBM WorkPad PC, Handera models, Sony Clie, and Palm Desktop (3.0 or higher).

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