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UV Press Is Modular and Runs at High Speeds
Matik North America
, West Hartford, CT; 860/232-2323
Co. offers the Goebel Novaprint variable-size, web-fed UV (ultraviolet) press for direct mail and packaging markets. It is computer optimized and features shaftless drive technology said to offer excellent print quality and high speed. Modular units move automatically into position for blanket and plate changes. The device, called user-friendly, is rated for a maximum speed of 450 mpm (1,500 fpm). Working width is 520 mm (20.5 in.) to 760 mm (30 in.). Can utilize film, foil, paper, cardboard, self-adhesive, and compound materials.

Premoistened Towelettes with Less Downtime
Compliance Packaging Industries Inc.
, Little Ferry, NJ; 201/440-6299
Towelette packaging machine is said to offer versatility and economy in producing a wide range of premoistened towelettes and pads. A single, common master roll of towel material feeds up to eight lanes, reportedly eliminating successive maintenance and changeover tasks required to stop, replace, and restart each roll as it comes to its end. Design enables material to be pulled from common roll, slit, drawn, folded, folded again, and saturated in-line, as it is placed into four-side-sealed packages. When roll is depleted, only one changeover is required, with only minimal labor and downtime, says mfr.

Safety Chuck Offers Improved Concentricity
Boschert LLC
, Mobile, AL; 800/479-0010
Value Master safety chuck features the VT-7 replaceable insert, which accepts the combination of a round roll shaft journal with a square end that fits a square seat. This design is said to provide extended concentricity for the life of the device.

Anilox Roll Analysis Offered
Pamarco Global Graphics
, Roselle, NJ; 908/665-8500
Co. has expanded its range of services to include complete anilox roll analysis containing cell volume; depth to opening ratio; wear; plugging; general roll condition; and other factors.

Control Adhesive Patterns Accurately
Nordson Corp.
, Duluth, GA; 800/683-2314
Eclipse EPC-15 pattern control system reportedly delivers bead placement accuracy of l millisecond. Autoscaling feature calculates line speed automatically based on product size. Memory can hold up to 25 different programs for easy retrieval, and mfr. says the machine can control several lines simultaneously with ease.

Use Static for Temporary Bonding
Simco Industrial Static Control
, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401
Chargemaster system is said to provide a clean, cost-effective way to bond temporarily using static charge as the means of adhesion. The CH20, CH30, and CH50 are regulated DC power supplies using high-frequency switching technology; each unit is electronically current limited, with arc protection circuitry. They feature digitally controlled on/off and voltage controls with remote operation capability. Available in both negative and positive polarities, systems are CE listed for emissions, immunity, and low voltage safety.

Ink Jet Coding System Prints at High Speeds
Weber Marking Systems
, Arlington Hts., IL; 847/364-8500
LegiJet ML32 ink jet coding system can operate at speeds to 1,000 fpm. Can print lower- or upper-case characters, several different fonts, in several sizes from 0.6-1.0 in. high. Up to 96 messages can be stored in the coder's database, with a software upgrade further expanding memory capacity.

Drawdown Machine Is Automatic
Industry Tech
, Oldsmar, FL; 813/855-5054
Auto-Draw II fully automatic, high-capacity drawdown machine can produce coated samples up to 12 x 16 in. using either wire-wound metering rods or blade-type film applicators. Operators can control a wide range of speeds and strokes for consistent, repeatable drawdowns, co. says.

Cradle Offers Full-Roll Support
Great Northern Corp.
, Appleton, WI; 800/925-2626
RF-40 full-roll cradle supports individual rolls, 38-40 in., horizontally across their entire length to protect them from damage. Multiple short-web rolls can be packaged using the RF-40, reportedly reducing packaging material usage and saving money. Cradle is made from recycled corrugated molded pulp.

Cleaning Blades Coated for Long Life
Thermo Web Systems, Auburn, MA; 508/791-8171
Presstek B cleaning blade has a water-resistant coating that reportedly lengthens its life and gives it improved doctoring and cleaning efficiencies. It is available in standard thicknesses of 0.050 and 0.035 in. at any length. Blade is optimized for use on ceramic and granite press rolls and is said to keep the roll surface conditioned.

Slitter/Rewinder Winds Smooth Rolls
, Belvidere, NJ; 908/475-1047
The adaptable 250S slitter / rewinder reportedly winds straight, smooth rolls with good density and slit separations. It has a precise rewind tension control, which allows a variety of materials to be processed.

Drive Plates Added to Brake/Clutch Line
Magnetic Technologies Ltd.
, Oxford, MA; 508/987-3303
New line of drive plates complements co.'s permanent magnet brakes and clutches. Models 705, 710, and 720 drive plates are supplied with a movable drive pin and are available in most English and metric sizes to fit shafts to 1.50 in. (38 mm) dia. Drive plates reportedly offer a balanced design and clamp directly onto the shaft. Spiked drive plate/cone assemblies and tape plugs are available for fiber core payoff applications.

Automatic Adhesive System Is Standard on Laminator
KYMC/Barnes Services Inc.
, Richmond, VA; 804/360-3827
SL Series of solventless laminators for flexible packaging features a four-roll coating head with sleeved transfer roll for fast job changeover and roll-to-roll or continuous operation. All drive points are tension-regulated by AC vector drives. A "liquid control" automatic adhesive system is supplied with the machine. Also standard is a hot oil heater-circulator.

Dryer Uses Near-Infrared Technology
IST America
, Fort Wayne, IN; 219/478-9300
Near-infrared technology (NIR) reportedly allows for the drying of inks on substrates without the barrier—a sealed outside layer of ink—formed by IR or warm air drying. According to co., this allows for the moisture trapped inside the inks to evaporate much more easily and the temperature of the substrate to remain cooler.

Die-Cutting Press Has Many Capabilities
, Goddard, KS; 316/722-6907
Web die-cutting press allows for continuous, high-volume die-cutting of a range of materials, including nonwovens, vinyls, reflectives, laminates, and more. Said to be precise whether cutting in a large or small format, device can thermal die-cut, emboss, deboss, hot and cold steel-rule die-cut, and steel-rule kiss-cut. Features a variety of cutting surfaces.

Magnets Protect the Press
Bunting Magnetics Co.
, Newton, KS; 316/284-2020
Web Protector Magnets, mounted just above the web press paper feed, reportedly can capture and hold all types of ferrous objects, keeping them from damaging the press. Said to be easy to install and require no electrical hookup, products are permanently magnetized.

Anilox Roll Screens Give Controlled Ink Flow
ADI International, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540
Laser Two Tone (LTT) screen for anilox rolls now is available in the alpha range. LTT cell configuration is said to provide a controlled ink flow characteristic that allows the printer optimum balance between roller volume and screen resolution. Also provides a metering system that increases the number of cells to the halftone dot on the plate, while keeping a high-level ink volume for block and line work, co. notes.

Superfinishing Stones Aid Flexo, Gravure
Shima American
, Glendale Hts., IL; 630/871-8900
Grinding stones available in Resinoid or PVA bonding matrix prepare cylindrical surfaces of ceramic, copper, chrome, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, nickel, and epoxy-resin/plastic nylon. They can be used for gravure and flexo printing cylinders, photocopier drums, and metal finishing.

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