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Five-Layer Coex Line Has Many Features
Lung-Meng Machinery (USA) Inc.
, Miami, FL; 305/591-3388; lung-meng.com
Five-layer blown film coextrusion line comprises two 55-mm 30:1 L/D extruders; two 25-mm 30:1 L/D extruders; and one 42-mm 30:1 L/D extruder. Line comes with a 200-mm (8-in.), five-layer, low-pressure pancake die with changeable inserts; remote sizing-control bubble cage; horizontal-type oscillating hauloff; and automatic back-to-back winder.

Control Temperature in Multi-Web Applications
Webex Inc.
, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666; webexinc.com
ThermEx heat transfer rolls are said to provide precise temperature control for various multi-web applications, including laminating multiple webs in a nip; creating multi-layered, multi-material webs; and cooling webs following extrusion, casting, and/or drying processes. Proprietary computer analysis software helps ensure consistent temperatures across the roll face to within ±1 deg F. Rolls are available with a variety of coatings and finishes and can be designed with a load-bearing inner shell for heavy loads or high nip pressures.

Film, Paper Gravure Presses Are Shaftless
International Machinery Inc.
, Alpharetta, GA; 770/442-9264; intermach.com
The Novagraf S.A. RH-35 and RH-50 are shaftless electronic drive gravure presses. The RH-35 line for film webs is available in web widths of 24-40 in. (600-1,000 mm). The RH-50 is geared to paper and board production and comes in web widths of 32-63 in. (800-1,600 mm). Both feature a shaftless all-electronic drive (also available with line shafts and gear boxes if desired). Tension control in both is fully automatic, using transducer control of the infeed and outfeed drives.

Variable-Speed Viscometer Is Redesigned
Brookfield Engineering Labs.
, Middleboro, MA; 800/628-8139; brookfieldengineering.com
The CAP 2000+ viscometer is a flexible R&D instrument said to provide excellent QC performance testing capabilities. Offers a viscosity range from 5-1,000 Poise; lower shear rates from 10 sec-1 to 13,000 sec-1; and expanded temperature range from 5-235 deg C. Co. says redesigned unit features a simpler, user-friendly interface and space-saving smaller footprint. Co. adds open-access configuration makes sample preparation and cleanup simple and quick.

Absolute Encoders Are Reliable
Danaher Controls
, Gurnee, IL; 847/662-2666; dancon.com
The Dynapar Acuro Series of absolute encoders offers compact design, higher resolution, and innovative reliability for reduced downtime, co. says. Encoders are available with a choice of resolutions, in single-turn or multi-turn configurations, and with a choice of solid-shaft or hollow-shaft coupling. Power consumption is said to be low.

Good Print Stability, Quality with Gravure Press
Schiavi SpA (a member of the Bobst Group of cos.)
, Piacenza, Italy; +39 (0) 523 493 1 (in the US: Bobst Group Inc., Roseland, NJ; 888/226-8800); bobstgroup.com
The SB 1200 Model gravure press for extensible films and medium-weight substrates runs at speeds to 300 mpm. Pneumatic locking system of the doctor blade is said to ensure a straight profile of the blade, guaranteeing maximum stability for better printing quality and longer printing cylinder life. Co. says drying chambers reduce the quantity of residual solvent on the web, and press can be assembled on-site quickly at reduced costs.

Doctor Blade Holder Speeds up Changes
Edward Graphics US Inc.
, Tampa, FL; 813/994-9963; egs.com
The Strip Blade system for gravure printing comprises a flexible holder that can be clamped in any type of original blade clamping assembly. This is said to eliminate doctor blade assemblies that become “wavy” with stripped threads because they are disassembled and reassembled each time a blade change is needed. With this system, strip blades are simply “wiped” into the permanent strip holder and removed with a small pliers, reportedly ensuring rapid blade changes and properly aligned blade assemblies. Also, operators can doctor at steeper angles, says co.

Color Approved for Food Packaging
Teknor Color Co.
, Pawtucket, RI; 401/725-8000; teknorcolor.com
Co. formulates Magic Color Concentrates using Variocrom pigments from BASF Corp. Their use in film is one of many applications. Pigments have FDA approval for food-contact uses.

Permanent Magnet System Eliminates Gearboxes
ABB Inc.
, New Berlin, WI; 262/780-3873
DriveIT Direct Drive Solution System comprises DriveIT permanent magnet, synchronous AC motor controlled by a DriveIT low-voltage AC drive, based on the ACS 600 or ACS 800 AC drive and connected directly to a motor/load, without gearboxes or pulse encoders. Magnet is said to provide high accuracy and reliability for industrial applications requiring high torque at low speeds.

Enhanced Software Is Upgraded Trapping Solution
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2770; 800/685-9462; creo.com
TrapWise 3.6 software is the newest version of the stand-alone Macintosh- and Windows-based trapping solution. New features include enhanced abilities for PDF workflows; improved font support; optimized document views; and the ability to deactivate raster-to-vector traps. Software is compatible with all leading industry-standard file formats, says co., and can become part of any print production workflow used by converters, packaging trade shops, and prepress trade shops.

Reprocess Materials without Stopping Production
, Norwood, NJ; 201/767-1921; munchy.com
The K40 aqua-cooled system is available in a range including both air and water cooling methods, enabling the reprocessing of a wide range of materials. Can be installed as a closed loop system for complete on-line integration, allowing waste to be taken from production and fed directly in the system with reprocessed pellets being re-fed back into the production line. This can be done with no interruption to production process or added manpower, co. notes.

Treat Lightweight Films Easily
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
The ELF low-friction treater roll has a lightweight design said to reduce momentum and inertia significantly. Roll turns more freely than conventional rolls, co. says, which adds to production stability, especially during starts and stops. Low-friction capabilities and proprietary roll coatings are said to be an ideal combination for surface-treating lightweight film. Rolls are available for new treating stations and, in many cases, can be retrofitted onto existing stations in the field.

Profile Gauge of Thin Materials
Extrusion Dies Industries LLC
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
The Autoflex VI-L gauge profiling system reportedly moves the flexible lip as much as twice the maximum distance of a standard Autoflex system, making the system suitable for manufacturers of thermoformed packaging and containers, thin-gauge glazing, and other light sheet to 0.150 in. (3.8 mm) thick. System also is said to double the speed of flexible-lip adjustment.

Elastomers Can Be Tailored to Your Needs
Kraton Polymers
, Houston, TX; 800/4kraton; kraton.com
New family of polymers is said to offer an alternative to PVC. High-performance elastomers have a distinctive molecular structure that can be precisely controlled and tailored to perform in specific applications, co. says. Also possess good dielectric properties and are reprocessable.

Blown Film Treater Has Features for Ease of Use
Pillar Technologies
, Hartland, WI; 262/367-3060; pillartech.com
The Universal Split Box treater for blown film extrusion lines is described as an economical system that promotes an easy-thread, “drop-through” design. System opens up horizontally for threading substrates directly into the system. Features a removable electrode for off-line cleaning. Also features easy-gap adjust, stainless steel segmented electrode, and easy roll removal.

Gravure Press Features Various Options
Kohli Industries
, Mumbai, India; +91 22 7782324; kohliindustries.com
Kouros gravure presses feature web widths from 300-1,800 mm; up to ten colors; single or turret rollstand with tension control at unwind and rewind; infeed/outfeed tension control units; a high-velocity drying system with effective exhaust; and pneumatic ink pumps with velocity controllers. Printing stations can be supplied with mechanical or electronic line shaft drive. Press is offered with digital AC drive or servo drive system.

Sheet to Register Mark with Accuracy
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Cut-to-register sheeter allows converters to sheet to a registration mark on a variety of preprinted materials, including holographic stock, with accuracy. Runs at speeds to 1,000 fpm (308 mpm). Can be outfitted with a continuous run feature that avoids stopping unit when making skid changes. This permits sheeter to be used in-line with a printing press.

Control System Is Upgraded
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
The Upgraded Epic III control system now includes standard iFIX SCADA software from Intellution running on the Windows 2000 operating system; an available ControlLogix PLC platform from Rockwell; and connectivity solutions for remote data access via laptop and Web browsing.

Wider Gravure Press Has Narrow Web Benefits
Novaflex Inc.
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-9900; novaflex-inc.com
The Biva 4 ten-color rotogravure press from DCM features a 32-in. width (800 mm) but maintains advantages of the narrow web concept, says co. Engraved cylinder shaft still is cantilevered while gravure sleeve is transferred from a trolley in or out of machine through side frame; lightweight gravure sleeves reportedly can be removed quickly and easily; web path remains short since color units are close; and operator has easy access to ink tank and pump. Press can be supplied with an automatic wash-up system.

Three-Layer Blown Film System Is Precise
Battenfeld Gloucester
, Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
Three-layer blown film line features an 80-mm/3-in. (30:1 L/D) Grooved Feed Contracool extruder. Two 63-mm/2.5-in. Smooth Bore Contracool units are for outside layers of LLDPE. All material feeding and blending is done using co.'s ultra-precise AcuraBlend Gravimetric Throughput Control. Co. says precision of AcuraBlend system is enhanced by its Extrol Control system.

Sheet-Fed Gravure for Vibrant Colors
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
The Moog sheet-fed gravure press is said to offer vibrant colors and superb color consistency, as well as lustrous metallic and pearlescent inks. Press is gear-driven, which requires sheet to be transferred via grippers on the front end of the sheet. Also available with electrostatic assist to improve and maintain constant print quality. Only one cylinder size is needed.

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