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Adhesive Tapes Suited for High-Speed Splicing
Adhesives Research
, Glen Rock, PA; 717/235-7979; 800/445-6240;
ARclad 8891, 8901, and 8314-10 acrylic, permanent tape products are for splicing low-energy or difficult-to-adhere substrates during a variety of high-speed applications. All are said to feature excellent adhesion and high-temperature resistance, allowing for faster line speeds when performing flying splices. Also may be used for manual/static, unwind, and rewind splices.

Sheet-Fed Ink Sets Quickly, Performs Well
Superior Printing Ink Co.
, New York, NY; 212/741-3600; 800/221-9680;
Elite sheet-fed ink is said to combine high quality color reproduction with ease of printability. Co. reports ink was created using state-of-the-art pigment and resin technologies and has the fewest additives and raw ingredients possible. Also described as a fast-setting, stay-open process series that performs well on a vast array of presses.

Shrink Film Product of New Technology
Sealed Air Corp., Shrink Packaging Div.
, Duncan, SC; 800/845-3456;
Cryovac Xenith shrink film is said to deliver a unique combination of strength and soft shrink in one high-performance film. New technology platform creates a shrink film strong enough to wrap irregular shapes and heavier products, yet low shrink tension will not bend or crush delicate items, says co. Suited for a broad range of applications.

Additive Brings Benefits to Extrusion Process
, Tarrytown, NY; 914/631-6600; 888/333-7602;
Am Flow is a fluorpolymer-based additive designed to improve the processing of polyolefins during extrusion or coextrusion. Mfr. reports benefits include elimination of the melt fracture or flow instability; reduction of gels formation; minimization of die buildup; increased throughput; reduction of polymer thermal degradation; and savings in energy consumption.

Copolymers Are FDA-Approved for Latex Coatings
RohmNova LLC
, Mogadure, OH; 330/628-6511;
GenCryl styrene/butadiene/acrylonitrile copolymers developed by Omnova Solutions have been granted FDA 176.170 approval for use in paper and paperboard latex coatings. Polymers are said to provide strength and mottle resistance superior to styrene/butadiene copolymers typically found in paper and paperboard coatings that come in contact with food. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval will enable co. to offer and technically support all synthetic binder types currently being used in paper and paperboard applications requiring FDA approval.

Laminating Adhesive Has No Solvents
Rad-Cure Corp.
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-1002;
Rad Bond 1021 is a low-odor, low-extractables, UV-curable flexo laminating adhesive for the manufacture of laminated labels. Solvent-free adhesive reportedly has excellent adhesion to print treated PP and PE for film-to-film and film-to-paper laminations. Provides high yields combined with cure speeds to 400 fpm/300 W/in. lamp to yield significant cost savings in label lamination applications, co. notes.

Paperboard Suited for Foldover Blister Cards
MeadWestvaco Corp., Packaging Resources Group
, Stamford, CT; 203/461-7658;
Specialty bleached paperboards allow pharmaceutical and OTC drug manufacturers to produce foldover blister cards with superior graphics, reliable tamper evidence, and durable heat seals to a variety of barrier films, reports co. Paperboards are said to meet quality and consistency standards critical to efficiency and waste reduction in high-speed converting, filling, and sealing operations.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Wax-Coated Cartons
Adhesive Technologies
, Hampton, NH; 603/926-1616;
Formula 650 Wax Pack is a flexible adhesive formulated to bond wax-coated cartons and withstand low temperatures, co. says. It is a medium-compression setting formula said to allow rapid production rates and to be safe and reliable. Meets FDA CFR 175.105 requirements for intermittent food contact.

New Color Book Highlights Foils
ITW Foilmark
, Newburyport, MA; 800/942-9995;
Co. has released its latest comprehensive hot stamping color book, which it describes as “a convenient reference for designers, stampers, and printers.” Included are the most popular shades of metallic, diffraction, and pigment foils.

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