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Limit Particulate Emissions
Caron Products & Services Inc.
, Marietta, OH; 740/373-6809; 800/648-3042; caronproducts.com
Environmental chambers are designed for operation in environments sensitive to excessive particulate contamination. HEPA filters are added to the chambers to limit particulate emission to lower than normal ambient concentrations, according to mfr.

Profile for Dispensing Makes Clean Cut
Carton Edge Systems Ltd.
, Coventry, U.K.; +44 (0) 24 7642 2221; cartonedge.com
Eco-Edge mini-profile edge strip for kitchen film and foil dispensing cartons is said to have 50% more cutting teeth. Profile has 40 cutters/in., with 240 tiny teeth across a standard 30-cm-wide carton, for a clean cut. Said to be especially effective with thin, stretchy PE cling films.

Anilox Roll Cleaning System Saves Time
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-3371; 866/588-8686; harperscientific.com
Poulsonator Anilox Multi-Brush anilox roll cleaning system is an air-operated, dual-brush scrubber said to reduce clean-up time and be equally efficient on ceramic or chrome rolls. Also suited for cleaning gravure cylinders. Design allows for minor adjustment to various anilox diameters.

Clean Webs with Ease
ElectroStatics Inc.
, Harleysville, PA; 215/513-0850; electrostatics.com
Removable inner bar system for narrow and wide web cleaning is said to ensure ease of maintenance and cleaning. If necessary, inner bars can be replaced without having to disassemble the entire system, mfr. adds.

Gluer Models Offer Many Benefits
American Intl. Machinery
, Oak Creek, WI; 414/764-3223; aim-inc.net
The VP Series of straight-line gluers includes three models. Each model includes 1,300-fpm belt speed; variable-speed feeder; operator-side lower glue pot; touchscreen controls; carton blank ranges from 2 × 3 in.-44 × 36 in.; quick-change folding attachments; motorized carriers; and three-carrier design throughout.

Software Offered in Upgraded Version
, Merrimack, NH; 703/464-0876; ergosoftus.com
PosterPrint 10 RIP solution for large-format display is described as a highly intuitive professional-level software for production of digital graphics. Additions includes simultaneous multiple printer support; enhanced ink control; spot color replacement; and Epson proprietary screening algorithms.

Optical System Patterns Films for OLED Use
Nanovia LP
, Londonderry, NH; 603/421-0713; nanovia.com
The VectorLinx optical system design targets the high-volume manufacturer of OLED display devices. Utilizing high-power DPSS UV beam wavefront enhancing and scanning optics, the platform is capable of patterning thin polymer and metal films on glass and silicon substrates to create display devices used in hand-held PDAs and mobile telephones. System can process material within a vacuum environment.

Software Aids Prepress Efficiency
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
Synapse Link software is for the automatic exchange of prepress production data between database-driven print production systems and management information systems. Said to increase the visibility of prepress for printers and allow them to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity by tracking activities such as alteration requests, prepress material usage, machine time, and more.

Unwind Stand Is Shaftless
Amplas Inc.
, Green Bay, WI; 920/496-0525; amplas.com
Co. offers the Converquip line of unwind stands. Line has either braked or driven models for precise tension control. Suited for light- or heavy-gauge materials, stands handle diameters to 60 in. Other reported benefits include shaftless design for safety; rugged construction; operator control via pendant (remote) or from control screen; and several options.

AC Drive Provides Precise Control
Rockwell Automation
, Bloomington, MN; 800/223-5354; rockwell.com
The PowerFlex 700S AC drive gives printers and converters precise control of motor torque, speed, and position. Features selectable, high-performance motor control algorithms, a high-speed data link, and an integral position loop.

Clean Air Booths Are Quiet and Rugged
Micro Air
, Wichita, KS; 316/943-2351; microaironline.com
Includes the exclusive Roto-Pulse cartridge cleaning system and features customizable size and configuration. Reported benefits include “whisper-quiet” operation; the highest CFM available; an optional regain air system; and heavy-duty components.

Vision Sensor Works with Ease
Banner Engineering
, Minneapolis, MN; 763/544-3164; bannerengineering.com
PresencePLUS Pro camera-based visual inspection sensor is said to transform costly, complex machine vision systems into a simple, easy-to-use and affordable sensor. Captures images and analyzes them using one or more vision tools to generate judgment results. Co. says system is easy to install and operate.

Three-Phase Motors Offered with Various Options
Baumuller America Inc.
, Bloomfield, CT; 860/243-0232; baumuller.com
The 22-100 DSD Series three-phase, 540-volt synchronous servo motors are for industrial automation applications. Line has several sizes configured with and without fans and with standard or high-resolution encoder and power connectors.

Contract Proofing System Adds Extra Black Ink
Agfa Graphic Systems
, Wilmington, MA; 978/658-0200; 800/227-2780; agfa.com
Co. reports the newest member of its Sherpa family of digital proofers is the Sherpa 24m high-resolution ink jet system. Co. combines its specially formulated proofing media, advanced in-RIP color management, and quality control software with the latest seven-color, piezo-electric ink jet technology to offer a complete contract proofing solution.

IR Heater/Dryer Can Preheat Inks, Materials
Product Development Assoc. Inc.
, Burnsville, MN; 952/895-5153; pda-engineering.com
The Series 1000 heater/dryer has integrated high-density, medium-wave IR emitters (in excess of 100 W/in.) with a fan-driven pressurized plenum. Design is said to preheat the air effectively and to provide a mix of high-speed IR and convection heating and drying for water-based inks and coatings.

Correct Metal Plates at Last Minute
Base-Line Inc.
, Auburn, WA; 253/852-6681; base-line.com
CTP aluminum plate correction pens allow printers to make last-minute corrections or additions to most metal plate types and brands. Said to be effective with the latest computer-to-plate coatings and to allow user to make any size deletion with precision.

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