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Synthetic Paper Can Take the Heat
Contract Converting LLC, Greenville, WI; 800/734-0990
Thermador polyester-based synthetic paper, with a melt index of 500 deg F, can handle twice the amount of heat of competitive brands, says mfr. Features a special surface coating on both sides to enhance laser toner anchorage, thermal transfer ribbon performance, and water-based flexo ink printing. Available in 5-, 7.5-, and 10-mil calipers.

Vinyl Shrink Film Safe for Pharma Uses
Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc.
, Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600; kpfilms.com
Pentapharm M576/41 vinyl shrink sleeve film for pharmaceutical applications is FDA-compliant and DMF-listed. Film is said to alleviate concerns for potential migration of label material ingredients into the pharmaceutical product. Engineered with 56% transverse-direction shrinkage properties, it is designed for direct product contact such as full-body shrink sleeves and tamper-evident bands.

PLA Resin Turns Plant Sugars into Packaging
Cargill Dow LLC
, Minneapolis, MN; 952/742-0400; cargill.com
NatureWorks PLA (polyactide) resin is made from a process of fermentation, distillation, and polymerization of carbon found in simple plant sugars. The resin can be used to make a wide range of fiber and packaging products. At the end of their “useful life,” products (under the right conditions) can be turned back into naturally occurring soil nutrients.

Metallized OPP Touted as Foil Replacement
Toray Plastics (America) Inc.
, North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511; toraytpa.com
Torayfan PCF is a 45-ga, high-barrier, metallized OPP film said to provide cost savings and performance advantages as a replacement for foil in barrier laminations. Nonsealable film is designed as a “drop-in” direct foil replacement in multilayer extrusion and adhesive laminations. Reportedly offers excellent moisture and oxygen barriers, superior puncture resistance, and high yield compared to foil.

Uncoated Paper Reduces Show-Through
Weyerhaeuser Fine Paper
, Valley Forge, PA; 610/251-9220; weyerhaeuser.com
Cougar Opaque premium uncoated paper is available in smooth or vellum finishes. Said to feature 94 brightness, superior opacity for minimal show-through, reliable press performance, and low fluorescence for true color balance. Applications include business cards and letterhead.

New PET Polymer Is Biodegradable
, Wilmington, DE; 800/628-6208; dupont.com
Biomax hydro/biodegradable polyester polymer incorporates, depending on the application, up to three proprietary aliphatic monomers. The monomers create weak spots in the polymeric chains, making them susceptible to degradation through hydrolysis. Materials can be recycled, incinerated, or landfilled but are intended mainly for disposal by composting. Said to offer superior barrier properties for packaging applications.

Lid Adhesive Is Safe and Reliable
ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc.
, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040; admtronics.com
Silk-To-Lids labeling adhesive is said to adhere to surfaces that traditionally have posed significant adhesion problems, such as plastic pail lids and other container coverings. Water-based product reportedly is economical and safe and can adhere plain paper labels to non-flame, treated plastic surfaces.

New Developments in Resin Color
Clariant Intl., Masterbatches Div.
, Muttenz, Switzerland; 401/438-4080; clariant.masterbatches.com
Co. is offering a range of masterbatches for the coloration of Mater-BI biodegradable compostable resin material, developed with Novamont (which is offering new grades of the materials). New properties extend the use of the resin to thin films for agricultural use, trash bags, food containers, and other demanding end-use areas. Derived mainly from corn, wheat, and potato starch, Mater-BI materials are thermoplastic and display physical and chemical properties similar to those of traditional plastics, says co., but are completely biodegradable in a variety of environments.

Two Platemounting Tapes Are Introduced
tesa tape inc.
, Charlotte, NC; 800/426-2181; tesatape.com
Two double-sided platemounting tapes, both Steelmaster 15-mil Softprint, are for flexo printing. Tape 52015 is designed for printing high quality labels and tags that require solid and spot color imaging. Tape 52017 has a slightly softer foam backing, making it the product of choice for process printing applications, although co. says it's also suitable for label printing.

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