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Joint Venture to Offer “Smart” Inks, Coatings
Flint Ink, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/622-6362; http://www.flintink.com

Co. reports an agreement with KeyMaster Technologies Inc. to provide “smart” ink and coatings systems to brand-name product manufacturers. Inks and coatings will contain a hidden code that creates a unique signature tag when they are applied to products or packaging. Licensed brand owners use the security inks in conjunction with KeyMaster's readers to track and authenticate their products.

Barrier Coating Is Repulpable
ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040; http://www.admtronics.com

Improved version of Santel 655 water-based repulpable barrier coating is said to allow paperboard mfrs. to produce a package with excellent moisture-, grease-, and oil-barrier properties and to be completely repulpable in normal repulping systems. Product is applied by typical roller coaters, with rod coating the preferred method. Average MVTR barrier properties can be achieved with weights of 5-6 lb/ream, said to compare favorably with competitive coatings requiring 10 or more dry lb/ream.

New Resins Suited for Premium Packaging
Nova Chemicals, Pittsburgh, PA; 412/490-4000; http://www.novachem.com

SCLAIR ASTute FP120 is the designation for a new family of premium octene copolymer PE resins. The group currently comprises five grades. Resins were developed for use in premium film applications, including food packaging and specialty packaging; laminations and coextrusions; and heavy-duty shipping sacks. Resins, which meet US FDA requirements for food contact, have densities of 0.920 g/cm3 and melt indexes of 1.0/g/10 min. Reportedly exhibit excellent dart impact and puncture resistance, good tear strength, sealability, and optics. Also reportedly provide excellent melt stability for improved blown film processability.

Tape Conforms to Irregular Surfaces
Adchem Corp., Riverhead, NY; 631/727-6000; http://www.adchem.com

Double-coated tape designated 243PE is designed for splicing polyolefin film. Features a 4-mil PE film support said to conform well to irregular surfaces. Uses a high-tack adhesion to reliably pick up the splice, which is then completely recyclable, co. says. Tape is mounted on an easy-release, silicone-coated 60# liner.

Demo Kit Showcases Packaging Substrates
MeadWestvaco Corp., Packaging Resources Group, Stamford, CT; 203/461-7658; http://www.meadwestvaco.com

Demonstration kit entitled “The Art of Packaging Graphics” offers eight inserts printed on different weights and calipers of co.'s packaging substrates. Inserts use different process techniques to demonstrate graphics that can be achieved on the substrates, including four-color process with match colors; spot and spot-gloss UV (ultraviolet) coatings and gloss and dull varnishes; embossing and sculpted-die embossing; and foil stamping.

Thermal Film Has Many Benefits
D&K Group, Elk Grove Village, IL; 847/956-0160; 800/632-2314;http://www.dkgroup.com

SuperStick thermal film for the digital print market is said to offer optimal adhesion to most hard-to-stick-to substrates. Co. adds product has less static, less adhesive transfer, and handles better during laminating than other such products. Also said to “wet out” smoother and clearer and improve overall appearance and clarity of print.

Save on Silicone Products on WebDow Corning/Xiameter, Midland, MI; 989/496-7772; http://www.xiameter.com
Xiameter is a new business model offering about 350 of the co.'s products on the Web at low cost. Aimed at experienced customers who know what they want and don't need extensive service, this “value proposition” is said to eliminate unnecessary sales, service, and transaction costs for commonly used silicone products via Web-enabled transactions.

P-S Laminate Has Many Applications
Lamart Corp., Clifton, NJ; 973/772-6262

Co. is offering an improved version of T-18 vinyl-supported Teflon PSA laminate. Product applications include roll coverings, release surfaces, equipment cleanup, mold linings, benchtops, and many others. Laminate has a low COF, reportedly enabling long life and a permanently lubricated bearing surface. Also said to have excellent release.

Three New Films Enhance Line
MACtac Technical Products, Stow, OH; 866/262-2822; 800/323/3439; http://www.mactac.com

Co. has expanded its line of free films with three new products: IF-2070 is a family of tapes said to be ideal for mounting nameplates, faceplates, die-cut parts, and decorative trim in auto interiors. IF-2090 has low-surface energy bonding characteristics and is called ideal for bonding to PP, PE, and powder-coated surfaces. IF-3070 films were developed for high-temperature applications.

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