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Substrate Offers Gloss and Print Contrast
Raflatac Inc., Fletcher, NC; 828/651-4800; 800/992-3882;

Kromekote Extragloss p-s (pressure-sensitive) labelstock offers a flexible substrate for applications requiring superior graphics quality for on-shelf product differentiation, says mfr. The 6.3-mil construction combines Kromekote extra-gloss face-stock with RP51 permanent adhesive and a 2.5-mil kraft liner. Reportedly offers a rich, deep “wet” appearance and improved print contrast. Adhesive is said to provide excellent UV (ultraviolet) resistance, strong low-temperature performance, and excellent adhesion characteristics to nonpolar substrates.

Traverse System Suited for Lined Material
Independent Machine Co., Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-0060; http://www.independentusa.com

System for slitting and traverse winding a “B” stage prepreg has a feature that inserts a PE liner at each winding position to protect the product as it is spooled. The new 12-in.-wide system features 24 Smartwinder-2000 modular cubes that operate in-line with the unwind slitter section. Slitter includes a cantilevered unwind with programmable constant tension; auto edge guide; adjustable “peel”-off roll; entry and exit “S” wrap pull rolls; and exclusive interchangeable slitting assemblies for shear, score, and razor slitting.

UV Lamp System Has Microwave Benefits
Fusion UV Systems Inc., Gaithersburg, MD; 301/527-2660; http://www.fusionuv.com

The Light Hammer 6 is a high-powered, 6-in. UV lamp system (150 mm). Operating in the power class of 500 W/in. (200 W/cm), system is said to bring all of the benefits of microwave-powered UV (ultraviolet) curing. Features two easy-to-service modular components: the microwave-irradiator and a solid-state power supply. At the heart of the microwave technology is an electrode-less bulb mounted in an elliptical reflector for focusing an intense strip of light 2.1 in. (53.3 mm) below the surface of the lamp. Ultimate benefit, says mfr., is higher degrees of conversion than is typically achieved with AC-powered light sources.

Letterpress Ink Provides High Black Density
Akzo Nobel Inks, Plymouth, MN; 763/559-5911; http://www.na.aninks.com

Uvokett Ebon letterpress ink offers extreme “jetness” that prints both text and solids with very high black density at high printing speeds, co. reports. Curing properties have been optimized so product can cure through even thick deposits of ink needed for extreme black density. Also said to exhibit good jetness at low film weights, while demonstrating excellent press stability and transfer properties.

Seal Gum Is Tough
National Starch and Chemical Co., Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; http://www.nationalstarch.com

Super Jet Series high-dextrin, low-resin seal gum is recommended for applications in which envelopes are printed with a thermographic process. Co. reports thermographic printing tends to place greater demands on envelope seal gums due to high-grade paper stock often being used and high temperatures. Higher-resin content, says mfr., can be fused by oven heat and lose its ability to be remoistened.

Ink Jet Printhead Is Compact
Matthews Intl. Corp., Pittsburgh, PA; 412/665-2500; http://www.matthewsmarking.com

A seven-valve ink jet printhead gives users small-character marking options. An expansion of co.'s S.C.I. F.I. (small character ink jet for industry) 3200 product family, the printhead has a width and height of 75 mm and a length of 160.8 mm.

Press Speeds One-Pass Processing of IML
Berkshire Converting Systems Group, Danbury, CT; 860/210-1300; http://www.berkshireconvertingsystemsgroup.com

The ServoMaster re-registering label converting system is designed for one-pass processing of in-mold labels (IMLs). Fully servo driven, the system unwinds preprinted roll stock, re-registers printed labels into a multi-cut impulse die system, downloads cut labels through stacking magazines, then shuffles and die-cuts labels into shrink-wrapped, uniform bricks of pre-specified quantity, all in one pass. Designed as a modular addition to existing in-mold labeling equipment, the unit handles web widths of 10, 13, 16, and 20 in.

Power and Monitor UV Lamps
Nicollet Technologies Corp., Minneapolis, MN; 612/379-7919; http://www.nitec.com

Co. announces version Gen 3 of its electronic ballast system (EBS) for powering UV lamps. System offers the ability to monitor continuously the voltage, current, and power drawn by the lamp. Reportedly allows UV users to integrate fully the production process with the lamp controls to ensure quality, maximize production, and reduce costs. Replaces conventional high-voltage capacitor bank and mercury-filled relays with an electronic control that provides continuously variable power over a range of 30%-100%.

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