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New Product Digest, Part 2, PFFC, April 2003

Machinery, Accessories, Services, Materials

Measure Web Tension in Multiple Zones
Vishay BLH
, Canton, MA; 781/821-2000; vishay.com
The DXt-40 multi-zone web tension transmitter measures each system transducer or roll independently, allowing one unit to monitor multiple tension zones. Integrated data collected from each transducer or roll drives four high-resolution analog signal outputs. Individual displays of each transducer/roll diagnose machine “hot spots” and alert operators to potential failures or web breaks.

Air Ring Has Digital Controls
Future Designs
, Mississauga, Ont., Canada; 905/361-9978; saturn2.com
The Saturn Genie automated air ring for blown film applications has the advanced capacity of recording all the settings of the Saturn air ring, with the capability of recalling each designated airflow component position with digital control.

Coated Films Offer Durability
Spinnaker Coating
, Troy, OH; 937/339-4045; spinnakercoating.com
Kimdura premium coated film has UV resistance of 18-24 mos. Said to be slower to degrade in sunlight and tough environmental conditions compared to other polyolefins. Has smudgeproof topcoating, 97% opacity, and compatibility with thermal transfer, flexo, offset, screen, letterpress, gravure, dot matrix, and indigo printing methods.

Improved Liners Aid Drum LabelingFLEXcon Co. Inc., Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; flexcon.com
DRUMcal now is available with two high-performance liners: 91 PRT PFW is a patented poly-coated, two-sided layflat release liner with LAZRmatch technology; 78B M&0-6 is a moisture-stable release liner with excellent layflat characteristics, recommended for roll-form converting. DRUMcal resists salt water, solvents, UV exposure, and abrasion and is said to have excellent performance characteristics in marine immersions.

CTP System Processes Flexo Plates
Anderson & Vreeland Inc.
, Bryan, OH; 419/636-5002; 866/282-7697; andersonvreeland.com
The FlexoLaser system is a laser-imaged CTP system for processing digital flexo plates. System includes PixFlow software workflow package, a laser imagesetter, and an in-line system for automatic processing of digital plates.

Hot Melt Application Is SimplifiedNordson Corp., Duluth; GA; 770/497-3425; nordson.com
DuraBlue adhesive melters provide an all-electric solution for manual and semi-automatic applications. Features fixed-speed AC motors with gerotor gear pumps for what is said to be easy-to-operate, low-maintenance hot melt adhesive application. Large, accessible tank opening offers easy filling and cleaning. Available in 4-, 10-, and 16-liter tank sizes.

Label Stocks Printable with Offset, Digital
Mohawk Paper Mills, Inc.
, Cohoes, NY; 518/233-6208; mohawkpaper.com
Two label stocks have been added to the Mohawk premium paper lines: Superfine and Navajo. The new stocks are suitable for both offset and digital printing. Superfine label stock is available in 60# Ultrawhite Smooth, White Smooth, and Softwhite Smooth, 8.5 × 11 in. and 17 × 22 in. Navajo label stock is available in 60# Brilliant White, 8.5 × 11 in. and 17 × 22 in.

UV Offset Inks Result in Consistent Color
UVitec Printing Ink
, Lodi, NJ; 800/478-6330; uvitec.com
The 47 Series of UV offset inks is said to have strong bonding characteristics, improved press stability, and reliable color consistency. Recommended for use on combination presses, inks reportedly provide excellent interlayer adhesion and wetting properties, print well on paper, and have strong adhesion to virtually all plastic, foil, and film substrates.

Gravure Press Offers High Versatility
ADI International
, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540; arcdoyle.com
Multicolor narrow web rotogravure press can combine with narrow web UV flexo printing or narrow web water/solvent flexo printing. Is capable of combining two or four rotogravure printing decks on the front of the press with six, eight, or nine UV flexo or water/solvent flexo decks in the center and two or four rotogravure printing decks at the back of the press with a laminator and rotary die cut station. This all-in-line process can be configured with screen printing, hot foil stamping, glue printing, and laminating. Co. says this combination for narrow web rotogravure, flexo, and screen enables converter to use metallized inks, UV inks/varnishes, and coatings to achieve the desired gloss, improve COF, reduce ink cost, maintain job standards, and stabilize all the inks.

AC Servo Drive Is Compact and Versatile
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Hoffman Estates, IL; 847/645-3774; boschrexroth-us.com
Ecodrive Cs Series is described as a new generation of system-compatible AC servo drives in the power range of 100-750 W, with 230VAC single- or three-phase power input. Compact unit is 2.17 in. wide × 7.17 in. high × 6.69 in. deep. Product range includes four new motor sizes with same compact dimensions. Series is said to be versatile with several open bus interfaces available.

Gearless Flexo Press Speeds Up Plate, Sleeve Changes
Fischer & Krecke Inc.
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-9460; fischer-krecke.biz
The Flexpress ten-color 16 S servo-driven, gearless, CI flexo press features a sleeve system allowing the use of lightweight sleeves for the complete size range, or lightweight intermediate mandrels capable of convenient sleeve use. Sleeve system, combined with the servo-driven print units, reduces tooling costs and eliminates incremental print repeat lengths. One operator can change all plate and anilox sleeves in a few minutes, co. says.

Install Rotary Cartridge Alone Or in New System
Webex Inc.
, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666; webexinc.com
The DirEXcut dual rotary knife cartridge has a design that allows the knife cylinder cartridge to be installed as a stand-alone component in an existing sheeter knife or as part of a complete new knife, including a slitting station and pull/draw roll assembly. Cutting blades can be resharpened while mounted on the knife cylinders via a lapping and tuning process, reportedly making it easier to maintain proper cut quality.

Splice-Free Stock Raises Productivity, Lowers Waste
Raflatac Inc.
, Fletcher, NC; 828/684-3931; raflatac.com
Splice-free product line improves productivity and overall efficiency with less waste and less downtime, resulting in more speed and better performance, co. says. Products reportedly reduce the risk of web breaks and offer higher quality output from a constantly high level of image registration, guaranteed by a smooth, uninterrupted process.

A Quiet Trim Removal Solution
Precision AirConvey
, Newark, DE; 302/999-8000; precisionairconvey.com
The TrimPAC Whisper system features a multi-pronged attack on noise and is said to permit high-performance operation at a gentle 65 dBA sound pressure level, 24% safer than the industry standard 85 dBA for an 8-hr shift.

Versatile Slitter Offers Many Features
Kohli Industries
, Mumbai, India; + 91 22 7782324; kohliindustries.com
The Arena RI 188 (AR) slits web widths to 1,200 mm, unwind roll diameters to 1,000 mm, rewind roll diameters to 600 mm, and speeds to 300 mpm. Offers a photocell web guide, tension control, razor/shear slitting options, lay-on rollers, in-line trimming, and three-motor AC drive system. Slits a range of materials.

Label Stocks Perform Splice-Free
Morgan Adhesives Co. (MACtac)
, Stow, OH; 330/688-1111; mactac.com
Five Spliceless products, including prime, thermal transfer, and direct thermal roll label stocks, reportedly deliver fewer web breaks on press, significantly reduced downtime, less material scrap, improved registration control, and reduced or eliminated rewinding.

Water-Based Ink for Towels, Napkins, Tissues
Flint Ink
, Ann Arbor, MI; 734-622-6362; flintink.com
Prolex TNT is a water-based ink system forumlated exclusively for the towel, napkin, and tissue industry. Said to exhibit excellent bleed/rub characteristics and offer low pH and low viscosity for minimal on-press maintenance. Co. adds it meets all industry standards for hygiene and is available in finished line colors and high-strength process colors.

Packaging Design Software Now Offers 3-D Models
Esko-Graphics North America
, Kennesaw, GA; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
Version 5.0 of co.'s flagship computer-aided packaging design software ArtiosCAD features many user-interface enhancements. Offers new drafting and die tooling, and manufacturing tools, as well as a virtual prototyping module that allows users to create graphically enhanced 3-D animations. The 3-D presentation reportedly opens new markets for the CAD program, allowing it to be integrated more tightly with packaging esthetics.

Label Adhesives Provide Optical Clarity, Resist Heat
National Adhesives, a div. of National Starch & Chemical
, Bridgewater, NJ; 609/409-5656; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Duro-Tak 34-429A and Duro-Tak 34-163A hot melt PSAs are said to provide optical clarity and resist the heat of pasteurization. Adhesive's resistance to flagging or "wing-up" makes product suitable for application of labels to curved surfaces. The dry components of 34-429A and 34-163A adhesives comply with the compositional requirements of the FDA Indirect Food Contact Regulation, 21 CFR 175.105 "Adhesives." Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, says co.

Produce Labels with RFID Capability
SATO America Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA; 408/745-1300; satoamerica.com
The RFID Kit for SATO CL408e (2) and CL412e (2) printers is compatible with CL408e and CL412e printers with serial numbers higher than 20390000. Kit reportedly offers a convenient and low-cost way to produce labels and tags with RFID capability, which enables users to satisfy many new application requirements. Utilizing high-frequency chips embedded in the labels, kit enables CL408e (2) and CL412e (2) printers to print on the label and program the chip inside the label simultaneously. The RFID Kit allows these "smart labels" to be read even if the label is not in the line of vision of the reader, enabling the labels to be read through packaging.

Web Guide Controllers Ease Integration
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
The ekrPRO Series is designed to simplify design integration of web guiding systems into converting machines. Line is built on a modular open architecture that uses CANbus communications protocol. Among the reported benefits are optimal design flexibility; easy networking of many components; and simple connection to PLCs, PCs, or other BUS communications systems.

Software Reduces Waste, Improves ROI
Integrated Technology & Research Services
Alexandria, VA; 703/922-9123; forms-q.com
Q-DISKe, based on the Q-DISK product, is the enhanced version of the software that operates on Microsoft Windows-based PCs and simplifies obtaining specification information on all types label printers, form-using equipment, and computer printers by having it located in one easy-to-use computer program, says mfr. Has concise and precise specifications in what is said to be an easy-to-read format that helps user determine the requirements of forms and labels being used in the various equipment. Also contains pictures and diagrams of the paper paths for many of the machines.

Kit Evaluates Adhesive and Coating Problems
Conior Corp.
Markham, Ont., Canada; 905/472-1282; www3.sympatico.ca/craig-copping
A troubleshooting kit comprising a collection of quick comparative tests and 30 simple tools is designed to evaluate adhesive and coating problems. Suited for packaging, labeling, converting, lidding, bagmaking, and other markets and a wide variety of materials. Kit helps user determine speed of set, clarity, size level, open time, clean-up potential, water resistance, filler level, and bonding properties.

UV Processor Dries Preprinted Linerboard Fast
Prime UV Systems
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100; primeuv.com
The high-speed, multi-lamp UV dryer for preprinted linerboard is designed to be installed in-line with CI flexo press, as well as gravure and offset web presses. Said to offer the latest technology in computer-controlled, air-cooled UV lamp systems, it is contained within co.'s light-shielding housing custom-designed for rigorous use. Can be retrofitted to existing web presses or installed on new presses.

Baler Reduced in Size for Smaller Operations
American Baler Co.
, 800/843-7512; americanbaler.com
New MPAC baler is designed for air-conveyed trim waste and said to be suited for small to mid-size printing, paper, or boxboard operations with maximum trim waste to 2 lb/cu ft. Features an overall smaller body size and a smaller 30x27.5-in. feed opening. A 6-in. compressing cylinder and 20-hp motor are standard. Dust seals and platen controls reduce dust emissions, co. says.

Digital Reader Suited for All Plate Materials
Ihara U.S. Inc.
, Valencia, CA; 661/257-5772; ihara-us.com
The P350 digital plate reader is said to offer state-of-the-art digital image processing technology for precise dot measurement. Works with all plate materials, including metal, polyester, and stochastic, and no calibration is necessary. Provides accurate and repeatable readings every time, reports co.

Splicers Feature Shaftless 'Roll Lifting' Turret Unwind Design
CTC International Inc.
, West Caldwell, NJ, 973/228-2300; ctcint.com
The Model S-TAB-42-16 Turretmaster automatic butt splicer is designed to be compact, user friendly, and rugged, co. says. Features a shaftless "roll lifting" turret unwind design, which allows rolls to be picked up directly from the floor. The design also reportedly provides secure double-ended support of the unwinding roll at all times. The splicer provides automatic "gapless" butt splicing of webs with two pieces of tape (one applied to each side) for maximum strength.

Emitters Provide High Output
Marsden Inc.
, Pennsauken, NJ; 856/663-2227; marsdeninc.com
Embedded Combustion IR emitters use a process in which combustion of the gas/air premix initiates 1/8 in. within the emitter's outer face, while in the presence of thousands of ±5-micron-dia refractory fibers per in. Emitters are said to provide up to 3x the IR output/unit of fuel gas input normally found in sintered or knitted metal fiber IR emitters.

Clutches and Brakes Provide Smooth Actuation
Mach III Clutch Inc.
, Ludlow, KY; 859/291-0849; machiii.com
SensiFlex pneumatic tension control clutches and brakes feature a patent-pending design said to provide superior thermal capacity and a wide range of control with smooth, low-pressure actuation and incremental responsiveness to slight changes in air pressure. Co. reports product is ideal for both new and retrofit converting applications.

Kraft Paperboard Called Alternative to Microflute
Riverwood International
, Marietta, GA; 770/795-3808; riverwood.com
DiscoverSustain is a high-compression-strength, sheeted, unbleached kraft paperboard designed as an alternative to microflute. Said to eliminate humidity-induced curl, delamination, and washboarding. Two-sided coating printing surface expands promotional and graphic opportunities, co. says.

Clean Ink Trays, Cylinders, and More
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
Co. distributes and services the Renzmann washing and distillation units for the graphics industry. Type 330 washing machine, which can be loaded from either one or two sides, is designed to clean a large number of ink trays, gravure cylinders, doctor blade holders, and various parts. It is adaptable for solvent, caustic, or water-based solutions.

Die-Cutter Small Format Is Economical
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
Small-format, web-fed due-cutter operates at high speeds, reportedly making it a low-cost alternative to large-format die-cutters. Cycling at 90 hits/min, the 12x16-ton due-cutter is optically registered for cutting accuracy. It can thermal die-cut, emboss, deboss, hot and cold steel-rule die-cut, and steel-rule kiss-cut. Can be designed, engineered, and built to exact customer specifications.

Extrusion Coater Designed for Short Runs
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
The Flex-Master 1300 extrusion coating machine is designed for small to mid-size companies. Engineered for short runs of 1 to 2 hr for common flexible packaging structures. The unit's 65- and 75-mm coextrusion station utilizes a feedblock and 1,500-mm die with internal deckles for edge bead savings. Machine can extrude LDPE, LLDPE, m-LLDPE, Surlyn, and EVA.

Rewinder Now Faster Than Ever
Elsner Engineering Works Inc.
, Hanover, PA; 717/637-5991; elsnereng.com
Co. has increased the speed of the AFR-18 high-speed aluminum foil and food film rewinder to 2,000 fpm. Designed to run all industry-standard, consumer-size retail roll lengths, rewinder is infinitely adjustable from 16—500-ft lengths. Handles both 12- and 18-in. foil widths and allows core O.D. sizes of 1.25—1.75 in.

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