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Die-Cuts Through Tough Jobs
American Die Technology
, Suwanee, GA; 770/623-6111; 800/554-4015; amdie.com
The Platinum Die is designed to cut through challenging new materials (paper and film) and through thick inks (water-based, UV [ultraviolet], screen, etc.), according to the mfr. It is made of processed tool steel and chrome-plated for additional durability.

Electric Motor Brakes Cut Downtime
Force Control Industries
, Fairfield, OH; 513/868-0900; forcecontrol.com
Magna Shear motor brakes are said to eliminate lost production time and high maintenance costs of ordinary dry-friction brakes. Mfr. reports these fully electric brakes apply proprietary oil-shear cushioning to deliver many times the friction material life of ordinary dry-friction brakes and reduce stress on drives. Available in seven model/frame sizes with torque ratios from 4-1,250 ft lb.

Midi Products Are Upgraded for Efficiency
Valmet Converting
, Bedford, U.K.; +44 123 4852553; valmetconverting.com
The Midi product range has been re-engineered and upgraded to provide what the co. says are more efficient solutions for rolling mills in aluminum foil and strip production. Line includes high-precision slitting lines; doubling and separating lines; web texturizing systems; automated coil loading and handling systems; and shaft extraction equipment for light-gauge aluminum foils. Design enhancements have focused on control and accuracy of output-coil density; higher running speeds; better winding precision; and increased slit-width accuracy. Machines now are able to provide much reduced side-weave during slitting, co. adds.

Stainless Steel CTP Plate Offered
Printing Developments
, Racine, WI; 262/554-1030; pdiplates.com
Prisma Steel bimetal CTP (computer to plate) plate, imaged at 830 nm, gives package printers the benefits of CTP workflow, including higher productivity, performance, and efficiency, on one plate, co. says. Featuring a copper surface and stainless steel base, plate is said to withstand harsh printing processes and inks.

Control Up to Ten Web Guides with One Unit
Double E Co.
, West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099; doubleeusa.com
The RK31 remote web guide controller is compact and features simple joystick operation with a clear LCD display that communicates step-by-step instructions for initial calibration and for setting web guide parameters. Controller is equipped to control up to ten web guides at the same time. Connects to the web guide driver(s) using a single Serial BUS RS485 cable.

Flexo Sample System Allows Prepress Testing
RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd.
, Herts, U.K.; +44 (0) 1763 852187; rkprint.com
The FlexiProof 100 sample preparation system enables users to simulate flexographic printing accurately for all prepress applications. Compact, bench-top machine is said to offer significant set-up and operational savings. Eliminates the need for pilot runs on production press and enables user to undertake standard test procedures.

Cylinder Features Rare Earth Magnets
T.D. Wright
, St. Paul, MN; 651/227-1302; tdwright.com
Patented modular magnetic cylinder for die-cutting and embossing features rare earth magnets; pin register system option; and precision manufacturing to tolerances of 0.0001 in. Extremely high magnetic power is said to eliminate die slippage and cylinder. Also reportedly eliminates dead spots on cylinder.

Die-Cut Digitally for Short Runs
Esko-Graphics North America
, Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
The DCM 22 digital die-cutting system is described as ideally suited to converters that provide short, just-in-time runs. System is based on the Kongsberg automatic cutting and creasing table. Operator involvement is minimized while continuous operation is maintained.

Vertical Pumps Suited for Small Spaces
Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering
, Minneapolis, MN; 612/332-5681
The D-17 Series industrial, vertical-mount pumps provide flow to 13.4 gpm (50.7 lpm) and pressure to 2,500 psi (172 bar). Said to be ideal for direct mounting on top of fluid tanks where space is limited, pumps incorporate seal-less, hydraulically balanced, five-diaphragm design to deliver smooth, low-pulse operation, co. reports.

Release Compound Improves Print Quality
Base-Line Graphic Arts Products
, Auburn, WA; 253/852-6681; 800/872-0075; base-line.com
Total Release Compound is said to ensure total transfer of ink from the printing blanket to the sheet. The result is more dense solids, sharper halftones, less ghosting, and reduced press gain. Can be used on any sheet-fed press or web presses and can be mixed into ink without milling, co. reports.

Die-Cutter Offers Stripping as Standard
Standard Paper Box Machine Co.
, Bronx, NY; 800/367-8755
Model 1050CS automatic die-cutter features stripping and front-edge stripping as standard equipment. Takes a maximum sheet size of 29.5 × 41.3 in. and cuts paper from 80# to 80-pt board. Maximum speed is 7,500 sheets/hr.

Strippable Blankets for Spot-Varnishing
Phoenix North America
, Fords, NJ; 732/346-5353
Amethyst blanket sports a compressible layer designed for spot-varnishing. The relief depth of 0.9 mm provides for easy, perfect cutting, co. says. Blank also can be used on slow-running sheet-fed presses.

Test Small Samples in Lab, Production Floor
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
, Middleboro, MA; 800/628-8139; brookfieldengineering.com
The CAP 1000+ viscometer is recommended for fast, easy, repetitive testing of very small samples (< 1 mL) on the production floor or in the QC lab. “Cone-and-plate,” single-point viscosity measuring instrument features rapid temperature control for sample conditioning without the need for external temperature baths, co. says.

Die-Cut, Slit Sophisticated Applications
Rotoflex Intl.
, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/670-8700; rotoflex.com
Model DLI 400 die-cutting, slitting/rewinding machine features 16-in. (407-mm) maximum width, 12-in. minimum repeat, and 24-in. maximum repeat. Co. says DLI models are designed to handle sophisticated converting and finishing applications. Includes large unwind and rewind roll capabilities; adjustable gearbox; and magnetic particle clutches.

Software System Integrates Print Steps
Printable Technologies
, Solana Beach, CA; 858/847-6600; 800/220-1727; printable.com
Co. has joined with Prism USA to offer PrintTalk-based integration to be used in production between a web-based print ordering system and a print-management information system. System is said to shorten preproduction steps and reduce errors.

Laser-Engrave in One Step
Applied Laser Engineering Ltd.
, Surrey, U.K.; +44 208 941 1101; appliedlaser.co.uk
Three-beam, high-power laser engraving system is for flexo, dry-offset, letterpress, and 3-D embossing. Production of direct laser-engraved sleeves and plates is a one-step, computer-to-press process. Multi-beam technology uses CO2 and YAG lasers.

Routing Technology Aids Die-Cutting
Data Technology
, Wilmington, MA; 978/694-0055; data-technology.com
The D&D Knock-Out system is for use with any type of cutting and creasing machines that have stripping/blanking facilities. Reportedly, it combines the latest in routing technology with the use of a specially formulated rigid foam board, backed with plywood.

Produce Heat with High Efficiency
Heraeus Noblelight
, Duluth, GA; 770/418-0707; noblelight.net
InfraLight for halogen IR emitters produces heat in the same way a light bulb produces light, co. explains. Features standard emitter configuration designs so it can be interchanged easily. Emitters are said to operate at a significantly higher efficiency than conventional lamps.

Modular Platform Adds Capabilities to Press
Telstar Engineering
, Burnsville, MD; 612/890-9440; telstareng.com
Deco-Mod self-contained, servo-driven base frame can attach to a press in a variety of sequences. Portable decorating module adds UV rotary screen, cold foil, flexo print/coat, wet-dry lamination, and multiweb unwind to any press, mfr. reports. Can be set up for re-registration or in follower mode and can be moved from station to station or press to press.

Tester Is Flexible and Compact
Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.
, 215/637-0100; thwingalbert.com
The EJA Advantage tensile tester is a PC-controlled test system said to provide maximum testing flexibility in a compact test frame. Co. reports system is ideal for testing a wide range of materials, including paper, film, nonwovens, adhesives, packaging, biomedical, and textiles. All electronics are integrated into the test frame. Features include one-touch zero, automatic calibration, and remote pneumatic-grip control.

Hot Foil Tooling Part of Die-Cutting Line
, Eureka, MO; 800/325-3851; rotometrics.com
UniSphere, a solid rotary cylinder for precision hot stamping and embossing, now is available from co. In addition, the UniFlex — a patented flexible copper plate with a unique steel backing securely positioned onto a heated magnetic cylinder — rounds out mfr.'s newly offered line of hot foil tooling products.

Nozzle Features Reduced Noise Level
Exair Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-3322; exair.com
Super Air Nozzle provides a high-thrust, concentrated stream of high-velocity airflow. Sound level is very low (74 dBa) when supplied with an 80 PSIG compressed air supply. Said to be ideal for reducing air consumption and noise levels for blowoff, cooling, and drying applications.

Entry-Level Platesetter Available
, Mortsel, Belgium; 201/440-2500; agfa.com
The Xcalibur 45E is an entry-level, eight-up thermal platesetter said to output 15 full-format plates/hr at 2,400 dpi, in either manual or automatic operation. With a removable cassette for quick and easy plate handling, new model complements the original Xcalibur 45, now designated Xcalibur 45S. Both offer high image quality and maximum convenience, according to mfr.

Laminate, Die-Cut Delicate Materials
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
Sheet-fed laminating/die-cutting system is said to process delicate materials easily and efficiently. Using a PID loop to control tension by ounce/linear inch, sheets of foam are fed by an automatic sheet feeder module through a water-heated laminating station. Two layers of adhesive are laminated to the top of the material, while a substrate is laminated to the bottom. Sheets are fed to an optically registered die-cutter, and product is removed from matrix by a knock-out station onto a conveyor. Matrix is sheeter-cut to conveyor for waste disposal.

Strip Die-Cut Cards, Cartons Quickly
Graphic Arts Development Co. (Gadco Inc.)
, Hudson, OH; 330/656-2729
The Strip 'N Pak portable machine strips cards or cartons from a 40- or 50-in. die-cut sheet as fast as they come out of the die-cutter, says mfr., delivering the stripped product onto shingling conveyor for fast, easy packaging. Said to eliminate costly and inefficient hand stripping with its problems of waste, product damage, and production delays. Machine can be set up quickly for use with almost any die-cutting press, with or without blanking capability, for what is described as “true in-line stripping.”

Transfer Color Data to System Quickly
X-Rite Inc.
, Grandville, MI; 616/257-2450; xrite.com
The DTP41 Series II AutoScan spectrophotometer now features USB capability, reportedly delivering a faster method of transferring color data from the instrument to the system. Offers fully automated, high-speed spectral scanning and high-end versatility and accuracy, co. says. Supports a variety of media.

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