FPA Celebrates Excellence in Flexible Packaging

The Flexible Packaging Assn. has announced the winners of its 2000 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards, which honor packaging and converting excellence. Formerly known as the Top Packaging Awards, the redesigned competition now includes four categories — packaging excellence, technical innovation, environmental achievement, and printing achievement.

Following are details on just a few of the award winners — packages that represent the overall excellence of the entries and winners.

For a complete list of winners contact FPA, 1090 Vermont Ave. NW, Ste. 500, Washington, DC 20005; ph: 202/842-3880; flexpack.org.

Technical Innovation
A silver award in the technical innovation category went to Phoenix Packaging, Maple Grove, MN, for the MSO/Baguette Flexible Wrapper. The application of a heat seal coating to the inside of the microwavable package automatically vents it after heat and steam build pressure during the cooking cycle. By demetallizing the finseal, browning of the paper and subsequent overcooking of the product have been eliminated.

Environmental Achievement
Amgraph Packaging, Versailles, CT, was the silver award winner in the environmental achievement category for its EDO Count Goods Strawberry-Kiwi and Razzleberry Candy. The colorful packages were surface printed with water-based, electron beam-curable inks, as well as an EB ultra-gloss lacquer developed specifically for these packages. The soft candy needed a high-barrier metallized film to prevent it from drying out, while the graphic elements of the package required a bright, white, opaque film for best results. The combination of films, in conjunction with the high quality printing, created packages that are both esthetically pleasing and functional, as well as environmentally friendly.

Printing Achievement
A stand-up pouch for Tyson Cornish Hens brought developer Nordenia USA, Jackson, MO, a gold award for printing achievement and a silver award for packaging excellence. The eye-catching use of appetizing photography and the overall upscale graphic layout of the package are said to attract consumers and give them a clear idea of the contents. The fine printing, striking graphics, and stand-up feature are said to provide a marketing advantage over the traditional packaging found in this market segment. The press-to-close zipper and metallized PET allow the consumer to reclose the pouch and store the product in the freezer for an extended period of time.

Packaging Excellence
Alcan Lawson Mardon, Northbrook, IL, earned a highest achievement award in the packaging excellence category for the Kettle-Rich Soup Pouch, developed by United Signature Foods. The resealable stand-up pouch, an option to canned soup, introduces the concept of high quality refrigerated soups to consumers wishing to combine healthy eating with ready-to-serve convenience. The pouch's film offers a proprietary barrier to maintain freshness, allows the consumer to freeze the product to extend product life, and utilizes eight-color flexo process printing to deliver enhanced graphics that duplicate the look of the fresh soup in the package's windows.

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