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Hole Cutter Is Suited to LDPE
Park Air Corp.
, Brockton, MA; 508/584-3440
Ejecto Plus round-hole cutting tool features a patent-applied-for design that uses the latest geometric manufacturing processes to produce what co. calls a superior, innovative cutting edge. Also reported to have a long life, tool is recommended for difficult materials such as LDPE.

Applications Expand for Laser Marker
Domino Amjet
, Gurnee, IL; 847/244-2501
The DGM-IT high-resolution laser marker has a new, versatile tracking capability. The device provides continuous, precision line imaging, without the coarseness of dot matrix, and the tracking capability enables the user to mark moving substrates, mfr. reports. It can image bitmap and vector graphics.

Heat Shrink Roll Covers Resist Chemicals
Texloc Ltd.
, Fort Worth, TX; 800/423-6551
Roll covers are designed to eliminate roller buildup and picking. Made of fluoroethylpropylene (FEP), covers reportedly have almost universal chemical resistance, zero moisture absorption, and an excellent anti-stick/release surface. Available in sizes from 0.5-12 in. dia, to 10 ft long. Etched roll cover and special adhesive systems are available upon request.

Shaft Line Is Expanded and Improved
Goldenrod Corp.
, Prospect, CT; 203/758-0100
Additions and improvements to the Model 1250 pneumatic differential shaft include: no requirement for spacers or disassembly of shafts during core removal; cores of differing widths wound on the same shaft at the same web tensions; patented core alignment supplied by pneumatically raised and lowered ledges containing adjustable core stops; and more.

Eliminate Static and Clean without Shock
Exair Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-3322
The Ion Air Cannon gets rid of static and cleans from as far away as 15 ft, mfr. says. It uses the Super Air Amplifier, which induces surrounding airflow at a ratio of 22:1. This carries ions to the target, allowing static to be eliminated in less than ½ sec. Co. adds that the volume and velocity of the air are controllable, the ion source is shockless, and there is no radioactive element.

Handle Materials with Versatile Stacker Systems
, Goddard, KS; 316/722-6907
Stacker systems are said to process a wide variety of materials without damaging them. They can use whatever method — gripper-type, vacuum-type, slider-type, or jogger-type — works best for the material to be stacked, including nonwovens, porous substrates, or heavy papers and gasket material.

Nonmetallic Doctor Blade Is Long-Lasting
Flexo Concepts
, Hingham, MA; 781/749-4644
Onyx nonmetallic doctor blade is designed for high graphics printing of flexible packaging and labels. The polymer's black appearance comes from a lubricating additive said to help extend blade life; the combination of blade and lubricant also is said to allow for improved profiling.

Clamping System Has Adjustable Features
Amacoil/Uhing Inc.
, Aston, PA; 800/252-2645
The Easylock II quick-action, modular clamping system can secure both payoff supply rolls and take-up spools. Mfr. reports it is especially useful for winding and spooling operations that require frequent changeovers or handle supply rolls of varying widths or core diameters. “Slide and lock” arrangement is said to be simple to use.

UV Printing Blanket Sharp and Durable
Gans Ink and Supply Co.
, Los Angeles, CA; 800/421-6167
The “Rave” UV (ultraviolet) printing blanket combines the sharpness of compressible blankets with the longevity and durability of UV blankets, co. reports. Able to be cut, punched, and barred for a vast range of presses, blanket's EPDM-formulated surface is said to resist swelling and embossing yet offer the sharpest dot and quickest release available. Offered in three- and four-ply. Co. guarantees product will print more impressions than any standard UV blanket.

Control Humidity with High Precision
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
, Glenside, PA; 215/887-2196
The Model 514 automatic humidity controller is said to control relative humidity precisely over the entire 0%-100% range in any sealed chamber. The unit, housed inside an ABS plastic case, has a capacitive film sensor; the humidity level is indicated by a digital display with a resolution of 0.1% RH.

Doctor Blade System Reduces Solvent Concentration
ADI International
, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540
Chamber doctor blade system is said to have all the advantages of a closed ink applicator with the intrusion of air. It reportedly reduces the evaporation of solvents, which reduces the concentration of solvents in the air. It is pneumatically operated and offers what is described as “trouble-free” positioning to the anilox roll.

Web Dryer Saves Floor Space
Radio Frequency Co. Inc.
, Millis, MA; 508/376-9555
The Macrowave vertical, noncontact RF web dryer removes moisture from the web at 170 deg F and is said to prevent the migration of coating solids caused by conventional drying. It has preferential heating to dry the wettest sections of the web selectively, co. says, making accumulation rollers unnecessary and saving floor space. Instant on/off capability eliminates heat-up or cool-down time.

Tension Controller Functions with Precision
Arrowhive Equipment Ltd.
, Oxfordshire, U.K.; ph: +44 (0)1491 682044; fax: +44 (0)1491 682117.
The Montalvo X-3000 tension controller is said to offer a high degree of functionality and precision. It has taper tension, a flying splice function, progressive PID regulator, and what is said to be a quick response to large tension transient and changes. A digital version now is available.

Unwind Lift Table Aids Loading/Unloading
Faustel Inc.
, Germantown, WI; ph: 262/253-3333; fax: 262/253-3334.
Unwind lift table assists in loading and unloading shaftless turret stands. Table is constructed with a V-shaped surface running along the axis of the roll, which is said to help maintain the roll on the tabletop at the proper location. The table is controlled from a pendant-style station that can be mounted on the drive side of the unwind stand. The table also has a stand-alone hydraulic power unit, which is located in the pit alongside the table.

Hot Melt Spot Gluing System Aids Productivity
Nordson Corp.
, Duluth, GA; ph: 770/497-3715.
Hot melt spot gluing system includes compact dispensing guns; a Series 3000 Vista melt unit; delivery hoses; application-specific brackets; multichannel EPC-30 pattern control; photosensor; and encoder. The system is said to apply hot melt adhesive consistently during paper folding operations; the on-deck system applies spot glue in one pass, ending off-line processing and increasing output. Mfr. reports that direct adhesive dispensing is cost-effective; dual application capability accommodates fugitive spot gluing on a range of papers; and spot glue closure using hot melt adhesives meets postal service requirements for direct-mail processing.

Coextrude a Variety of Multilayers
Davis-Standard (Er-We-Pa)
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010
The lamella-feedblock reportedly is ideal for the production of coextruded multilayer structures in flat film coextrusion. It is positioned in front of the flat film die, and exchangeable feedblock inserts facilitate the production and reproducibility of multilayer structures. A scrap layer can be added on one or both sides.

Cartridge Coater Suited for Any Coating
New Era Converting Machinery
, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848
Cartridge-style coater reportedly requires no tools to accomplish cartridge changeover on any web or for any coating. Options include remote gap readout/control; remote gap pressure readout/control; and automatic utility interconnections.

Roll Support Drying System Has Enclosed Components
Megtec Systems
, De Pere, WI; 920/339-2787
RollTracker roll support dryer for web coating and laminating applications reportedly requires less space than conventional dryers, because high-efficiency ductwork, heat source, and air-handling components are totally enclosed. Release-coated nozzles and idler rolls, semi-indirect heat sources, and HEPA filtration systems are available.

Anilox Cleaning System Protects Rolls
Superior Solvents and Chemicals
, Indianapolis, IN; 317/781-4400
The SuperFlex cleaning system reportedly will reduce the plugging of cells with ink; protect anilox rolls from damage from blasting media, excessive ultrasonics, and corrosive chemicals; and increase ink wettability and release. The system uses a pretreatment chemical and a non-corrosive, water-based cleaner.

Viscometer Is Upgraded
Brookfield Engineering
, Middleboro, MA; ph: 508/946-6200; 800/628-8139.
Dial-reading viscometer has been improved significantly, says mfr., by the addition of a multispeed electronic drive. It features an ergonomically designed speed control knob and a universal power supply.

Foaming Technology Cuts Adhesive Use
E.T. Oakes Corp.
, Hauppauge, NY; 631/232-0002
A new series of Ad-Foam systems is available in three price and production ranges. This foaming technology reportedly can cut costs for users of water-based adhesives in litho, label, and other laminating applications by reducing adhesive usage and improving production efficiencies. Mfr. says that precisely controlled, high-shear mixing technology creates a bond using 25%-40% less adhesive. Other reported benefits are improved layflat; minimal grain raise; reduced buildup on knives; and faster setting speeds.

Brake Line Is Economical
Electroid Co.
, Springfield, NJ; 908/753-5402
“Temporiti” AC brakes are described as cost-effective, high quality brakes appropriate for any application in which three-phase AC voltage is available. They are power-off, or “failsafe” brakes, and are said to mount easily to the back of an AC motor.

Slitting Rig Design Has Safety Features
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162
Ergonomic, modular slitter rig design is said to provide excellent visibility and open access to the slitter assembly, enabling easy fine adjustments and quick change of the bottom rings without shaft removal. Unobtrusive, well-marked finger guards prevent access to slitter assembly, says mfr. Another safety feature is a switch that constantly monitors tension on a safety cord; if the cord is pulled or cut, the machine stops immediately and can be restarted only manually.

Pneumatic Lay-On Rolls Add Benefits to Slitter/Rewinder
John Dusenbery Co.
, Randolph, NJ; 973/366-7500
Co. now makes available pneumatic lay-on rolls for its Model 280 high-speed duplex slitter/rewinder. These touch rolls are incorporated into the system to handle plastic materials with caliper variations, allowing the machine to wind in a pure center wind mode at 1,500 fpm. Model 280 now can accommodate rolls to 32 in. in rewind diameter on film product.

Pattern Generator Aids Hot Melt Application
Slautterback Corp.
, Monterey, CA; 800/827-3308
The PG24D solid state, microprocessor-based pattern generator is designed to enhance the performance of hot melt applicators. According to co., it combines the functions of a four-event timer and head driver to provide a self-contained, low-cost control system. Features an LED display; PROM revision on powerup; test function; pattern or continuous operation; and stitch, gap, or single-shot pattern placement.

Hot Melt System Has Many Features
Spraymation Inc.
, Ft Lauderdale, FL; 954/484-9700
Thermopulse 960 hot melt tank/pump unit is a 1-gal heated reservoir with an electric motor-driven, cast iron and steel gear pump. It is for use with 230 VAC/50 Hz/1 phase power source. Features pressure capabilities to 1,000 psi. The unit can be used with an electromatic automatic applicator head or handgun and one externally heated hose assembly from 4-12 ft in length. Has adjustable fail-safe temperature controllers with digital display adjustable from 150-420 deg F and controlled accuracy to ±1%. The approximate melt rate of the unit is 0.7 gal/hr(5½ lb/hr).

Detect Moisture with No Contact
Moisture Register Products
, La Verne, CA; 909/392-5833
The BSP-901 system consists of a wall-mounted console and an IR sensor. Noncontact IR technology detects moisture in a wide variety of materials. Device has microprocessor signal processing that is said to deliver push-button, drift-free calibration.

Industrial Cathodes Are for Sputtering Applications
Kurt J. Lesker Co.
, Clairton, PA; ph: 412/233-4200; 800/245-1656; fax: 412/233-4275.
Co.'s 7-in. round and 5-in. linear industrial cathodes for use in thin film deposition with vacuum coaters are available in linear lengths from 12-80 in. They feature isolated magnets said to prevent corrosion; stainless-steel cooling wells; quick-release target clamps for fast target changes; no threaded inserts; multiple mounting styles; and optional high-strength and unbalanced arrays.

Chamber System Eliminates Air Entrapment
Pagendarm BTT GmbH
, Hamburg, Germany; ph: +49 40 890 960
Type AGS 2500 S pressure chamber doctor is designed for dispersion applications, including water-based p-s adhesives and PVDC. Chamber system allows chamber pressure to be controlled, ensuring the correct coating weight, mfr. says, adding that two-chamber technique eliminates air entrapment that can lead to foam at high production speeds.

Tension Transducer Suited for Heavy-Duty Use
Dover Flexo Electronics
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150
The Model UPBV3 is co.'s largest, most robust tension transducer, and when used as a pair, is said to measure process web tension accurately in heavy-duty industrial winding and converting applications. Designed for applications in which the main force component is perpendicular to the top plate.

Drying Units Cut Downtime
IST America
, Fort Wayne, IN; 219/478-9300
New technology is said to minimize downtime experienced when blanket washers are used with interdeck UV drying and curing units. Allows for sealed, water-cooled drying units to be used without exhaust evacuation in standby mode. Units can be put in standby automatically when blanket washing starts and returned to full operation in less than 3 sec.

Micrometer Measures Difficult Materials
Testing Machines Inc.
, Islandia, NY; 631/439-5400; 800/678-3221
Lab Master M Stress-Strain Micrometer is said to provide precise, repeatable measurements for materials that were difficult or impossible to measure in the past. The device reportedly has great load and positional accuracy. Test types include peak load, static load, thickness, and stress-strain. Product also allows for accurate control of a user-specified rate of loading.

Rewind Large-Diameter Reels
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, England; +44 1 473 710 912
Designed for reels to 40 in. (1,000 mm) and web widths to 24 in. (600 mm), the Emerald 50-100 is cantilevered with outrigger supports for large weights. Features two-motor tension control system and integral line/edge guide servo-driven linear movement. Model has a pneumatically loaded true tension dancer arm that reportedly provides perfect tension control throughout the large diameter range.

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