Holographic Items Now Ship Quickly
Hazen Paper Co., Holyoke, MA; 413/538-8304
Co. reports the addition of holographic items to its Quick Ship program. It is stocking holographic film laminations and transfer metallized items in 28x40-in. sheets, packed 100 sheets/carton. Film laminated items include 0.014-pt C2S Rainbow; 0.014-pt C2S Double Rainbow; and 24-pt C2S Rainbow. Transfer metallized holographics on 12-pt C1S include Crackle, Dots, and Tinsel.

Facing Paper Boosts Graphic Appeal
Westvaco Corp., New York, NY; 212/688-5000.
AquaGloss coated-one-side facing paper is designed for premium wraps and p-s labels. Said to be a viable and economical alternative to cast-coated papers. Mfr. reports that “wet-look” esthetics, brightness, and blue-white styling boost graphic impact and brand identity; also said to provide consistent caliper across the web and high cross-direction tensile strength.

PE Films Suited for Splicing
Scapa Tapes, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000; fax: 860/688-7000.
Polyflex® PE films are coated with pressure sensitive (p-s) rubber adhesives. Available in wide range of colors, films are described as ideal for PE splicing, masking, surface protection, and more. Line offers several varieties with different levels of adhesive and different characteristics.

Foamed Adhesive System Allows Higher Line Speeds
National Starch & Chemical Co., Bridgewater, NJ; 908/685-5652;
The Aerobond foamed adhesive system is said to offer improved quality, higher productivity, lower costs, and up to 40% decreased VOC levels. According to co., users report increases in line speeds from 10%-15%. System comprises a unit that adds micron-sized, uniform bubbles to the adhesive; the special adhesive; and service. Recommended for many paper converting applications.

Linerless Products Are Durable and Flexible
Venture Coating Technologies, Elk Grove Village, IL;ph: 847/258-2034; fax: 847/956-7953
Co. introduces expression linerless heat-activated products said to be suited for ink jet applications. Patent pending composition reportedly offers excellent functionality without the release liner, thus allowing easier setup and higher production speeds. Products, said to be durable and flexible, are recommended for laminating heat-sensitive materials.

Single-Site Catalysts Aid PE Resins
Equistar Chemicals LP, Houston, TX; 713/652-7300.
Co. announces it made the first commercial production run of a PE resin using its new-generation Star single-site catalysts. The catalysts reportedly create polymers with a broad density range; superior processing characteristics; see-through clarity and gloss across the density range; and excellent impact properties, especially at low temperatures.

Film Will “Radiate” in Many Applications
3M, St. Paul, MN; 651/733-3552;
Radiant Light film for packaging, labels, gift wrap, ribbons, and signs comprises from 200-500 layers. When combined, layers are said to be no thicker than a thin piece of paper, 1.1-2.5 mils. Can be die-cut, shear slit, cut to glitter particles, and embossed, as well as coated with a number of adhesives or heat sealants. Can be laminated to other substrates and formed into shapes for applications in a wide variety of products.

Paper Suited for Digital Printing
PaperTyger LLC, Middlefield, CT; 860/349-7098; fax: 860/349-7031
Co. describes SuperWhite as a digital-age paper: strong, smooth, uncoated, lightweight, and resistant to tears, water, and grease. Recommended for offset printing, digital printing, and more. Said to deliver crisp graphics, paper is available in 27# writing paper with 95 brightness in sizes for traditional printing and digital processing.

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