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Harper Establishes Flexo Teacher of the Year Award
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—Harper Corp. of America has taken another step forward in its commitment to flexographic education by establishing the "Flexo Teacher of the Year" award.

Effective during the 2000-2001 school year, the award was created to encourage excellence in flexo education. It will be based on nominations from students, converters, suppliers, and peers of flexo teachers. The final award decision will be made by a board of industry veterans not directly associated with Harper.

Criteria will include the number of print samples submitted to the Forum Competition of the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) and the awards granted through the competition; participation (by high schools) in the annual Phoenix Challenge Competition; number of students going into flexo positions in industry immediately following high school or college graduation; and the number of students pursuing flexo studies at a college level.

Nomination forms will be available April 1, 2001, and will be mailed to all schools that participate in the Flexo In High Schools/Colleges program of the Foundation of the FTA and the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI). The final decision of the board will be announced by May 15, 2001, before the end of the school year.

Foam Tape Is Suited for Industrial Use
WINDSOR, CT, USA—Duofoam S5669 from Scapa Tapes is a high-density, p-s, double-coated PE foam tape designed for mounting metal and plastic components in a range of industrial assembly applications. It is said to be quick and easy to apply and to provide a clean-edge finish for a range of industrial bonding applications including furniture and appliance assembly. The acrylic adhesive used on the tape reportedly provides a consistent and lasting bond, offers superior resistance to UV light, and provides good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis.

Acorn Selects Inspection Slitter from Ashe
HUNTINGTON, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, U.K.—Acorn Labels has ordered an Opal label inspection slitter/rewinder from Ashe Converting Equipment Ltd., Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K. The Opal is said to be an advanced PLC-controlled machine equipped with an end-of-roll automatic slow-down facility, an electronic web edge guide system, three-knife scissors section, and a 1500-mm-large inspection area. It features an integral electronic unwind and rewind tension control system. A separate drive motor on the rewind drive provides for overwind and underwind operation, reportedly with accurate rewind tension.

Valeron 5.5-Pt Film Now Shipped Quickly
BELLWOOD, IL, USA—Russell-Field Paper Co. has added 5.5-pt C2S Valeron film to its line of synthetic film products stocked through the RF Xpress Roll Program. The film is said to be extremely durable and have good print characteristics. It is described as ideal for lumber tags, tree tags, shipping sack tags, fence tags, cable tags, wire tags, and more. The Valeron film is ready to be converted to exact specifications, rewound, and shipped within 24 hrs from Russell-Field.

Quebec Printer Installs Third Indigo Digital Press
STE-JULIE, QC, CANADA—Imprimerie Ste-Julie Inc., a p-s label converter recently installed its third new Indigo Omnius WebStream digital press. Imprimerie Ste-Julie produces p-s labels for the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as government, industrial, and advertising sectors. According to Etienne Gauvin, the firm's director of prepress, within six months of investing in its first Omnius roll-fed press at the end of 1998, Ste-Julie experienced a dramatic increase in sales, particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic areas.

Increased demand on the part of customers, says Gauvin, led to installment of a second Indigo digital press at the company's 40,000-sq-ft facility this past March. Ste-Julie's third and newest Omnius, installed in May, further supports the firm's commitment to digital printing, says Gauvin.

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