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Pneumatic Brake Ideal for Low-Torque Applications
Dover Flexo Electronics
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
Single disk pneumatic brake for low-torque applications is designed for unwind tensioning on web processing machinery. Capable of working in high- and low-speed applications in a torque range from 1 lb.-in. to 500 lb.-in., the brake applies torque to the unwind shaft by pneumatically actuating a series of cylinders (from one to six) that face the inner disk surface. Sufficient heat dissipation for continuous industrial use is provided by the raised fin design of the disk's outer surface, mfr. reports, and its low profile makes the brake ideal for mounting on shafts with installation space constraints.

Service Provides Instant Notice of Process Changes
ei3 Corp.
, Montvale, NJ; 201/802-9080; ei3.com
SiteAlert hosted service distributes communications via page, e-mail, fax, and voice messages from co.'s operation center directly to manufacturing sites and service offices. Instant messages are triggered by a pre-specified change in machinery setting, performance metrics, output characteristics, or quality measures. Operators and engineers specify data values — ranging from machine speed to quality shifts to a sudden change in automated settings — that will issue alerts. Machine and process measures are entered through a PC browser.

Slitter/Rewinder Is Suitable for Narrow and Wide Webs
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, U.K.; +44 01 473 710 912; ashe.co.uk
Sapphire 160-60 slitter/rewinder is suitable for narrow and wide web applications. Designed to handle a range of material such as PP, PET, cellophane, cellulose, and PE, as well as all types of laminates and foils. Features include the driven “Hug Drum” that eliminates the need for nips, said to cause creasing and damaged material, particularly on coatings and laminates.

Air Ring Offers Optimal Gauging Control
Davis-Standard Corp.
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
Wes-Jet air ring reportedly offers superb thickness and gauging control by providing excellent bubble stability and a variety of blow-up ratios and film thickness combinations. Advantages include dual-lip configuration with adjustment; a streamlined plenum; uniform distribution to ±1%; high air volume and low pressure; an optional locking collar; and a parallel-flow concept for improved bubble stabilization.

Free Printing Plate Lifters Offered
T.D. Wright
, St. Paul, MN; 651/227-1302; tdwright.com
Co. offering steel-backed photopolymer printing plate lifters free as long as they last. Said to help user lift plates from magnetic cylinders.

Web Service Optimizes Roll Stock
, Birmingham, AL; 205/870-1310; greycon.com
Roll Stock Optimizer (RSO) is a web-based service that allows converters to determine what size and quantity of rolls to stock in order to meet a particular demand profile, mfr. reports. RSO is useful in sheeting, printing, and extrusion where roll stock is used to meet a variety of end-user sizes. Application is said to reduce waste and production costs and offers a cut-and-paste interface with popular spreadsheets and word processors.

Plasma Treatment Enhances Metallizing
Valmet General
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-5530; valmetconverting.com
Vacuum web coating machines for the deposition of conventional aluminum and clear barrier coatings onto packaging substrates are designed for wide webs and efficient operation, mfr. reports. Machines are said to exhibit robust reliability and to deliver excellent quality and process control at high speeds. Mfr. notes its chemical vapor deposition process with plasma enhancement is generating clear barrier coatings that exhibit outstanding clarity and rugged durability, especially suited for microwavable and liquid packaging applications.

Roll-Handling Machine Increases Safety
, Windham, ME; 207/893-1903; schlumpf-inc.com
ERH-300-P portable, electric roll-handling machine reportedly features high-speed lifting and turning for safe and efficient palletizing, loading, and unloading of rolls to 300 lb. Large casters, ergonomic handlebar, and hand-held control make the roll-handling machine easy to maneuver, co. notes. Fail-safe expanding mandrel grips are said to roll securely by the core and can be quickly changed for use with multiple core sizes.

Doctor Blade Is Long Lasting
Harris & Bruno Intl.
, Roseville, CA; 916/781-7676; harris-bruno.com
MicroSteel doctor blades are an ultra-clean, ultra fine-grained steel shown to last up to 57% longer than conventional steel blades, co. reports. Blades are said to offer a fine wiping edge without sacrificing longevity and are available at competitive prices.

Measure Thickness on Narrow Webs
Advanz Measurement & Control Systems
, Dayton, OH; 937/320-9176; advanzgauge.com
The Beta C-Frame provides continuous measurement of basis weight, coat weight, or thickness of web process. Designed for webs widths to 30 in. (762 mm), unit traverses at speeds to 5 in./sec. Frame can be top or bottom mounted to facilitate installation, mfr. reports. Said to provide pass-line and temperature compensation of all measurements, as well as edge detection to assure full web-width measurement.

Register Controls Provide Optimum Corrections
Nireco America Corp.
, Port Jervis, NY; 845/856-4053; nireco-web.com
MR3000 Register Control System is designed to control length register errors on gravure presses. High-performance fiber optic scanners are said to detect and automatically recognize register marks and to control circumferential print register with extreme precision. Mfr. says system provides optimum corrections at production speeds and controls up to 13 printing units running any web type. If an extremely large error occurs, or a registration mark is missing entirely, the fail safe function of the software prevents making unduly large changes that would actually cause greater misregistration, mfr. reports.

First CRM Solution for Packaging
VP Group
, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 604/685-4209; vpgroup.com
Through alliance with Pivotal Corp., co. offers e*Solutions Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Packaging software. Said to be the first CRM solution designed for the packaging industry. Software focuses on sales pipeline management, customer service, and product design collaboration.

Multipurpose Cleaner Is Safe for Environment
Apex Europe
, Hapert, Netherlands; +31 (0) 497 36 11 11; apex-europe-b.com
Bioclean Universal multipurpose cleaner is reported to be an environmentally friendly cleaner suitable for surfaces polluted with water-based inks. Said to reduce microfoaming and to be reusable. Suitable for anilox rolls, chambered doctor blade systems, plates, machines, and even the floor, mfr. notes.

Generator Aids Adhesion to Flex-Pack Materials
Pillar Technologies
, Hartland, WI; 262/367-3060; pillartech.com
Ozone generator promotes adhesion of flexible packaging materials for extrusion and laminating. Unit is mounted to ensure the operating position is deep into the nip area. Generator is stainless steel with holes drilled at designed distances, depending on line specifications. Width adjustments are achieved by deckling at each end. Pneumatic cylinders move applicator to and from the parking/treating positions. Generator is interlocked with ozone divert valve. Benefits include opportunity to reduce coating weight and melt temperature; improve adhesion; and optimize melt stability and neck-in; co. reports.

Thickness Gauge Measures Ultra-Thin Films
NDC Infrared Engineering
, Irwindale, CA; 626/960-3300; ndcinfrared.com
The TFG710 on-line gauge uses near IR (NIR) technology to measure thickness of ultra-thin films down to 5 microns or less. According to mfr., sensor gives film extrusion processors fast payback and low lifetime cost of ownership due to its accuracy, insensitivity to ambient effects, quick calibration, and low maintenance. Designed for cast and biaxially oriented films, gauge provides real-time measurement with single scan.

Thickness Gauge Is Easy to Use
GEI Intl.
, Syracuse, NY; 315/463-9261; geionline.com
BNS Series compact dial thickness gauges accurately measure thickness of paper and other materials in 0.001-in. increments. No special skills are required for use, says co.; unit displays measurement on a clockface-type dial. Gauges fit comfortably in the hand, and a slight pull on the top plate is said to open the chrome-plated and lapped anvils allowing the material to be inserted. Materials to 0.375 in. thick may be measured.

Duplex Slitter/Rewinder Has Automatic Splicing
Geometric Intl., Edison, NJ; 732/287-2303; geocoat.com
Newly patented Duplex Slitter/Rewinder with automatic splicing and surface center winding consists of two turrets with individual arm rewind systems, dual winding drums, and automatic cutoff. System can be put in-line with coating machines, printing presses, or blown film lines. Maximum web width to 100 in. (2.5 m) with a maximum speed of 1,500 fpm (450 mpm), co. reports.

Positioner Ensures Uniform Thickness
Louis B. Batson Co.
, Greenville, SC; 864/242-5262; lpbatson.com
PEL Micro Positioner systems continually control in-line coating thickness through a series of pneumatically actuated expanding chambers. Positioners contain seven chambers, each with an expanding cylinder. The cylinder movement in each positioner is controlled individually by a pneumatic air switch located in a control console. Cylinders are connected at one end to a wedge block that controls the movement of the output plunger, which physically sets the gap. Positioners are available in two heights and have incremental movements down to 0.0001 in.

Printer Performs at High Speed
Bell-Mark Sales Co.
, Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202; bell-mark.com
EasyPrint F high-speed, thermal transfer printers are said to be perfect for printing code dates, pricing, variable information, and scannable bar codes directly onto package substrates such as film, foil, paper, and chipboard cartons. Printer is designed to be a direct replacement for conventional hot stamp and hot ink coders on all horizontal flow wrappers, baggers, cartons, and any continuous moving webs at print speeds to 1,200 mm/sec. Available in 2- and 5-in. widths.

Laser System Not Affected by Colors
Erhardt + Leimer
, Spartanburg, SC; 864/486-3000; erhardt-leimer-us.com
Soter laser system sensors for on-line measurement of films are not affected by colors or chemical composition, and there is no need for radioprotection, reports mfr. Interface is Compu NT software, and system is based on Windows 2000 and can communicate with a PC via Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol. Able to compensate errors due to temperature and other factors and can be monitored remotely. Recommended for production of thicker plastics.

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