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PE Films Resistant to High Temperatures
Metallized Products
Line of crosslinked PE films reportedly offers a low-cost alternative for high-temperature applications such as labels and tapes. Film is soft, supple, and can be thermoformed easily, mfr. notes. Has a softening point of 350 deg F said to allow its use for higher temperature application than conventional PE film. Available in thicknesses from 1-10 mils and can be supplied on rolls to 80 in. wide or slit to customer specifications.

Fluorescent Papers Permit Fast Run Speeds
Avery Dennison
, Painesville, OH; 440/358-4700
Fasson® laser fluorescent papers reportedly permit high run speeds, excellent performance, and extended market reach. The smooth, coated papers result in excellent laser printability and layflat performance, co. says. All products utilize a 60# paper designed specifically for laser printing (although it can be flexo printed). Acrylic emulsion adhesive used in the products is said to provide excellent die-cutting. Available in green (spec #16454), chartreuse (spec #16455), and pink (spec #16456).

Ink Systems Shorten Turnaround Times
Flint Ink Corp.
, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/622-6000
Matrix UV ink systems are based on a newly developed, proprietary resin chemistry said to produce impenetrable bonds and to result in inks that deliver faster cure speeds, improved gray balance, and enhanced ink/water latitude for faster makereadies and easier runnability. Systems are designed to help web- and sheet-fed printers shorten turnaround times and increase pressroom efficiency. The line consists of a variety of products specially formulated for specific packaging applications. Ink systems are available in process and Pantone colors as well as in UV-coatable colors.

Resin Enhances Adhesion to Foil, Metallized Film
Dupont Packaging
, Wilmington, DE; 800/438-7225
DuPont Nucrel AE resin for extrusion coating and extrusion laminating is said to enhance adhesion to aluminum foil and metallized film when blended into LDPE. Benefits are said to include increased line speed without sacrificing adhesion to metal; improvement in heat seal and hot-tack performance compared to LDPE alone; and decreased process temperatures for improved taste and odor. Resins can be used in snack and dry food structures and in other foil-containing pouches and sachets for non-aggressive products. Also can be used in non-packaging applications such as industrial coatings.

Film Is Ideal for Packaging Fatty Foods
Linpac Plastics Pontivy
, Noyal Pontivy, France; +33 2 97 28 70 70
Film is designed for packaging foods with a high fat content, such as cheese, meat, and shelled nuts. Intended for producers of consumer film refills and household rolls for agro-food industries and for the retail sector using manual and automated equipment to package food items in the store.

Two-Part Adhesive Offers Flexibility
, York, PA; 717/845-7088
McStick 241 two-part, 100% solids adhesive with no VOCs can be run by flexo, gravure, and the typical four-roll, 100% solids system. Co. reports adhesive runs at room temperature at speeds to 1,000 fpm without misting; allows easy cleanup and 48-hr cure; provides excellent clarity; results in little to no discoloration of saran-coated PET; offers destruct bonds on most common substrates; and is suitable for food packaging FDA 175.105 with no aromatic diamines created.

Clear PE Film Raises Quality
Toray Plastics
, North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511
Lumirror U50 ultra-clear PE film combines haze levels of 0.4% with ease of handling and high optical clarity, according to mfr. Available in thicknesses from 47-200 ga (0.5-2 mil), film reportedly enhances productivity and gives a better quality finished product compared to competitive films. Said to offer a consistent surface finish and an ultra-clear base with excellent handling. Does not have a chemical surface slip treatment that can increase scratches and interfere with subsequent processing.

Defoamer Has No Hazardous Ingredients
Discovery Chemical
, Marietta, GA; 800/973-9881
DF-345 is an emulsified antifoam/defoamer with non-ionic emulsifiers formulated for use in aqueous systems. The blend is comprised of ingredients that comply with Title 40 CFR 180.1001 as an inert ingredient in insecticide formulations. Product reportedly contains no hazardous ingredients and is dispersible in water. Available in 55-gal drums and 300-gal “tote” containers.

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