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AC Drive Bypass Options Are Available
MagneTek Drives & Systems
, New Berlin, WI; 262/782-0200
Bypass options in two- or three-contactor designs are available for co.'s GPD 506 AC drive. Options reportedly allow motors to be run from either the AC drive or the AC power line in critical applications requiring continuous operation, including airhandlers, pumps, cooling towers, and chillers. Three-contactor bypass designs allow drive to be electrically isolated from power for servicing while motor runs in bypass mode on power line.

All-Aluminum Airshafts Are Lightweight
Goldenrod Corp.
, Prospect, CT; 203/758-0100; goldrod.com
The "Ultralight" line of air shafts boasts all-aluminum construction and, according to co., are the lightest 3- and 6-in. shafts available. Said to be lighter and less expensive than other carbon fiber lug shafts, they are designed to eliminate the difficulties caused by single internal bladder shaft designs.

Control Tension Digitally with Closed Loop System
Cleveland Motion Controls
, Cleveland, OH; 216/524-8800; cmccontrols.com
The WebPro advanced digital web tension controller, available for new machinery or as a retrofit, makes possible closed loop control with tension transducer feedback. Can be used with unwind brakes (pneumatic or electric); unwind motor; surface winder; clutch winder; center winder with taper tension; and for intermediate tension requirements (between motor-driven nips). Uses a 32-bit microprocessor. Co. reports controller is water- and dust-proof and has several features designed for easy readability.

Corrugated Chiller Prevents Gel Buildup
ADI Intl.
, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540; arcdoyle.com
Designed to increase production, Opti-color's corrugated chiller reportedly prevents gel buildup in gluing applicators. Self-contained in a compact unit, it has low power consumption with automatic water makeup and level controls. It is also said to eliminate waste discharge.

Differential Shaft Speeds Production
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, U.K.; +44-1-473-710-912; ashe.co.uk
The ADS differential shaft is designed to enhance the performance of co.'s Sapphire, Emerald, and Solitaire slitter/rewinders. The shaft reportedly allows converters to speed production by slitting and finishing more rolls with varying widths. It can exert equal torque along its length at any time, so it can hold a number of cores with varying widths in one operation, mfr. says, adding that this allows converters to produce a variety of finished rolls off the same master while the material is being wound in-line. Said to be well-suited to low-tension winding for demanding products, but not exclusively, as it can switch unused elements off on command.

Improved Doctor Blades Offer Benefits
Flxon Inc.
, Charlotte, NC; 800/756-6474
Microflex II doctor blades for flexo and rotogravure printers offer new steel said to have more super-refined micro-particles than co.'s first-generation products. According to mfr., printers report faster seating, slower and more even edge wear, fewer streaks in print, and less anilox and cylinder damage.

Knife Holder Helps Blade Last Longer
Dienes Corp.
, Spencer, MA; 800/345-4038; dienescorp.com
The Cushioned Side-Load Head uses a cushion of air to remove the spring effect said to be common to side-loaded blades in shear slitting. This reportedly encourages longer blade life in several ways: It dampens the actuation of the top blade; keeps force equally distributed along the entire length of the blade; and minimizes side-load force, making less cutting force necessary.

Improved Sheeter Now Faster, More Accurate
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
The MSL sheeter has a dual-motor AC servo drive system said to provide a 43% increase in speed, to 1,150 fpm (350 mpm). Co. says the AC electrical drive provides maximum torque. Can be upgraded to perform cut-to-register work. A microprocessor governs two encoders monitoring draw drum and knife cylinder. Microprocessor receives simultaneous signals from revolver's encoders, continually compares readings with each revolution, and directs drives accordingly. Process, notes mfr., increases accuracy by 65% to ñ0.015 in. (ñ0.38 mm).

Measure Precisely with Laser Twin Sensor
Laser Measurement Intl. (LMI)
, Southfield, MI; 248/355-5900
Patented laser twin sensor is designed for high-accuracy measurement and paper industry applications including measuring thickness of very thin coatings, distances, and vibrations. Sensor is said to resolve surface thickness variations as fine as 0.0007 æm when averaged at 100 Hz.

Pouch Machine Is Versatile and Flexible
Custom Design and Development
, Green Bay, WI; 920/730-6888
Model PMM 3024 pouch machine can be custom designed for a wide array of product capabilities, including stand-up pouch, three-side seal pouch, and wicketed product. Will convert 16-in. pouches with single-sheet construction, running two-up, and features automatic wicket stacking capabilities. Triple AC servo drive drawroll is said to result in controlled tension through sealing process. Runs at speeds to 160 cycles/min and/or 160 fpm. Central processing unit allows digital selection of all set-up parameters.

Paper Cup Machine Has Many Features
ICE and Horauf Machinery Group
, Avon, CT; 860/677-5891
The BMP 200 paper cup-making machine produces cups at 240/min. Operations include high-integrity shell winding and sealing; bottom punching; bottom sealing; and top curl forming. Adjustments are said to be fast and simple. Standard features include an indexing system; central electrical control cabinet; main drive with infinitely variable speed; oil mist lubrication with oil pump; and central lubrication. Optional features are available.

Pouch Machine Features Servo-Actuated Sealing
Proven Designs Inc.
, Macedon, NY; 315/986-0909
Servo stand-up pouch machine produces reclosable stand-up pouches utilizing a single web construction, which reportedly reduces waste and downtime. Also can produce traditional two- and three-side-seal pouches with or without a reclosable feature. Offers servo-actuated sealing to reduce the number of air cylinders. Utilizes two independent servo systems for seal bar actuation: One system controls the cross-sealing section, and the other controls the longitudinal sealing section. This allows the bars to be timed separately, enabling optimization of sealing conditions for a variety of films, co. notes. Dwell time, sealing force, and cycle distance can be adjusted through the touchscreen interface.

Produce Packing Slip Pouches at High Speeds
GN Packaging Equipment
, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/670-0383; gnpak.com
A 26-in.-wide (660-mm) multi-servo pouch machine is said to produce packing slip pouches at a rate of more than 1,250 pouches/min, running at more than 250 cycles/ min. A special servo handling system was developed to assist the packer at the delivery end of the machine, and a new PLC system is designed to control the servos and electric eye registration.

Scan Inspection System Detects Small Defects
Wintriss Engineering Corp.
, San Diego, CA; 800/550-7300
The Web Ranger 2000 high-performance scan inspection system detects low-contrast defects in continually processed materials where the difference between good and defective material is minimal. By employing both filter processing and adaptive background subtraction, system is said to detect very small changes in the web material. Reports defects of 0.0005 in. in size and smaller, depending on the lens and number of cameras used and web travel speed. PC-based system also provides real-time defect classification, flaw mapping, flaw image display, web overview display, trend analysis, statistical compilation, report generation, and data archiving.

Sheeter Provides Cost-Effective Features
Valmet Converting
, Bedfordshire, England; +44 (0)1234-852553; valmetconverting.com
The 1450 CTS sheeter is said to provide customers with solid value-for-money. Standard features include automatic sheet length and squaring. Also said to offer the highest single-web knife load available, as well as wider web widths.

Temperature Indicator Has Rugged Design
Burling Instruments Inc.
, Chatham, NJ; 973/635-9481
P-Series temperature indicators are said to be of rugged design and completely self-contained. Mfr. reports that indicators are factory calibrated, require no power supply or batteries, and provide an accurate temperature monitor for incinerators, ovens, furnaces, and pollution control equipment. Series comprises a sensing probe and a display meter. Instrument can be oriented in any position. Probe measures 14 in. long and 31/44 in. dia; display meter has dual analog scales of 0-2000 deg F and 0-1,100 deg C.

Viscosity Controller Offers Real-Time Calibration
Norcross Corp.
, Newton, MA; 617/969-7020; viscosity.com
The MP2000 viscosity controller reportedly incorporates the latest microprocessor technology and combines it with an operator interface featuring a simplified and internationally friendly operator panel/keypad. Panel has a removable cover that hides unused buttons, but when accessed by engineering personnel, it provides programming and control capabilities including real-time calibration adjustments. Operators can control viscosity automatically with solvent and ingredient additions; also can monitor ink and coating temperatures.

Stand-Up Pouch Machine Has Dual-Mold Design
Karlville Development USA
, Miami, FL; 305/533-1051
The HCI dual servo stand-up pouch machine runs at a maximum speed of 150 cycles/min. Comes in widths of 500, 600, and 800 mm, with a 400-mm draw length. Standard is a skip-seal mechanism for sealing bag lengths to 3x the standard draw length, mfr. reports. Features tension control systems for the main web unwinder, gusset unwinders, and the zipper unwinder. Zipper molds are said to allow for minimum zipper drag and maximum zipper cooling, enabling smoother operation and high quality production. A dual mold design for stand-up bottom seal is said to allow processors to seal at lower temperatures and thus run at higher speeds. Dual- and single-web models are available.

Bubble-Free Applications with Plate Mounting Tapes
Davies Industrial Supplies
, Letchworth, Herts, England; +44-1-462-678-111
Plate mounting tapes are designed for bubble-free application. Flexo Cushion FX38 tape has a white PE foam reinforced with white PVC film and a low-tack acrylic adhesive. It is designed for high press speeds and reportedly produces quality half-tone, solid, and combination work. FX50B tape has a high-tack rubber resin adhesive system. The 52338 and 52350 differ primarily in thickness. Both are designed for use in wide web flexo printing and are suitable for solid areas and line work. Flexo Cloth 38H, a double-sided cloth stereo mounting tape, has a creped silicon paper liner and a high-performance adhesive made of natural rubber. It is suitable for mounting rubber and photopolymer plates onto cylinders.

Static Control Is Suited for Small Spaces
Simco Industrial Static Control
, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401; simco-static.com
The SM and RSM are light- to medium-duty, micro-sized shockless static neutralizing bars. The SM profile is 31/48 in. sq, which reportedly allows flexibility of use. The RSM features a built-in air assist that reinforces the bar.

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