Video system measures on microscopic scale

The FT[Angstrom]200 is a flexible optical and video system for laboratory use in measuring contact angle, absorption, wettability, surface tension and surface energy on a microscopic scale. The action appears live on the computer screen, and the salient images are captured to the computer's memory for later analysis. The time scale of measurements can be front 1/60 sec. to hours. The video system images the fluid drops, which can be automatically or manually placed on the specimen. The system can capture dynamic and static behavior of the interaction of the fluid with the specimen. Analysis is based on the drop's size and shape, as captured by the video. Analysis data can be plotted by built-in graphing facilities or written to a standard database. Applications include corona- or plasma-treatment analysis for surface-energy modification, detection of organic contaminants, wettability, adhesion and adsorption rates.

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