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UV Bulb Warranties Increase
Fusion UV Systems Inc.
, Gaithersburg, MD; 301/990-8700; fusionuv.com
Co. reports an increase in its bulb life warranties from 6,000 to 8,000 hr. This 33% increase follows a 20% increase a year ago. Co. also is doubling the bulb life warranty of its additive bulbs both D and V, from 3,000 to 6,000 hr. The price of the bulb will remain the same.

Measure Contact Angles Accurately
Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.
, Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454; gardco.com
Pocket goniometers that measure contact angles come in three versions: PG-1 is a battery-operated instrument for manual measurements of static contact angles at “equilibrium”; PG-2 is an automated instrument for measurements of static and dynamic contact angles even on absorbent materials such as paper; PG-3 is similar to PG-2 but features an integrated micro-pump that can deliver accurate droplets in 0.5-µl steps.

Handle Rolls to 2,000 lb Safely
Converter Accessory Corp.
, Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413; handleyourweb.com
The Rol-handlR is a two-station rotating roll handling device for rolls to 2,000 lb. Dual lift stations, with two pivot points, allow a roll to be maneuvered readily into true vertical and true horizontal positions, reports co., helping eliminate damage to roll edges and allowing rolls to be placed in the desired positions securely and safely.

Water-Wash Flexo Plate Is for CTP Systems
Anderson & Vreeland
, Bryan, OH; 866/282-7697; andersonvreeland.com
Digital Cosmolight water-wash flexo plate, designed for computer-to-plate systems, features an aluminum-based ablative layer that washes out in plain tap water to simplify plate processing. Plate is said to deliver sharp halftone resolution and excellent ink transfer and to resist ozone deterioration for extended plate life.

Create Void-Fill Pillows Quickly
Pactiv Corp.
, Lake Forest, IL; 847/482-2000; pactiv.com
The Air 5000 protective packaging system creates on-demand void-fill pillows quickly. Unit uses ambient air and an internal electric fan to eliminate the need for an external air supply, making the unit portable. Also said to offer faster operating speeds. Can be used as a bench-top, stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a portable stand and Air Binz replenishing containers.

Miniature Gearhead Offers High Precision
HD Systems Inc.
, Hauppauge, NY; 631/231-6630; hdsi.net
The CSF-1U size 5 gearhead delivers 3 arc-min positional accuracy in a package size that is just 2 mm (sq) × 37 mm long. With a rated torque of 5 in.-lb and a maximum torque of 24 in.-lb, gearhead has both an input shaft and output shaft for convenient coupling. Available in gear ratios 30, 50, and 100:1.

Load Leveler Is Pneumatic
Presto Lifts Inc.
, Attleboro, MA; 508/222-0177; prestolifts.com
The P3 pneumatic leveler allows operators to build or break down pallet loads with a minimum of bending, reaching, stretching, or walking around, co. reports. Unit adjusts the height of pallets automatically as boxes are added or removed. Can handle a wide range of pallet loads from 400-4,500 lb.

Heating/Drying System Gives Fast Response
David Weisman LLC
, Stamford, CT; 203/322-9978
Fast Response and Fast Response with Air Electric IR heating and drying systems heat materials for laminating and embossing; preheat prior to and following coating and adhesives applications; and dry and cure water- and solvent-based coatings of webs of essentially any size. System features fast-response electric IR heaters and controls and has a modular design for addition of more heated length or width.

Add-On Feature Upgrades Digital Cutting
Wasatch Computer Technology Inc.
, Salt Lake City, UT; 801/575-8043; 800/894-1544; wasatchinc.com
Countour Cutting Utility for SoftRIP version 4.5 is an add-on feature that reportedly makes it easy to drive most digital cutters and print/cut ink jet plotters using cutting paths created in popular draw applications. Said to be simple to use and to excel in scenarios that require printing an image on one device and cutting the shapes on another device.

Produce Hinged-Lid Boxes at High Speeds
Winkler+Dünnebier AG, Neuwied, Germany; +49 (0) 26 31 84-0; w-d.de

The latest version of the automatic, high-speed EnvePac features touchscreen controls and an operator-friendly user surface. Can produce 150 count C4 hinged-lid boxes at an average of 650 pockets/min in combination with new reel-fed Nova. Modular construction allows it to be configured in various ways.

Sample Viscosity Easily
Automation Products Inc.
, Houston, TX; 713/869-0361; dynatrolusa.com
The Dynatrol Spinx stand-alone system is said to provide a complete solution for fast, precise viscosity measurement where a probe in a process line or tank is not practical. Detector is mounted inside a rugged, sealed, all-weather, explosion-proof housing and is unaffected by vibration or mechanical noise, says co., adding it cleans easily and can be isolated from the process stream.

Print Digitally on Corrugated Packaging
Belcom North America Group LLC
, Bellwood, IL; 708/544-4499; belcomcorp.com
Co. distributes the CORJet digital printer made by Scitex Vision Ltd. and powered by Aprion digital print technology. Formerly known as the BEL2000 or the Shaldag SP, printer is for corrugated packaging and display markets. Features ApriRip software; the CORJet system controller; new automatic substrate loader and unloader; print engine; and integrated dryer unit.

Compact Modules Feature Toothed Belt Drive
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Charlotte, NC; 800/438-5983; boschrexroth-us.com
CKR Model is a new version of co.'s range of Star compact modules. Said to be ideal for high travel speeds over long distances, it uses a highly dynamic toothed belt drive system to achieve speeds to 5 m/s with smooth running characteristics, says co. Available in lengths to 5,500 mm.

Transport and Accumulate Cut Sheet Paper Stacks
Shuttleworth Inc.
, Huntington, IN; 260/356-8500; shuttleworth.com
The Star Roller eliminates the “shingling” or “creeping” of the bottom-most layers of paper when stacks are transported or accumulated on Slip-Torque conveyors. Profile accomplishes non-damaging accumulation (buffering) between machines in the cut sheet paper handling process. Accumulation reduces total line delays by allowing operable machines to continue production for a cost-effective period of time when other in-line machinery is down, says co.

Integrating Spheres Offer Golden Opportunity
Gigahertz-Optik Inc.
, Newburyport, MA; 978/462-1818; gigahertz-optik.com
UP-75-F-Au and UP-100-F-Au integrating spheres for IR applications with electrochemically gold-plated surfaces are designed with multiple ports and port plugs allowing flexible setups for different applications. Sphere surface offers a diffuse reflectance of ~95% from ~850-20 µm. Accessory port reducers and light traps are available.

Metering Pumps Offer Maximum Capacity
Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps
, Minneapolis, MN; 612/332-5681; hydra-cell.com
The M-03 metering series pumps provide maximum capacity of 3.0 gpm at 1,750 rpm, maximum inlet pressure to 250 psi, and pressure variable to 1,200 psi. Pumps provide linear flow throughout the pressure range and reportedly offer excellent metering accuracy and repeatability at a lower cost when compared to conventional metering pumps.

Sensor Analyzes Color Reliably
Banner Engineering Corp.
, Minneapolis, MN; 763/544-3164; bannerengineering.com
The QC50 true color sensor analyzes and identifies user-determined colors by emitting a modulated white light that, when reflected back from an object, is filtered electronically to its red, green, and blue components for accurate color determination. Offers Color-only and Color-Plus-Intensity sensing modes.

Motors Designed for Energy Efficiency
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
, Alpharetta, GA; 800/964-4114; usa.siemens.com
Medallion industrial motors are in compliance with the NEMA Premium program for energy efficiency. Motors use the RGZEESD identifier for the totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor line that can be applied to virtually any application, co. says. Design features include high-grade steel for the motor core; increased copper in motor windings; and optimized design parameters.

Analyze Oxidizer Stream for Flammability
Control Instruments Corp.
, Fairfield NJ; 973/575-9114; controlinstruments.com
PrevEx flammability analyzers can measure the total flammability of all constituents of a sample thermal oxidizer stream accurately, co. reports. Requires no recalibration, adjustment, or use of response factors for most common process VOCs.

Eliminate Static in Confined Spaces
Exair Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-3322; exair.com/static.htm
The 3-in. (8-cm) Super Ion air knife removes static electricity from plastics, webs, printed materials, and other product surfaces where dust, tearing, jamming, or hazardous shocks are a problem. Provides a sheet of air to sweep surfaces clean of particles, dust, and dirt, and is said to be effective to 20 ft away. Knife, which produces a laminar sheet of airflow that floods an area or surface with static-eliminating ions, has been engineered to fit in tight spaces. Its force can be adjusted from a “blast” to a “breeze.”

Check Alignment with Precision
Pinpoint Laser Systems
, Newburyport, MA; 978/462-8056; pinlaser.com
The Adjustment Plate for precision laser alignment and control moves the laser in four axes, with precision micrometers, to simplify machinery and equipment alignment tasks. Laser beam can be positioned to within 0.001 in. and is said to be ideal for checking machinery travel, straightness of fixtures and assemblies, and precision bore alignment, as well as for verifying parallelism and squareness.

Lifters Handle Rubber-Covered Rolls Safely
Anver Corp.
, Hudson, MA; 800/654-3500; anver.com
The ET Series line of powered vacuum lifters can be equipped with custom-designed pad attachments for handling special products such as rubber-covered rolls. Protective nylon guides have adjustable springs for added cushioning. One person can load and unload presses or other machinery safely, says co., and remote controls allow easy maneuverability. A VLS-07 vacuum leakage sensor provides positive leak detection. Available in electric and air-powered models, lifters are suited for rolls to 3,000 lb and 144 in. long.

Clutch/Brake Series Reduces Costs
Force Control Industries Inc.
, Fairfield, OH; 513/868-0900; forcecontrol.com
Posidyne X Series clutch/brakes feature an oil-shear design said to allow them to provide up to 10x the cycle rates and operating life at 50% lower per-cycle cost than “disposable” dry clutch/brakes, with no adjustments required.

Reduce Static with High Efficiency
, Grand Island, NY; 716/773-7634; nrdinc.com
The P-20001-I Induction Nuclestat ionizing bar is designed to eliminate high static levels that develop in web and converting applications. Recommended for applications in which a source of ignition would not be appropriate. Features induction brushes made of fine-gauge stainless steel wire along its length, which boost efficiency by producing additional ionization in the electric field between the bar and the charged material. According to mfr., dual mode of ionization allows for increased web speeds, lower static levels, and a safer work environment.

Software Aids Packaging Layouts
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
Pandora 2.0 software is a PDF-based, step-and-repeat packaging layout solution reportedly suited for prepress professionals in packaging and label printing segments. Features include support for Job Definition Format (JDF); editable non-rectangular bleedpaths automatically derived from CAD die line information; bleed overlap detection with advanced, easy-to-use tools for automatic overlap correction; die-station ordering with fully automated placement of die-station number marks; and diemirroring for the creation of double-sided layouts.

Adhesive Melters Provide Performance Benefits
Nordson Corp.
, Duluth, GA; 770/497-3425; nordson.com
VersaBlue adhesive melters are said to deliver enhanced flexibility, reliability, durability, and performance to high-volume, high-speed product assembly, packaging, and nonwovens operations. Precision melter technology provides precise adhesive add-on weights and reduces maintenance, co. adds. Melters offer variable-speed AC motors and multiple-pump selections.

Drying Simulator Suited for Wide Webs
Radio Frequency Co. Inc.
, Millis, MA; 508/376-9555; radiofrequency.com
The Macrowave Omnitherm Simulator lets companies that use IR, convection drying, or hot air impingement for wide web drying applications evaluate high-speed RF drying and determine suitability. This is said to eliminate the heat-up and cool-down times required by conventional dryers, minimize the quantity of product in the drying cycle, and reduce changeover time. Said to be effective for webs to 160 in. wide, RF drying features preferential heating to dry the wettest sections of the web selectively, reportedly assuring uniform moisture content.

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