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Digital Products for the Converting Industry

New digital products from: ALE, Barco, BST Pro Mark, Electro-Tech Systems, Heidelberg, HP Indigo, Imation, Kernco, MacDermid, PGI, Presstek, RDP Marathon, Screen, Xeikon, and X-Rite.

Co. Extends Direct Digital Versatility
Applied Laser Engineering Ltd. (ALE)
, Surrey, U.K.; +44 (0) 208 941 1101; applied-laser.co.uk
Meridian 2000 roller and plate laser-engraving system includes three direct digital engraved processes: engraved natural and synthetic for flexo, letterpress, and embossing; engraved metal for printing, embossing, and stamping; and engraved ceramics for inking, printing, embossing, and applicator rolls. Also features three direct digital mask-removal processes, including removal from photo- polymer, enabling plate processing for printing and embossing forms; removal from metal, enabling multilayer, high-resolution photo etching for printing and embossing forms; and removal from metal for electro deposition.

Digital Ink Delivery System for Offset Printing
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
MDS-1 digital ink delivery system is designed for managing precise ink delivery to as many as 40 offset print stations from one console. Co. says system features superior mechanical design and is integrated with ink-management software, an ergonomic operator station, and digital control for the offset ink delivery ductor. Microprocessor control and highly accurate gear drive mechanism are said to allow a layer of ink as fine as 0.25 microns to be metered accurately and consistently.

Halftone Proofing System to Ship in North America
Polaroid Graphics Imaging (PGI) LLC
, Bedford, MA; 781/482-1200
Prediction automatic digital halftone proofing system is being shipped to North American users now, says mfr. Two-up system uses co.'s Laser Ablation Transfer (LAT) technology and reportedly is designed to offer highly productive proofing with unattended operation. Images up to 12 A4 pgs/hr and is said to integrate seamlessly into common workflows using the imager's integral PC, which is equipped with large storage capacity. According to co., LAT technology provides fast, sharp, and dry digital proofs imaged at the highest available resolutions: 2,540 or 2,400 dpi and up to 400 lpi.

Digital pH Meter Enables Easy Measurement
Kernco Instruments Co. Inc.
, El Paso, TX; 915/852-3375; kerncoinstr.com
Model K8514 digital stick pH meter is battery-operated and features LCD readout with flat-surface probe. Co. says special probe allows user to obtain measurements of paper and film easily. Constructed with the same "unbreakable" polymer body as general-purpose probes but features a large, flat sensor that gives fast response on contact while virtually eliminating breakage and clogging of junction, says mfr. Covers the 0-14 pH range with ñ0.01 pH readability and accuracy, and manual temperature is settable from 0-60 deg C.

Digital Press Suited for On-Demand Printing
Indigo (now part of Hewlett Packard)
, Woburn, MA; 781/937-8800; hp.com
Omnius Webstream One-Shot Color web press is ideally suited for short-run, on-demand package printing, reports mfr. Press is capable of 1,000 four-color frames/437 linear mph. Offers resolution of 800 dpi and 200 lpi with high-definition imaging capability and accepts Adobe Postscript and PDF input formats. Co. says press offers possibilities that include limited-run packaging quantities for such applications as proofing, marketing focus-group samples, new product testing, special promotions, and event-specific packaging.

Digital Static Meter Features Stabilized Sensor
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
, Glenside, PA; 215/887-2196
Model 212 digital static meter is lightweight and features a chopper-stabilized sensor for long-term, accurate measurements in normal and ionized environments, says mfr. Measurement range is from 0 to ñ20 kV at a meter-to-object distance of 1 in. LCD meter provides 10-V resolution, polarity indication, and low-battery warning. Ten-ft cord with removable clip and vinyl carrying case are included. An optional molded cord assembly with flying leads is available for connecting meter to strip chart recorder, oscilloscope, or external display having a full-scale sensitivity of at least 200mV by a standard 9-V battery.

Direct-to-Sleeve Platemaking a Time-Saver
MacDermid Graphic Arts
, Atlanta, GA; 404/696-4565; macdermid.com
Optisleeve direct-to-sleeve plate-mounting tool is said to save time and cut waste by 50%. Automated technology uses the same digital prepress files as the laser platesetter, which is said to ensure perfect registration in wide web paper and flexible packaging applications. Reportedly eliminates the need for continuous photo- polymer and full-piece plates by plotting image-positioning templates directly onto flexo mounting sleeves.

Flexo Platesetter Features Long-Life Laser
Esko-Graphics (formerly Barco Graphics Inc.)
, Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
Cyrel Digital Image (CDI) Spark is the latest member of co.'s CDI flexo platesetter family. CDI Spark images DuPont Cyrel and other brands of digital photopolymer plates in formats to 25 in. x 30 in. External drum imager features a long-life, low-maintenance, diode-pumped solid state laser and the same Twinbeam optical system as other CDI and CDI Compact models. Supported imaging resolutions are 2,000 and 2,540 dpi and are switchable from job to job. Available in two versions: basic, with an imaging speed of up to 8 sq ft/hr; and Speed, which co. says offers enhanced productivity of up to 12.9 ft/hr.

Halftone Proofing Media Introduced
Imation Corp.
, Oakdale, MN; 651/704-4422
Matchprint digital halftone proofing colors and bases offer what is called a wide range of proofing options, including multiple color sets, flexible base materials, and the ability to transfer to multiple printing stocks. Color options include standard CMYK; high-density CMYK; Euro CMYK; and custom colors said to be well-suited for packaging, branding, and other special work.

High-Performance, Large-Format CTP at Low Cost
Presstek Inc.
, Hudson, NH; 603/594-8585; presstek.com
Dimension 800 images thermal plates in sizes up to 32 x 44 in., offering high-performance, large-format computer-to-plate (CTP) imaging with low purchase and operation costs, says mfr. Co. reports platesetter images leading thermal plates, including co.'s Anthem thermal plates and PearlDry thermal plates. Features include semi-automatic plate loading, user-friendly software tools, and a compact design.

One Instrument Provides Full Color Measurement
X-Rite Inc.
, Grandville, MI; 616/534-7663; 800/248-9748; x-rite.com
The 938 portable spectrodensitometer combines full capabilities of a spectrophotometer, colorimeter, and densitometer in a single color- measurement instrument. Measures 15 pts and calculates 31-pt spectral data; can convert data into a wide variety of objective color expressions, reports mfr. Features storage capacity for hundreds of measurements, said to enable real-time color decisions almost anywhere. Ideal for use in package printing, ink formulation, prepress facilities, or testing lab.

Press Prints on Many Substrates
Xeikon America Inc.
, Wood Dale, IL; 630/616-5600; xeikon.com
CDP 320 S digital color press can run widths up to 13 in. and stocks from 40# text to 90# cover, 20-200 microns, at up to 48 fpm. According to mfr., prints on a wide variety of substrates, including label stocks, paper, and film, and is ideally suited for high-resolution, full-color production of labels, tickets, coupons, security printing, color-sample swatches, and similar items. Available with a choice of two digital front ends (DFEs), the eXpert and the Intellistream. Co. reports both DFEs provide large data storage capacity, excellent color control, and powerful variable-data handling for applications such as versioning, personalization, sequential numbering, and bar code printing.

Proofing Software Generates Accurate Proofs
Screen (USA)
, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/870-7400
LabProof direct digital color proof software system generates accurate proofs to large general-purpose ink jet printers, making proof output possible from Macintosh computers. Paired with LabFit, mfr.'s color-management system, proofing software system performs color matches based on accurate ICC profiles. According to co., system uses simulated dot methods that enable it to maintain high quality; TIFF files can be proofed without delay; RIPed data can be imported directly; and system can import both 1-bit TIFF and CMYK TIFF files for proof generation.

Software for Packaging and Label Printing
Heidelberg USA
, Kennesaw, GA; 800/437-7388; heidelberg.com
Signapack software solution, developed for package printing, reportedly ensures that even the most difficult step-and-repeat layout can be created efficiently and reliably. Powerpack package converts the designed individual repeats for packaging or label applications into PDF, performs trapping and color management, and can optimize special colors if necessary, co. notes.

Technology Supports CTP on Presses
RDP Marathon Inc.
, Laval (Montreal), Que., Canada; 450/687-7262; rdpmarathon.com
SmartSet II intelligent press control system is a Windows-based system that incorporates CTP technology into co.'s printing presses. Units are CIP3 certified (international standards for exchanging digital data from prepress to postpress stages). Provides operators with remote control of all press functions, from makeready to washup. Simple touchscreen console enables users to set parameters such as print gap, to preset tension, and to adjust ink/water balance. Standard features include remote ink key adjustment and semi-automatic plating.

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