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Determine Abrasion Resistance Accurately
Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.
, Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454;
The Mickle rub tester reportedly offers a simple and accurate method of determining rub and abrasion resistance of inks printed on a variety of materials. Also said to assess the comparative transfer between surfaces, it has been designed to conform to BS 3110: 1959. Operating procedures begin by cutting specimens to the required size templates and then clamping the printed specimen to the platen and the plain specimen to the rubbing block. After locating the rubbing block on the rocking arm and adding additional weight to the block, if required, operator sets the number of cycles required and switches it on. When the test is completed, operator removes the two strips for analysis.

Measure Integrity of Grounding Systems
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
, Glenside, PA; 215/887-2196;
The ETS Series 250 ground strap testers are described as precision instruments that check the specified resistance limits of all types of wrist straps and similar personnel grounding devices, plus instruments to measure resistance to ground of the groundable point. Series includes the Model 250 wrist strap tester; the Model 252C wrist, heel, and footwear tester; the Model 253A wrist strap tester (military version); the Model 255 resistance-to-ground tester; the Model 256 utility wiring verifier; and the Model 269B workstation monitor calibration check system for 3M 720 and 722.

Drive Controls in High-Moisture Applications
ABB Automation Inc.
, New Berlin, WI; 262/785-3200;
The ACS 400 NEMA 4 (IP65) variable-speed AC drive is for motors ranging from 3-20 hp, at 208-240 VAC. It houses a new washdown enclosure and reportedly provides precise control for motors in demanding, high-moisture processing environments. Sealed enclosure protects drive and allows it to be installed virtually anywhere in the facility, says co. Keypad is said to be easy to use and understand.

Anilox Cleaning System for Mid-Size Webs
Absolutely Micro Clean Intl.
, Rancho Cordova, CA; 916/635-4337; 800/474-8489;
The 72A anilox roll cleaning system is built to handle anilox rolls up to 60 in. in length and up to 8 in. in diameter. According to mfr., system utilizes well-proven plastic media to clean rolls and features a reclaim system that allows for waste removal and also allows the plastic media to be reused over and over again. System currently can clean comfortably up to 1,200-line screen without damage. Off-press system cleans rolls in an enclosed chamber and is computer controlled.

Gauge Thickness of Sheeted Material
Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.
, Philadelphia, PA; 215/637-0100;
Micrometer measures thickness of sheeted material to most testing standards. The newly designed anvil and dual-speed pressure foot reportedly increase throughput of test samples, while ensuring the quality of the product. Optional auto-feed provides continuous sample profiling, and a Windows-based data collection package provides real-time graphics and data management capabilities.

Dedicated Digital Prepress Aids Print Quality
CreoScitex, a div. of Creo Products Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700;
The ThermoFlex 2630 platesetter is reported to be the first dedicated digital prepress solution for flexo label printers. Co. says use of platesetter enhances flexo printing quality by eliminating the film contact during platemaking. Platesetter can accept media any size up to 27.1 in. x 30 in., has imaging and resolution capabilities of 1,524-3,556 variable dpi, and images IR-sensitive digital flexo plates and IR-sensitive ablative film.

Epicyclic Drive Controls Web Tension
Andantex Inc.
, Wanamassa, NJ; 732/493-2812; 800/713-6170;
Compact Type SA epicyclic drive can be used as a differential to control web tension via precise speed adjustment. Also can correct register and balance speed and torque and can be used as a speed reducer with standard ratios from 2:1 - 260:1. Drive is available in ten sizes with reportedly perfect load sharing between the planet gears to permit torque capacities up to 2,500,000 in. lb. Nylon injection assembly procedure is said to provide maximum torque capacity in minimum space and overload protection in a self-contained, splash-lubricated unit.

Motor/Drive Technology in Integrated Solution
Danfoss Drives
, Loves Park, IL; 815/639-8600;
The FCM 300 Series Integrated Motor/AFD solution is described as a solution for manufacturers with limited space, time, and budget. Said to offer protection against thermal overload, missing phase, under voltage, and voltage transients. Unit's available horsepower is 31/44-10, it is fully programmable, and it offers multiple mounting types and positions. No control panel space is needed, and there are no cable length limitations. Additional features include voltage vector control, serial communication, and Windows-based VLT Dialog software.

Slurry-Duty Pumps Offer Abrasion Resistance
Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Wanner Engineering Inc.
, Minneapolis, MN; 612/332-5681;
Slurry-Duty Series pumps are engineered to pump a variety of abrasive fluids—from alumina silica to lime to glaze. Positive replacement pumps are said to provide wear resistance against severe abrasion and are designed for continuous operation over a wide range of applications. The pumps, which use hydraulically balanced diaphragms and are self-priming, are constructed of an abrasion-resistant polyacetal plastic.

Power-On Clutches/Brakes in Many Models
Electroid Co.
, Springfield, NJ; 973/467-8100
Electromagnetic power-on clutches and brakes are designed to engage when the power is on. Five families of clutches and three brake series are available with dozens of models in each series; torque ranges are from 1-1,500 in. lb. Designed for a wide range of industrial applications including conventional machinery and equipment, clutches and brakes offer common design features including zero backlash; a stationary field coil with no slip rings or brushes; fast response time; and an epoxy resin encapsulated coil that is vibration-proof.

Vision System Shortens Set-Up Time
Keyence Corp. of Amerca
, Woodcliff Lake, NJ; 888/539-3623;
The CV-500 Series machine vision system, with a built-in monitor and controller, reportedly offers cost-effective detection and measurement capabilities. The co.'s E.A.S.Y. (Easy Action SYstem) is designed to shorten set-up time by reducing complex functions to simple commands with context-sensitive, pull-down menus. Compact system includes an integrated one-touch controller and a camera that measures 1.2 in. sq. Additional features include 24.5 million sub-pixel processing; measurement of O.D., I.D., pitch, and gap; and adjustable target angle compensation to correct for target position.

Static Measuring Offered in Handheld Unit
Tantec Inc.
, Schaumburg, IL; 847/524-5506;
The E-Meter hand-held electrostatic fieldmeter is said to offer many benefits, including a convenient size; an ultrasonic sensor to ensure repeatable fieldmeter readings; a memory setting for data storage; a buzzer that ensures proper measuring distance; and an optional printer.

Slitter Advances Focus on Shorter Times
Dusenbery Europe Ltd.
, Bedford, England; +44-1-234-349-561;
TTR slitters reportedly can cope with shorter runs and frequent changeovers. Standard 636 has locked core or differential rewind onto twin turreting mandrels, plus a splice table with motorized rollers for manual insertion of leader/trailer panels. Model 632 automatic splice unit reportedly cuts leader/trailer placement times to 18 sec. Converters can adopt a 636/632 combination. Model 637 adds robotic core loading and unloading to the 636/632 combination, so a complete 300-m slit/rewind cycle takes 103 sec, mfr. says.

Roll-Cleaning Head Offers High-Pressure Wash
Polymag Tek Inc.
, Livonia Ctr., NY; 716/235-8390; 800/787-0830;
Mfr.'s latest addition to product line is a roll cleaning head with patented high-pressure wash. According to the co., the roll cleaning head, equipped with the mfr.'s own high-pressure wash mechanism, provides the "ultimate" in roll-cleaning efficiency.

Peristaltic Pump Is Explosion-Proof
Graymills Corp.
, Chicago, IL; 773/477-4100;
An explosion-proof peristaltic pump is available for use in converting industry applications using solvent-based inks. Dual-roller technology with longer compression cycles reportedly reduces friction and tube fatigue, resulting in less pulsation and longer tube life. Patented Straight-Thru design is said to eliminate flow stoppage due to kinks. It also has a quick tube change and cleanup for fast turnarounds.

Neutralize Static at High Speeds
Simco Industrial Static Control
, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401;
The R50 Blue Bar high-speed, extended-range, shockless static bar features an optional monitoring system. Operating at 7,800 V, the unit neutralizes static charges on webs at speeds to 2,500 fpm at 2 in. from the web and to 1,500 fpm at 4 in. It is available as an optional R51 version that incorporates a removable high-voltage cable. The new M167 power supply includes a static bar monitoring circuit that detects arcing and conductive bar contamination conditons. Lamps display voltage in/out, voltage output, and arcing condition.

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