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The Labelexpo USA 2000 Exhibition and Conference was "the most complete Labelexpo USA yet," reports Steve Krogulski, VP for Tarsus Exhibitions USA, organizers of the event. Registered attendance reached 14,841, and 493 suppliers occupied 210,000 sq ft of exhibit space. Tarsus also reports that 589 people attended the conference program, a huge jump from the 136 attending in 1998.

Combination Printing Press Has New Print Stations
Ko-Pack International
, Williston, VT; 802/872-0329; ko-pack.com
The in-line 400-FL 15-in., ultraviolet (UV) flexo combination press is equipped with five newly developed flexo print stations, two rotary die stations, a rotary screen module, AC servo unwind/rewind, waste matrix, back slitter, and UV curing system. Designed primarily for the production of household-product labels, press is available with many options.

P-S Adhesives Bond to Uneven Surfaces
National Starch & Chemical Co.
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Duro-Tak 424A 100% solids, hot melt PSAs are said to bond securely to foods with irregular surfaces, such as the uneven surfaces of fruits and vegetables. The adhesives reportedly resist preconsumer removal yet peel cleanly and will not penetrate through food surface layers. Other features include moisture resistance and high cohesion. Adhesives can be applied by any conventional method for high-viscosity hot melt adhesives, including slot (die) or roll. Typical deposition ranges from 1-2 mils.

Cushion Mounting Tapes Improve Performance
Rogers Corp.
, Rogers, CT; 860/774-9605
R/bak Series 2000 cushion mounting tapes are available in 0.015-in. thickness. Tapes are designed expressly for improved performance in narrow web tag and label applications, says co., and are offered in different compressibility levels to accommodate the full range of printing applications. SA 2115 MS mounting tape has low compressibility and is designed for combination jobs involving demanding process and screen work. SA 2315 MS has a higher compressibility level for combination jobs with screen, line and solid work.

System Prepares Web Surface Totally
SOA International
, Pawtucket, RI; 401/723-5942
The 2000 Plus is an all-in-one system for web cleaning, static eliminating, corona treating, and ozone neutralizing. The combination reportedly assures 100% web surface preparation. The corona treating process is automatically power-adjusted at all web speeds and surface treats all substrates without equipment changes, says mfr. Developed ozone is removed and filtered through a catalyst system and purified to clean air.

UV System Has Coating with Multiple Benefits
Starna Industries/Sy Technologies
, Essex, England; +44 (0)815995115
CureTec cassette-based UV system features lampheads with a dichroic coating applied to a ceramic base. Co. reports that coating is able to reflect all the UV energy striking the reflector back to the substrate, while passing through the unwanted IR (infrared) energy. IR energy is then extracted via an exhaust fan. This development is said to result in 98% of available UV reaching substrate, with significant reduction (40%) in total IR, allowing higher press speeds and the use of a broader-based range of heat-sensitive substrates.

Finishing System Offers Automatic Features
Rotoflex International
Inc., Mississauga, Ont., Canada; 905/670-8700; 800/387-3825; rotoflex.com
VSI 330 finishing system features automated print inspection said to eliminate the need for a strobe; state-of-the-art motion controls; an automated count accuracy and sensor setup; and autofault placement with core and log reporting features. According to co., system offers easy slitting performance with motorized micro adjustment and removable cartridge. Full and semi-automatic turret rewinding are available for maximum throughput.

Software Enhances 2-D Bar Code Verification
Webscan Inc.
, Brentwood, NY; 516/952-3747; webscaninc.com
A 2-D bar code verification software is available for co.'s TruCheck Bar Code Verifier. The software package includes the ability to verify PDF417 and Micro PDF417 symbologies. All existing TruCheck systems can be factory upgraded with the new capabilities. TruCheck technology offers automatic ten-scan ANSI grading of bar codes with the touch of a button. A moving laser beam that covers the code from top to bottom automatically achieves the ten scans. Because the operator is removed from the verification process, results are said to be accurate and repeatable.

Holographic Induction Cap Seal Offers Security
American Bank Note Holographics Inc.
, Elmsford, NY; 914/593-0809; abnh.com
HoloCap security holographic induction cap seal comprises several different heat-sealable films that are bonded directly to containers utilizing advanced induction sealing techology. They combine to form a single holographic inner seal said to be ideal for a wide variety of packaging applications, including pharmaceuticals, luxury perfumes, petroleum, and cosmetic products. Because the hologram incorporated into the seal can display the manufacturer's logo, it reportedly provides enhanced branding and authentication. Security can be further enhanced with machine-readable information embedded in the hologram itself.

Sheet Treater Offered for Narrow Web Markets
Corotec Corp.
, Farmington, CT; 860/678-0038; corotec.com
The Uni-Dyne sheet treater now is available for label and narrow web applications. Uni-Dyne systems feature fully integrated power supply, corona treating station, and power density control, reportedly ensuring constant and correct power density levels. Said to be easy to install and use. Co. adds that it has a "Try Before You Buy" program that offers rentals as a low-cost, no-risk way to try products.

Solventless Fluorosilicone System for Stable Release
GE Silicones
, Waterford, NY; 518/233-2461
FSR2000 release coating is a solventless fluorosilicone release product said to allow stable release against co.'s PSA6574 silicone PSAs (pressure-sensitive adhesives). Allows the use of silicone PSA6574 in applications such as finger bandages and transdermal medication patches where difficult-to-bond, low-energy surfaces may be found. The FSR2000 system is a blend of fluorosilicone polymer and platinum catalyst. It can be crosslinked with co.'s standard solventless crosslinkers and can be applied using traditional methods, including three-roll differential offset gravure and various smooth-roll configurations.

P-S Stock Suited for Harsh Auto Uses
Emtech Emulsion Technologies
, Medina, OH; 330/725-1444; 800/422-8116; emtechfilms.com
New p-s film stock reportedly offers outstanding protection for printed graphics on labels used in harsh automotive under-hood environ- ments. Stock features a 2-mil, clear, polyester (reverse-printed) facestock, said to be enhanced by the consistent pigmentation of the opaque white transfer adhesive that backs up the graphics.

Add Value to Product During Slitting
Teknek LLC
, Elk Grove Village, IL; 847/290-8250; teknek.com
The Web Treatment Centre offers a combination of processes brought together in one station. Unit will edge guide and tension control the web; splice material; edge trim and center slit a reel of material; remove contamination down to 2 microns using co.'s contact cleaner; corona treat the web; rewind reels of material at selected tension; and invert rewind direction. Material can be graded and prepared for clean room use.

Die-Cutter Suited for Many Materials
Sohn Manufacturing
, Elkhart Lake, WI; 920/876-3361; sohnmanufacturing.com
Model 6525 DC die-cutter is a tabletop unit designed to cut an extremely wide range of materials of different thicknesses, says mfr. Constructed of rugged, aircraft-grade aluminum, unit offers two die stations, one with a registration adjustment that allows the dies to be registered with one another. Rotary dies reportedly can be changed easily and quickly.

Cylinders, Dies Save Time and Money
Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS; 316/284-2020; buntingmagnetics.com
Magnetic Cerface die-cutting cylinders and flexible steel dies are said to save time and money when producing labels, business forms, envelopes, and more. Each cylinder is custom-made and is designed for use with economical flexible steel dies. Reportedly, printers can prep new jobs in minutes by changing dies rather than cylinders. Setups are fast and precise, says co.

UV Rotary Screen Ink Is Bright, White
Braden Sutphin Ink Co.
, Cleveland, OH; 216/271-2300; bsink.com
UVRS2600 opaque white UV rotary screen ink was developed in response to the growing trend toward combination printing in the narrow web market. Said to offer excellent performance on films either stand-alone or in combination applications. Provides maximum opacity and excellent bright white characteristics, says co. Was developed as a silicone-free ink to improve inter-coat adhesion with UV flexo or letterpress inks.

Thermal Transfer Printer Is ''User Friendly''
Diagraph Corp.
, St. Louis, MO; 314/739-1221
The DMX-1-4206 is described as a rugged, performance-oriented 4-in. thermal transfer label printer. Standard, user-friendly features include an easy-to-read front LCD display, color-coded operator cues, embossed media loading diagrams, wide access to printhead, and a collapsible ribbon hub for easy loading and unloading. Modular design enables operator to add or change an option at any time, and mfr. adds that printer can be upgraded and reconfigured easily . Accepts direct thermal/thermal transfer roll-fed or fan-fold materials; die-cut or continuous labels; and perforated or continuous tag or ticket stock. It can house standard 8-in.-dia rolls and can print on a variety of materials including PE, Mylar, vinyl, PP, and tamper-evident label stock.

Servo-Driven Press Runs Many Thicknesses
Propheteer Intl.
, Palatine, IL; 847/359-8988; propheteerintl.com
In-line, servo-driven press runs materials from film to board with what is said to be excellent print-to-print and print-to-die registration. New technology reportedly allows press to run a wide range of thicknesses. Servo-driven in-feed with transducer-fed readout provides infinitely variable tension selection, and independent servos drive each impression roll, eliminating line-shaft and coupling errors, co. says.

Color Wax/Resin Ribbons Are Durable
, Amherst, NY; 716/691-6333
DuraCoat DC-200 color wax/resin ribbons are for use in Astro-Med QLS-4100 printers. The ribbons are said to provide excellent durability and print quality on a wide range of coated tag and label stocks as well as on PE and PP filmstocks. Described as well suited for flexible packaging, inventory/ routing, shelf, bin, textile, and apparel labeling applications.

Carton/Card Transport Machine for Off-Line Coding
Griffin-Rutgers Corp.
, Ronkonkoma, NY; 631/981-4141; 800/237-6713
UDA 150-S fully automatic carton and card transport machine is for off-line coding of folding boxes, blister cards, single labels, and cardboard boxes. Enables up to 180 prints/min within a minimum area of 15 x 30 in. and a maximum area of 50 x 100 in. (special dimensions available upon request). The material blanks fed from stack to stack are scanned by precision adjustable photocells, reportedly facilitating precise positioning for printing. Material feed can be refilled constantly during operation, enabling a higher output, mfr. reports.

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