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Self-Adhesive Labels: Past, Present, and Future

With an adhesive made out of a cigar box and a simple die punch, R. Stanton Avery, founder of Avery Dennison Corp., pioneered a production technique that

Made You Look

Tag and label manufacturers pull out all the stops and produce eye-popping graphics that provide plenty of shelf appeal for consumers. TLMI rewards their efforts.

Release Liners: A Worldwide Special Report

This part of AWA's Release Liners: A Worldwide Special Report includes: "Wanted: A Better Knowledge Base"; "Label Stock Liners: Issues & Trends"; and "The Market for Release Liners."

Standing the Test of Time: A Look at PFFC's 75-Year History

Expanded Online Version: Things that withstand 75 years certainly deserve to commemorate the anniversary with a glittering, valuable reminder of a hard-earned and fruitful longevity; perhaps that's why the diamond signifies 75 years.

Standing the Test of Time with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER

In the beginning, there were precious few magazines to rival the editorial coverage of a fledgling The Envelope Industry. The date was March 1927, and


1920s and 1930s 1940s 1960s 1970 - 1973 1974 - 1976 1977 - 1979 1980s 1990 - April 1993 May 1993 - 1994 1995 - 19992000 to present The 1950s...Known as

Turning Standard into Specialty

By providing a wide range of custom solutions, Budnick Converting cuts across myriad industries and does what others say "can't be done."

Foiling Counterfeiters

With hologram use becoming commonplace, manufacturers turn to OVDs for a higher level of security protection.

3M Label Biz to Add Emtech Emulsion

3M's acquisition of Emtech Emulsion Technologies, producer of emulsion adhesive technologies and label film materials, expands 3M's line of products and services for the label converting industry.

AVT Expands into Labels with Geiger

Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) reports it has acquired Geiger Vision Systems (GVS) GmbH. GVS specializes in automatic print defect detection equipment for the label printing industry.

Fasson Unveils Adhesives for Electronic Labeling Market

"Fasson® S8010 and S8015 adhesives are clear, acrylic with good initial tack, high shear, and excellent adhesion virtually to any subtrate used in electronics devices," says Avery Dennison.

Tapes & More Tapes

All kinds of tapes, all kinds of customers, all over the world. It's tesa AG.

Mail-Well Sells Label Div. for $75 Mil

Mail-Well, Inc., recently announced the sale of its Mail-Well Label Div. for $75 million (US), subject to post-closing adjustments, to Renaissance Mark, Inc., Denver, CO.

AWA Label Conference to Explore Industry Dynamics around Globe

Labeling Technologies Conference, September 26 - 28, 2002; Golden Tulip Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

tesa tape Saves Big Bucks with ei3

MIDDLETOWN, NY -- ei3 Corp. says by investing in its online-engineering and web-enabled productivity software tools, tesa tape will save approximately

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