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MACtac Supplies Stamp Material

MACtac supplied pressure-sensitive label materials for 200 million of the USPS’ 2005 holiday stamps. (mactac.com)

FVTC Updates Narrow Web Technology

Fox Valley Technical College has replaced its seven-inch Comco Cadet with a six-color, seven-inch Mark Andy 2200. (fvtc.edu)


TLMI honors spellbinding labels that captivate consumers.

Narrow Web New Products

Narrow web new products from: Martin Automatic, Mohawk Paper Mills, Merobel, Jetrion, Imaging Technology Intl., SunJet, UV Process Supply, and Etirama.

Linerless: The Compromise for VDP Labels?

The difficult-to-match esthetics of self-adhesive labels, coupled with their clean and accurate application characteristics, nevertheless are balanced by slower application speeds, the high cost of the laminate, and finally, by the apparent process/packaging waste—the used release liner. Take away the release liner, it is argued, and you can get up to 50% more labels on each roll, which not only saves money but saves downtime for roll changes on the packaging line.

Narrow Web New Products

Narrow web new products from: FLEXcon, Matan Digital Printers, Encres Dubuit, Avery Dennison, Precisia, Paxar, and Mark Andy.

Mastering RFID

This article analyzes existing ESD control standards and interprets them for RFID label converting. In addition, available static control methods in RFID converting are examined along with a case study for static control on an RFID tag insertion module for a narrow-web press.

RFID: The Next Generation

In this second of a three-part series, PFFC talks to the RFID industry’s leading players about the myths surrounding the technology, the reality, and how RFID implementation can affect your converting operation.

Mastering RFID, Part 2

This second of a two-part series covers development of an ESD protection program.

More of the 411 on RFID

The buzz around the RFID industry is still moving rapid as many gear up for the EPCglobal Gen 2 standard. Check out the hottest headlines in RFID in the past twelve months as PFFC presents its 2nd annual RFID review.

Narrow Web New Products

Narrow web new products from: Label Vision Systems, Mark Andy, Fasson Roll North America, Nilpeter, Rohm and Haas, Martin Automatic, and VTI.

Labeled for Growth

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2005, Labelexpo Europe will open its doors to a growing world community at Parc des Expositions in Brussels, Belgium, September 21-24.

Label Traxx Software Goes Global

Tailored Solutions has made its popular Label Traxx software available to worldwide label producers.

Brand Security & Authentication, Part 1

Self-adhesive laminates in brand protection: A converter's reference guide to solutions for anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evidence, and anti-theft protection.

Brand Security & Authentication, Part 2

Secure and cost-effective anti-counterfeiting solutions are being developed to foil the fakers.

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