Shurtape Is Certified as Responsible Tape Manufacturer

HICKORY, NC | To ensure and recognize good manufacturing practices, the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), a North American trade association comprised of pressure sensitive adhesive tape manufacturers and their affiliate suppliers, has developed the Responsible Tape Manufacturer (RTM) program.

“RTM is like the PSTC stamp of approval. Tape companies certified as RTM have gone through rigorous testing to ensure compliance throughout their manufacturing chain,” said Wayne Helton, president of PSTC and senior VP of manufacturing at Shurtape. “Products offered by RTM-certified companies may not always be the lowest priced, but you can count on them being made responsibly.”

All 26 member companies involved in PSTC, including Shurtape, have volunteered to certify their manufacturing sites and practices against numerous regulations, laws and best practices to ensure compliance within three categories:

  • Environment: including treatment of air and water, waste disposal, product stewardship
  • Personnel: including the treatment of employees, safety measures in place, industrial hygiene
  • Quality: including quality of product against approved specs

To attain RTM status, companies are expected to achieve a threshold of 70% or greater against the specific regulations, which will be reviewed and confirmed via third-party certification. When purchasing from RTM-designated companies, end-users can expect products made according to specific standards focused on quality and responsibility.

“At Shurtape, we’re committed to making our tapes to the highest, most exacting standards. Certifying our manufacturing practices against RTM standards demonstrates our dedication to the industry and to the craftsmen who use tape every day,” said Helton. “From masking and paper to packaging, foils, and films, when you purchase a tape manufactured by an RTM—like Shurtape—you know you are buying from those who maintain safety in their facilities, offer suitable working conditions for personnel, and act as good stewards of the environment.”


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