Hanita Coatings Adds Flame-Retardant Films


KIBBUTZ HANITA, ISRAEL | Hanita Coatings, a supplier of topcoated polyester facestock to the label industry, has added a dozen new flame-retardant films to its portfolio of specialty label face products. These black, white, and translucent 1- and 1.5 mil (25- and 36-micron) printable face films meet the demanding UL 94 VTM-0 flame retardancy rating, helping prevent the propagation of fire.

Halogen-free FR films reportedly deliver full printability by conventional print processes and thermal transfer, or may be used as flame-retardant base media for non-printable applications.

“Up to now,” explains Gadi Arnon, product manager for Hanita’s Print division, “flame-retardant labels have been based on either thick, expensive PET films extruded with FR additives, or high-cost polyimide substrates. [We are] offering an affordable, thin, and effective solution to the flame propagation requirements of the electronic appliance market, based on a proprietary coating development.”

REACH and RoHS compliant flame retardant label films are said to be suitable for the appliance battery market and to provide an excellent solution for label applications demanding high-level flame retardancy performance in environments such as chemical plants or refineries.

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