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Narrow Web & Label Products: March 2009

Move/Stage Rolls Safely

Ergonomic VCRD-1000 V-cradle roll dollies are said to make moving and staging rolls safe, fast, and easy, while keeping valuable material clean and off the floor. The dolly's low-profile cradle reportedly makes VCRD ideal for loading unwinds and unloading rewinds of narrow web presses and converting equipment. Standard dollies are light in weight and can be stacked for storage with optional stacking posts. Floor brakes and multi-position handlebars and special sizes also are available.

Print with Security

The LX200 label printer utilizes the latest in monochrome high-speed inkjet printing technology. Features 1,200 dpi print resolution and prints on labels, tickets, tags, and coupons for a wide range of applications, including those in which higher levels of security, confidentiality and durability are required. Ink replenishment is fast and easy, company says, and both pigmented and dye-based black inks are available.

Inks Suited for Die-Cutting

Platinum White UV flexo inks allow user to achieve screen white opacities. Said to provide excellent flexibility for die-cutting; optimal flow and transfer; and high chemical and product resistance. Recommended for a variety of substrates.

Material with No Bubbles

Performance label materials with structured adhesive are designed to bond permanently to high and low surface energy plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, powder coatings, and more. Materials feature microchannels throughout the adhesive so air flows freely between the label adhesive and substrate, said to virtually eliminate bubbles caused by entrapment or outgassing.

Load Cell Provides Accuracy

The N-Series load cell is said to provide accurate, repeatable tension measurement of paper, film, foil, and other web materials. Offers eight roll widths standard and four semi-conductor strain-sensing gauges, two at each end of the roller. Company says cell eliminates web steering effect, is easy to install, and is usable for any web material.

Choose the Right Thermal Paper

A label facestock selection tool is designed to make it easier for converters to match direct thermal paper performance with label requirements. The selector lists 22 label applications and calculates primary and secondary recommendations. It cross-references each application with specific direct thermal facestock attributes, including usage environment, print speed, bar code orientation, scanning requirements, and resistance characteristics.

White Ink Cures Well

Flexocure Ivory high-opacity UV flexo white ink is said to give maximum opacity and performance. Also reported to offer excellent curing properties as well as excellent printability and adhesion on synthetic substrates. Suited for a wide variety of applications, including self-adhesive labels, in-mold labels, and synthetic wraparound labels.

Produce Dense Black Image

Company offers an improved version of its MICR-Line magnetic ink, formulated to provide check and forms printers with consistent image density and signal strength throughout the press run. Produces a dense black image as a result of predictable and consistent water pickup. Inks are available in a wide range of tack levels, can be customized for individual applications, are laser-safe to 400 deg F, and may be used with all popular fountain solutions.

Release Liner Ready to Go

The Any-Pak release liner is constructed with a 2-mil PP as the substrate and a release coating said to work well with hot melt and PSAs. Product is stocked and ready to shop within 24 hrs in widths of 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75 in., all by 12,000 ft in length. Other sizes are available on a custom order basis.

Flexo Inks Are Glossy

Film Flex water-based flexo inks are for printing on all nonporous substrates. Said to deliver outstanding gloss and color strength with superior resistance to rub, scratch, adhesion, and water. Suited for narrow web flexo presses with between-station and IR dryers, ink is formulated for reversed angle and chambered doctor blades with fine line anilox rolls for sharp replication of high screen artwork.

Print with Ease

The X-Flex printing system is said to reduce waste and setup time. Has a compact footprint, flexibility, and is easy to adjust and operate, company adds. Platform features gearless technology, a one-touch auto register control, and a short web path.

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