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Discover How to Avoid the Finishing Bottleneck with Domino’s K600i Embellishment Solution

Domino Digital Printing Solutions recently gave a sneak preview of its next generation digital embellishment technology prior to its official launch anticipated in April 2020. Click here and watch Jim Orford, Domino’s K600i product manager, walk through a demonstration of this newly developed digital cold foil and spot varnish application using Domino’s UV ink jet K600i printers installed on an AB Graphic’s Digicon 3 finishing line.

Orford highlights how this latest innovative development from Domino enables label printers to adopt full digital production.

“Digital printing has been around for some time, but this truly revolutionises the label print and finishing process,” said Orford. “This now takes finishing into the digital age, removing what many of our customers see as the production efficiency bottleneck, offering greater efficiency to produce short and medium run, added-value embellished labels quickly, and with significantly reduced man hours and material waste.”

Using the company’s recently launched unique UV-curable clear ink, and without a printing plate or screen in site, the modular K600i dual bar printers apply cold-foil adhesive and spot varnish to create a range of personalised and digitally embellished gin and craft beer labels. Printing multiple SKUs with instantaneous changeover between jobs and without stopping the line, the infamous finishing bottleneck is eliminated with minimal set-up time and virtually no waste.  

“For cold foil applications, just a single print bar is required with print speeds of up to 75m/minute. The dual bar K600i system is used for printing spot varnish at speeds of up to 50m/minute, and can also be used to digitally print high opacity white, providing a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive and labour-intensive traditional screen printing,” said Orford. “As brand owners continue to place more emphasis on product appearance to add value to their products, this digital embellishment technology enables label converters to streamline their manufacturing process and improve production efficiency, allowing them to gain all the benefits of digital in the finishing process.”

For more information, visit https://www.go.domino-printing.com/K600ipage.

Beer labels illustrating digital cold foil embellishment and spot varnish printed on the Domino K600i
Digital cold foiling module on the Domino K600i embellishment line
Labels being delaminated on the Domino K600i embellishment line

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