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CTI Sensors Locate Heat Loss in Homes

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO | Chemistry class might be the new weapon to fight energy loss in your home. BlindSpotz, a new low-cost diagnostic sensor to identify locations of energy loss, is the latest development introduced by Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI).

CTI’s multi-patented ink processes also made the dark surface of the moon turn into a spectacular lunar landscape when a thumb or finger is applied to the 2017 total solar eclipse stamp unveiled by the U.S. Postal Service this past summer. As a result, CTI invented the chemistry for the patent-pending BlindSpotz sensors. As the innovative leader in the use of thermochromic (temperature-sensitive) inks, it’s a natural extension for CTI to apply its ink expertise to helping residents find areas in their homes that let the cold of winter interfere with the enjoyment of a warm room.

Consumers can pay $300 for a fancy thermostat that lets them view the temperature of their home on their smartphone and then lower the thermostat to save money. But if people want to use less energy and spend less money, they need to know where they’re losing energy and know the tools available to fix it.

BlindSpotz is a pack of eight smart, elegant sensors that can be placed throughout the home to identify locations with energy loss. The removable sensors are left in place for three days during cold weather to record the cold spots. The perimeter of the sensor turns various colors as energy loss intensifies, measuring cold spots down to 50 deg F inside a home: a clear diagnosis of where a consumer is losing money. The sensors may be reset and reused to diagnose additional problem areas.

Once the cold spots have been identified, the consumer can seek help by taking a picture of the sensor and e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and in turn receive free information on how to fix the problem. The customer may also share the pictures with their local hardware store or contractor to start an easy conversation based on data.

“People operate on budgets, and they have lots of questions,” explained Patrick Edson, chief marketing officer of CTI and general manager of BlindSpotz. “They want to know: Do I replace a door or a window? Is my child’s room cold because the walls or outlets weren’t insulated properly?

“We conducted an exhaustive consumer examination of the home energy space and we were shocked by the level of frustration. For example, consumers said, ‘My house is freezing, but no one can tell me why.’ (Kara, Denver) ‘I complain that my heating bill is too high, and people suggest I turn down my thermostat – with my smartphone!’ (Nolan, Chicago) ‘Visiting the hardware store is me wandering aimlessly not sure how to intelligently ask for help.’ (Angela, Minneapolis) ‘I told a home inspector that I have a budget of $500. He suggested I spend it on a moving truck. He just wanted to refer me to his buddy for $15K in new windows.’ (Will, Denver)

“You can’t fix the problem if you don’t understand the problem,” Edson added.

Eight BlindSpotz cold spot sensors retail for $9.99.


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