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Flint Launches In-Mold Label Ink

STUTTUGART, GERMANY | Flint Group says it is expanding its range of in-mold label products and presenting non-UV print shops the ability to compete in this growing segment, with the global availability of Novastar D 2000 IML BIO for metallized paper and non-absorbent substrates. 

Jürgen Riedlinger, director global product management, sheetfed, says, “Over the last five to six years global production of in-mold labels has grown at around 4 percent per year, due in part to the ability of the technology to enhance the product visibility and brand identification in the market. And we believe in-mold labeling will continue to grow significantly as the manufacturing efficiencies and visual quality it brings gets wider endorsement. Currently in-mold accounts for less than 3 percent of all labeling, so there is plenty of room for it to grow.”

Novastar D 2000 IML BIO is a mineral oil-free, low-migration sheetfed ink to be used for label printing without direct food contact. Suitable for printing work corresponding to ISO 12647-2, the ink is said to be well suited to printing on metallized paper and other non-absorbent substrates.

This very high color strength product features good printability with excellent dot sharpness and fast oxidative drying. Based on renewable raw materials and produced conforming to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), it has exceptionally good adhesion and scratch resistance, while it is very versatile in high as well as sub-zero temperatures, says company.

The process series comes together with Novastar D 2000 IML BIO spot color shades and joins a growing family of IML products from Flint Group which includes Novaset 4940/40 IML coating, and the UV curing range UltraCura Sens for paper, board, and plastic and UltraCura Sens Plas for non-absorbent materials, foil, and IML substrates.

Riedlinger says, “While Europe currently holds the largest share of the global IML market, the main growth opportunities going forward are in North America and, due to an increase in demand for food and beverage products, the emerging markets of China, India, and South America.…With the introduction of Novastar D 2000 IML BIO, we now have a complete portfolio, available globally to meet the needs of IML printers wherever they are.”

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