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Globus Intl. Coaters Offers Release Liners

MAHARASHTRA, INDIA | Globus International Coaters offers Easy Release Label Paper manufactured to sheet-fed printed labels. The release is customized with the proper amount of aggressive adhesives and for the backside of the paper to be rough enough to enable the label stock to be printed on offset machines in repetitive operations for various colors.

Release papers are manufactured for high-speed dispensing labels in various grammages and are suited for pharmaceutical, brewery labels, holograms, etc.

Products include one- and two-sided solvent-free silicone coated paper and films; printed siliconized liner; fluora silicone release coating for silicone adhesive products; non-silicone release coating; and food-grade release liners. Also offered are release papers; BOPP release films; transfer adhesive tapes; two-side polyester tapes; and paper tapes.

Substrates include glassine, super calendered kraft, clay-coated kraft, insulating kraft, polyester, HDPE, BOPP, and MOPP.

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