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Arconvert Paper Line Suited for EVOO

ARCO, ITALY | Arconvert will present the Immaculate Papers by Manter, its 100% greaseproof self-adhesive papers, at Milano, Palazzo delle Stelline, February 2-4, 2017, when company will be participating at OlioOfficina Festival 6th edition, a forum dedicated to olive oil business.

The collection of nine papers is designed for the world of labels for the EVOOs (extra virgin olive oil), gourmet food in glass jars, and cosmetics. Reportedly, the “greaseproof treatment” is not simply a protective film that preserves just the label facestock but a special treatment applied to the paper dough, which also acts as a barrier to the oil that decays the label via its edges. New EU norms ban restaurants from placing refill EVOO bottles without labeling on the table. Thus, producers have to focus on the fact that not only labels have to be more beautiful and elegant to comply with the restaurant elegance, but they also must stay clean and intact as long as they remain at clients’ disposal on the table in order to prevent the tarnishing of the image of the restaurant and of the EVOO brand name.

Chiara Tomasi, marketing manager at Arconvert, will be speaking about packaging as a powerful tool to influence consumer buying behavior in front of a shelf stacked with a myriad variety of similar items. "Packaging as a sensory marketing tool" will be held on February 3 at 10 a.m.

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