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Mactac Expands Medical Tape Line

STOW, OH | Mactac Medical Products has expanded its Acrysure Next Gen medical tape product line with the addition of two new clear, double-coated film tapes. Mactac’s Acrysure Next Gen product line is known for its proprietary, solvent-free, skin-friendly acrylic-based adhesive system that delivers non-migratory and ultra-low outgassing properties, excellent adhesion, and clean removability.

Like all products in the Acrysure Next Gen product line, the two new double-coated tape additions – TM8510 and TM8520 – have been approved for direct skin contact in accordance with International Standard (ISO-10993) guidelines. Additionally, they tout superior adhesive clarity.

“Mactac’s innovative line of medical tapes are clean, clear, pure and gentle on skin,” said Janet Page, marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “With more than 25 years in the medical adhesives business, we continually aim to provide maximum benefit and versatility to our customers – and the addition of these two new double-coated tape products does that.”

Ideal for applications that necessitate sustained skin contact, TM8510 and TM8520 exhibit low residue chemical activity, good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces and excellent cohesive strength. Examples of product applications, include:

  • Wound care
  • Medical device assembly
  • Surgical drapes
  • IV securement

TM8510 is a clear polyester film coated on two sides with 1.8 mils of adhesive and TM8520 is also a clear polyester film, but coated on two sides with 2.4 mils of adhesive. Both products are protected by a 72# white polycoated Kraft (PCK) liner. Acrysure Next Gen medical adhesives are latex-free and are stable after exposure to any type of sterilization – including, Gamma, EtO autoclave and e-Beam. They feature a two-year shelf life.


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