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Pulse Roll Label Products Partners Host Event

BRISTOL, UK | Sofi Company and Prime-Pack, Ukrainian partners of narrow web ink specialist Pulse Roll Label Products, recently hosted a conference to promote the UV flexo PureTone ink system to label printers in the region. 

The conference, held at the Cosmopolite Congress Hall in Kiev, featured presentations highlighting what company says are the benefits and value of the PureTone concept, with live ink mixing and color matching demonstrations using the company’s high strength PureTone mixing bases. The event was attended by approximately 60 representatives from the Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Moldavian label printing markets.

Gary Seward, managing director, Pulse Roll Label Products, says, “Our partners Sofi Company and Prime-Pack did an excellent job of organizing and hosting a highly successful conference to promote PureTone to the regional self-adhesive label market. The live ink mixing and color matching provided label printers with an opportunity to see first-hand the benefits that PureTone can deliver in terms of a total color management solution.

Olga Marchenko, import manager, SOFI Company, says, “As Pulse Roll Label Products’ partner in the Ukraine, we were very excited to introduce the PureTone concept to our local markets and to demonstrate how PureTone provides a total color management solution that addresses the growing need for color standardization and accurate brand and corporate colors.”

Adds Oleg Maletych, director, SOFI Company and Prime-Pack, “We believe that, in partnership with Pulse Roll Label Products, we can together create a brighter future for narrow web label printers.”

Pulse Roll Label Products unveiled its new high-strength UV flexo PureTone inks in September at Labelexpo Europe 2015. Company says it was developed and formulated in-house in response to growing market trends driven primarily by the needs of brand owners for greater color control, consistency, and repeatability.

The PureTone ink range includes a UV flexo ISO process set, in addition to a high-strength, mono-pigmented mixing base system in which the single-pigment formulation is said to make it easier to color match due to the reduced total number of pigments used in the mixed ink. Reportedly, this enables optimized color strength and cleaner colors to be achieved and also reduces the potential for metamerization. Company adds that the high-strength formulation allows for lower film weights of ink resulting in reduced inventory and lower ink volume consumption for narrow web printers and provides greater flexibility for printing half-tones and full-tones using just one printing plate.

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