Shurtape Expands Double-Coated Tape Offering

HICKORY, NC | Shurtape has expanded its line of double-coated tapes with the introduction of DP 401, a clear, double-coated polyester film tape designed for polyethylene (PE) foam fabrication and lamination processes.

New DP 401 is engineered with a unique rubber-based adhesive that offers excellent adhesion to PE foam and other foam materials, creating an immediate bond that prevents lifting. Its high initial tack also makes it a great solution for lamination processes that do not use heat.

A professional-grade tape, DP 401 features a strong PET backing that is die-cut and converter-friendly, as well as an easy-release glassine liner.

“Shurtape’s comprehensive line of double-coated tapes, including DP 401, delivers the versatility, reliability, and performance demanded of tapes used in this industry,” said Chris Ferrelli, market manager at Shurtape. “DP 401 is designed to stay in place to eliminate concerns over lifting, while providing an easy-to-use solution for a variety of applications.” DP 401 is recommended for packaging applications that require cushioning, protection or stabilization of contents, and can also be used with die-cuts, gaskets, POP merchandising and shelf displays.


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