FINAT Recognizes Schreiner MediPharm Labels

BLAUVELT, NY | Schreiner MediPharm has been recognized by international label industry association FINAT for two of its recent label innovations. In a prestigious annual competition, the company’s Pharma-Tac Plus label took first prize in the special “Innovation” category, and its Autoinjector Label earned praise in the “Promotional Labels” category with a “Highly Commended” distinction.

Innovation Award for Multi-functional Hanger Label

The award-winning Pharma-Tac Plus label convinced FINAT with its sophisticated combination of booklet label, integrated hanger, and detachable label parts. As a label for infusion bottles, it offers sufficient space for extensive information, ensures stable suspension, and allows reliable documentation of drug administration.

Pharma-Tac Plus also affords sufficient space for text in several languages on ingredients and instructions for use in the paper booklet, which is securely connected to the plastic base label. The peel-open tab enables easy opening and re-closing. The secure hanger is part of the label and can be utilized via simple separation, and detachable documentation labels—which can be safely removed even with gloves—ensure reliable traceability of medications.

"Due to the special design of the Pharma-Tac Plus label, end-user processes are optimized, while patient safety is increased. An additional benefit for pharmaceutical manufacturers is the fact that the intelligent label solution adds value to the product and can easily be integrated into existing manufacturing processes," said Gene Dul, president of Schreiner MediPharm U.S.

"Highly Commended" Award for Label Offering Added Value

Schreiner MediPharm’s Autoinjector-Label, which was distinguished with a "Highly Commended" award in the "promotional labels" category, also performs several functions in a single label.

A temperature indicator, UV protection for the inspection window, detachable label parts, counterfeit protection features, and an abrasion-resistant field for subsequent marking are among the innovative functions that enhance the ease of use and safety of injection aids.

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