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Eastman Polymers Offer Durable Transparency for IMD


KINGSPORT, TN | Tritan copolyester and DuraStar polymers are part of the in-mold decoration portfolio of Eastman.

Polymers are said to provide clarity, toughness, chemical resistance, and ease of processing. The polymers also are reported to offer excellent esthetics and functionality in housewares, appliances, control panels, and other molded-in applications. In addition, Tritan is suited for thin-wall lenses, windows, or covers in products such as handheld electronics, automotive, and medical devices with the addition of a clear plastic substrate molded behind a decorative film or foil.

Company says these clear polymers allow backlighting options that enhance clarity while durability features permit either thick or thin sections in applications such as enclosed membrane electrical switches. Art designers and fabricators can appreciate attributes permitting design flexibility and ease of processing at low temperatures that reduce ink washout. Polymers also are reported to provide good adhesion performance when molded with common decorative and functional labels in various form factors.

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