Label Traxx Software Helps Printers Schedule


MILWAUKEE, WI | Label Traxx offers the Visual Scheduling software module for label printers that reportedly takes the conventional schedule board to a multi-functional digital plane and enhances production.

“Profitability at most label companies can be made or lost in the scheduling on the production floor,” says Label Traxx president Ken Meinhart. “The new module gives greater visibility of the schedule throughout the operation, a simple interface that can handle rapid changes, and helps reduce time and material waste through better machine utilization.”

Visual Scheduling provides a Gannt Chart format that gives a graphical representation of a company's schedule board. It accommodates the differences between print jobs on analog and digital presses, e.g., says the company, digital priority is typically based on materials, but analog is based on colors and tools. The new module also pulls expected time directly from the planned or estimated standards, but time can be modified easily.

Other features include the following:

• A drag-and-drop interface for more effective job ordering, especially those that involve multiple passes on a variety of equipment

• A single window for viewing all equipment or workflow groups

• Job lockdown to prevent scheduling of other work in a time slot

• The ability to identify similar jobs easily to maximize setup.

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