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Schober Rotary Die-Cutter Produces In-Mold Labels

CINCINNATI, OH | Schober offers the RSM MX 410 rotary die-cutting with Star Wheel Delivery, which is especially suited for medium to long production runs of in-mold labels.

With the RSM-MX, the registration is constantly monitored (customers report ± 0.004 in. contour and a 0.008 die-cut to print accuracy) so that a print-to-cut accuracy of 0.015 in. is maintained at 95% of production. Web widths of 10 in. (260 mm), 13 in. (330 mm), and 16 in. (410 mm) can be accommodated with a maximum roll diameter of 30 in. The die-cutting module has a high-precision bearing assembly and an innovative “on the fly” die to anvil adjustment included. Typical die circumference is 17-25 in. A vacuum generator is included for the vacuum conveyor which collects die-cut labels prior to stacking.

Other proven stacking/delivery devices available include “M” stack for very shorts runs, “SM” for awkward products, “SMA” a fully automated solution, as well as the Spider delivery system. The Spider is specifically designed for precise stacking and counting of products up to 40 in. (1,000 mm) in length. This new delivery technology is ideal for IML and other labels as well as nested product configurations and different profile jobs that have been ganged together into one print repeat. Speeds of up to 195 fpm (60 mpm) are attainable with a maximum cycle rate of 50 cycles/min.

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