Global Packaging Alliance Meeting Strengthens Cooperation


ROCHESTER, NY | The Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) recently held its annual meeting in São Paolo, Brazil, providing a forum for partners to review packaging industry and global market trends. The group also discussed ways to further support international brands with enhanced packaging solutions that align with the group’s sustainability goals.

Representatives from each company shared the latest developments in their packaging operations, including equipment investments, value-added processes, green initiatives, and operating data for benchmarking. Members also provided commentary on current economic conditions in their respective countries, and the impact of the economy on packaging markets.

“GPA members continually exchange their knowledge and experience to meet the growing demands of its customers to sustainably produce packaging with the same global, high standard,” says Hans-Christian Bestehorn, CEO of the rlc ?packaging group, a GPA charter member. “This enables us to coordinate production processes worldwide, implement identical quality standards, and assume global packaging responsibility across the value chain. Global brand manufacturers particularly benefit from the collective experience of the packaging manufacturers organized within the framework of the GPA.”

According to some estimates, global demand for green packaging is expected to rise almost 6%/yr through 2015. This is expected to be driven by advances in manufacturing activity and the continued trend toward more sustainable packaging. The GPA says consumers have not only embraced a more sustainable lifestyle but are also becoming more savvy about environmental claims, spurring demand for increased use of certified paperboards, renewable, biodegradable, and compostable materials, and clearer, more prominent recycling labeling.

To that end, the GPA has pioneered the use of several more sustainable innovations, most notably its Green Chic finishing techniques, which include Liquid Metal and MiraFoil metallic coatings, Cast and Cure holographic effects, and in-line specialty coatings (e.g., Emboss, Glitter, Pearl, Soft Touch, Texture). The decorative techniques are a natural evolution of GPA’s ongoing collaboration and are said to exemplify its goal of creating high quality, upscale packaging through more sustainable converting methods.

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