Newark Adds Balers in Two Locations


CRANFORD, NJ | The Newark Group, specialists in the collection of secondary fibers and the manufacturing and converting of 100% recycled paperboard, has acquired Mosley 200HP balers for the Shreveport, LA, and Salem, MA, locations of Newark Recovery and Recycling. The move is part of an overall initiative to upgrade key corporate locations to improve operations in line with business opportunity.

“As our business changes, so too must the equipment that we use to support the business,” says Johnny Gold, senior VP of the Newark Recovery and Recycling division. He added, “We are now recovering and baling more plastics, sheet metal, and large sheets of cardboard in addition to paper recyclables, so the need for equipment that is better capable of handling these additional recyclables became a priority.”

Able to bale at two to three times the speed of traditional balers, the Mosley units will also feature the L&P Pinnacle wire-tie system, said to speed production and minimize downtime. Additional equipment and process improvements are planned for introduction in 2013 in more of the ten Newark Recovery and Recycling locations.

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