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Precision AirConvey Corp. Baler Aids Environment

NEWARK, NJ | The EcoPAC baler from Precision AirConvey Corp. features a proprietary rotary design that automatically densifies waste into a bagged, palletized cube for easy waste removal via lift truck and efficient transport for recycling while promoting a clean environment.

Ideal for baling edge trim, label matrix, and other converting, printing, and packaging waste, the unit collects and densifies the paper, plastic film, PSA, or other waste material conveyed from a pneumatic trim system used in conjunction with a material-air separator while diverting the air to an acceptable location. When the door is opened, a compact cube of baled waste compressed neatly inside a sealed plastic bag is revealed set atop a standard pallet.

The baler is designed as a sealed, self-contained baling system that prevents both the waste and associated dust from escaping into the plant or outer environment while quietly operating within permissible sound exposure levels for worker safety and comfort, even in continuous, 24/7 operation.

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