100 Recycled Paperboard Makes 'Great' Strides

NEW YORK, NY, USA—The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance says 2003 has been a good year for the 100% recycled paperboard industry. Comprised of leading manufacturers and converters (such as Rock-Tenn Co., Smurfit-Stone Container, Caraustar Industries Inc., The Newark Group, Cascades Boxboard Group, and Corenso NA), the 100% Recycled Paperboard (RPA-100%) describes its mission as: "to increase the use and labeling of 100% recycled paperboard packaging." With positive marketplace developments in four areas in 2003, says RPA-100%, the group seems to be accomplishing what it has set out to do.

Explains Lynn Harrelson, RPA-100% executive director, "In the last few years, the 100 percent recycled paperboard industry has made important progress in generating conversions from other substrates, reaching out and capturing business in various industry segments, entering new market segments, and adding new licensees to the 100 percent recycled paperboard symbol. With the fourth quarter of 2003 already upon us, we believe this success will carry through 2004 and beyond."

Harrelson reports promising trends are due to the many excellent performance qualities of today's 100% recycled paperboard product as well as because of the fact that the industry as a whole has been more aggressive in marketing itself to potential customers. According to Harrelson and the RPA-100%, in the last two years, an amount equal to 10% of the annual tonnage of 100% recycled paperboard folding cartons has switched from other substrates to 100% recycled paperboard. This, says RPA, represents 187,000 tons over the past two years.

Also, says RPA, due to real improvements in strength and moisture resistance, new inroads have been made into the refrigerated/frozen food market. "Specifically, 100 percent recycled paperboard has gained a foothold of about 50,000 tons over the last few years in this market," adds Harrelson.

For more information about the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance, contact Lynn Harrelson at 315/635-1215.

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