US Packaged Goods Companies Report Growing Satisfaction with Use of 100% Recycled Paperboard

NEW YORK, NY, USA—A new study commissioned by the RPA-100% (100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance) indicates the packaged goods industry's growing satisfaction with the "value, performance, and consumer benefits provided by 100% recycled paperboard packaging," reports the trade alliance.

Conducted by the South Carolina-based Priority Metrics Group, the survey "is the most comprehensive study ever conducted of packaged goods company attitudes regarding 100% recycled paperboard...."

Says RPA-100% executive director Lynn Harrelson, "The study proves consumer-product packaging companies [that] use 100% recycled paperboard have high regard for the substrate and see it as having a very strong value proposition with excellent performance qualities."

According to the group, the study is expected to open eyes—maybe even a few doors—at packaged goods companies that may be considering the use of 100% recycled paperboard for the first time or are using the material in small amounts. Adds Harrelson, "We understand that the decision about which materials to incorporate into a package design is a critical one in the lifecycle of any product. Hopefully, the results of this study will provide those making the packaging decisions with an accurate, industry-wide assessment of the value, benefits, and performance 100% recycled paperboard delivers."

For more information about the recycled paperboard study or the RPA-100%, contact Lynn Harrelson at 315/635-1215.

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