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Zero Gauge direct metallized paper products are designed to meet green initiatives without sacrificing the esthetic beauty that brilliant silver and holographic base stocks offer. Products are biodegradable/compostable and recyclable/repulpable. Provide tamper-evident fiber tear for security and blister packaging applications.

▶Hampden Papers | 413-536-1000 | www.hampdenpapers.com
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The Intrigue line of fine packaging papers is developed for use in luxury applications, including uncoated papers for labels, retails bags, and boxes. Available in a variety of stock papers as well as a broad range of weights, patterns, colors including custom matches, and unique finishes. Line includes an environmentally preferable white folding carton stock and a retail bag stock made with 100% recycled post-consumer fiber.

▶Wausau Paper | 715-675-9891 | www.wausaupaper.com
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UltraLustre and holographic UltraLustre non-laminated metallized board and paper product lines offer eye-catching brilliance with no film layer to see through. Metallized board reportedly scores, folds, and embosses better than film, without the tendency to curl or flake off. Products are recyclable and repulpable and offer gauge and weight efficiency. Many security features can be incorporated.

▶Unifoil Corp. | 973-244-9900 | www.unifoil.com
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LumLife MK61 thin, high-barrier metallized PET is manufactured with a proprietary metal adhesion process said to provide excellent metal bonding in wet and caustic packaging applications. Foil-free film offers end-users substantial source reduction benefits, including reduced waste and shipping costs.

▶Toray Plastics (America) Inc. | 401-294-4511 | www.torayfilms.com
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Packaging film designated bMET is a blown, metallized sealant film that can replace both the barrier and sealant layers in typical three-ply structures, creating two-ply laminations with the performance of three plies. Structures utilizing bMET films use 20% less material and cost 10% less than the 3-ply laminations they replace, company says. Films reportedly deliver hermetic PE seals and the barrier equivalent of metallized OPET or metallized OPP in a single film. Films are customizable to achieve targeted oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, stiffness, and/or seal characteristics.

▶Bemis | 920-527-2300 | www.bemis.com
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DOWLEX TG2085B LLDPE resin is engineered to optimize whiteness and thermal stability while offering improved resistance to phenolic pinking and thermal yellowing. Said to provide outstanding dart/puncture/tear balance and allow producers to make tougher films suitable for downgauging. Both clear and pigmented films produced from this resin reportedly will be perceived by consumers as cleaner, whiter, and brighter.

▶Dow Chemical Co. | 989-837-5950 | www.dow.com
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EnPLUS paper, made from rock minerals, is said to have the same printability as conventionally made paper and to act like plastic. Combines high scuff and water resistance with additional strength and durability. Can be used for self-adhesive and in-mold labels, tickets, tags, wide format inkjet printing, signage, and more. Photodegradable product can be recycled.

▶Baker Self Adhesive Materials | +44 020 8498 4900 | www.bakermaterials.co.uk
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Melinex ST heat-stabilized PET film range provides predictable dimensional stability, lower and more uniform shrinkage, and flatter surfaces. Available in thicknesses as low as 2 mils (50 microns). Benefits include reduced cycle times and increased line speeds. Applications include flexible electronics, medical diagnostics, photovoltaics, and thin batteries.

▶DuPont Teijin Films | 804-530-4042 | http://usa.dupontteijinfilms.com
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Metallized Snack Web DTC is a glossy, silver-faced product that is digital-print ready and FDA compliant for direct food contact. Said to be ideal for single-serve cookies, crackers, chips, and other snacks requiring a gas flush and easy open seal to prevent spillage. Stocked and available in small minimum order quantities.

▶Fasson Roll North America, div. of Avery Dennison Corp. | 800-944-8511 | www.na.fasson.com
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Ultra Digital Specialty Application Substrates include pre-converted door hangers and table tents produced on 10 pt Kromekote Plus White Gloss Cover in a 12×18-in. sheet size and engineered for optimal ink adhesion. RIT certification reportedly guarantees flawless performance on HP Indigo digital presses. Built-in perforations, glue strips, and scores mean easy post-press assembly and fast turnaround.

▶GPA | 800-395-9000 | www.askgpa.com
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Corona Treating For Coating & Laminating Film

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