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New Film Line Easy To Manage

Coldwater, OH | Accutech Films recently purchased a seven-layer line from Gloucester Engineering Co. The line adds to Accutech's coextrusion and specialty film production capability and increases its production lines to 15. The new 64-in.-wide, high-barrier film line features an extruder extraction system that allows screw removal with the die in place. Reportedly, Gloucester's integrated control system manages everything from layer ratios to Automatic Profile Control, cage and collapser adjustments, and web tension control. “Gloucester Engineering has been a critical partner in our success over the years; our relationship runs deep,” says Accutech president Nick Ruchty. “The quality equipment and the service team that backs it make our decision to purchase machinery from Gloucester an easy one.”
Gloucester Engineering Co. | www.gecextrusion.com

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