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Overlaminate Film from Argotec is Protective

 GREENFIELD, MA | Argotec has introduced ArgoGraph 46510 overlaminate facestock graphics film, said to be clear, conformable, and durable. The film preserves, protects, and prolongs the life of advertising and decorative graphics in rugged environments.

Benefits are reported to include abrasion and chip resistance; good hot and cold temperature performance; cold-crack resistance; nonyellowing; UV resistance; no plasticizers to migrate and cause embrittlement or adhesive incompatibility; no additives for consistent adhesive compatibility/anchorage; and resistance to hydrocarbons, ozone, bugs, road chemicals, bacteria, and fungus.

Uncoated, 1-mil-thick product is available in roll widths to 62 in. and lengths to 1,000 non-spliced lineal yds. It is extrusion coated onto a high-gloss PET carrier that enables the film to be wound and unwound without the need for TPU processing agents. The result is a film with consistent surface tension for high yield and throughput in the PSA coating process. After coating, it will accept matte, textured, or paper film release liners.

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