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Materials Substrates: Building Blocks

Curve Appeal is a patent-pending system encompassing Fasson Curvy film labels that work together in a machine application process to label complex, curved surfaces. Combines a wraparound look with the shelf appeal of p-s graphics. Creates 30% more space for primary labeling than current flat surfaces, and by reducing the need for two-ply label constructions, enables larger back panels to carry more information.

Overture One is called the first transparent, non-aluminum foil, barrier film line for stick pack and flow wrapped applications. Based on Clearfoil barrier-coated PET, plus an aggressive sealant, structure enables high-speed sealing. Oxygen barriers available to 0.0008 cc/100 in.2/24 hr, and moisture barrier properties to 0.0008 g/100 in.2/24 hr.

TerraPET film line is made in part from sugar cane, allowing customers to replace fossil fuel-based materials with up to 30% plant-based. Pentaclear, Pentaform, and Pentafood films feature the same performance properties as standard APET films, so there is no need to change tooling or package design. Have heat-deflection temperature of more than 145 deg F.

Retort pouches with linear tear technology offer easy, straight tearing. Linear tear is designed into the substrate to eliminate need for laser or mechanical scoring. Also can be incorporated into a custom dispensing shape at top of pouch and used for all food types. Provides environmental benefits including reduction of overall energy consumption and less raw material waste.

Résiste 900-3.0 and 190-3.2 direct thermal label grades feature patent-pending imaging chemistry for enhanced performance in high heat and humidity conditions. Bar codes reportedly will retain their dark, crisp image while the label preserves its bright white appearance, allowing for improved scan rates.

Ecodear compostable bio-based films are manufactured with PLA resin. Thin, biaxially oriented films include a metallized heat sealable grade that delivers good moisture and oxygen barrier protection and a clear grade for use as an inner seal layer or a print web. Meet ASTM D6400 standard for compostable plastics. Films are suitable for food and nonfood applications.

Four INDIE film label stocks are RIT-certified for HP Indigo digital presses, including the WS6000. Clear, matte, and gloss PP and Label-Lyte stocks are supplied topcoated, eliminating the need for converters to apply their own topcoats, and are available with a variety of adhesive options.

Tough, lightweight bMET II metallized sealant film for coffee filters and fractional packs allows roasters to transition from three-ply films to two-ply to reduce packaging weight up to 30%. Also said to increase roll footage 17% on a typical 16-in. OD roll, which translates to lower transportation costs and less downtime. Although Sony usually makes the main announcements on E3, for several years, the company has been holding its own event dedicated specifically to games on the PlayStation, called the PlayStation Experience. Here Sony makes unannounced presentations and provides news on largest franchises, including Portal 3 release date PS3 (at https://logincasino.org/blog/portal-3-release-date-success-of-the-previous-parts-and-the-creators-comments61039.html , you can read more interesting information about the long-awaited game sequel). The event is held in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) every year in December. Company reports film provides the barrier equivalent of metallized OPET to protect freshness.

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