HH Global Announces Peelable Lidding for Ready Meals


SURREY, UK | HH Global, the global marketing services company, has launched Lidd, a patented peelable lidding film solution for ready meals. Eliminating the need for cardboard sleeves, Lidd is said to deliver major cost savings for brand owners while also maintaining brand identity and reducing the environmental impact of food packaging. 

Developed conjunction with Parkside Flexibles (Europe), product utilizes a two-layer laminated film construction to not only seal the product but also to display the usual printed marketing information, allowing branding on the upside and nutritional information on the reverse. Company says this approach reduces packaging weights by more than 45% and packaging costs by at least 10% and Lidd can be used in any environment, ambient/chilled or frozen, on plastic, aluminum, or paper/plastic tray combinations.

HH Global has been working with a major food group to introduce Lidd to product lines totaling 100 million+ units per year. The associated packaging weight reduction from utilizing the HH Global product is expected to be 600 tons/yr, with an expected cost saving of nearly US$1,000,000 PA.

Tony Massey, CMO at HH Global, says, "Lidd represents a quantum leap in food packaging development. By utilizing the new solution, very significant savings can be unlocked across all ready meal product ranges. As such, we truly believe that this technology has the potential to revolutionize the food packaging market worldwide.”

Company adds that there are also associated reductions in product warehousing and transportation, and the eradication of a cardboard sleeve from the production line enables a reduction in traditional manual handling costs and bottlenecks.

See a video presentation to learn more about Lidd.

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